The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 10

Jolly Red Elf

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After the death of a Santa, the CBI follows leads that take them to an AA group and the National Society of Authentic Santas. An independent investigator questions Jane about the death of last episode's suspect.

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  • Music

    hi anyone knows what music that is at 3/10 directly after the main theme ?
  • Red John has a friend in the CBI

    After the events of the previous episode when Todd Johnson was killed because he knew Red Johns secrets the CBI gets investigated by La Roche head of internal affairs.Jane knows that the killer is in the CBI and he is a mole for Red John .La Roche is a great character to add to the show and when someone you thought you trusted works for Red John things are about to heat up in the Mentalist.moreless
  • 12/9

    "Jolly Red Elf" is yet another episode of The Mentalist that has a few enjoyable moments, but as a whole is just more of the same gabbling that we get from this show on a weekly basis. I used to be a huge fan of The Mentalist, but lately the mysteries have gotten lame and the dialogue is not as zippy as it once was. I am all for the murder of department store Santas (ha ha, just kidding) but the rest of the episode was far from original, and the reflecting on the discovery of the killer at the end ran for far too long.moreless
Marisa Bernal

Marisa Bernal

Lailah Bloom

Guest Star

Megan Gallagher

Megan Gallagher

May Walters

Guest Star

Biff Wiff

Biff Wiff

Bernard Ripple

Guest Star

Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin

Virgil Minelli

Recurring Role

Aunjanue Ellis

Aunjanue Ellis

Madeleine Hightower

Recurring Role

Pruitt Taylor Vince

Pruitt Taylor Vince

J .J. LaRoche, Investigator with the Professional Standards Unit

Recurring Role

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    • Lisbon: LaRoche is looking for you.
      Jane: Well, tell him I wish him luck.

    • LaRoche: You read the evidence report.
      Jane: Oh, more like skimmed it. You know those things are not exactly summer reading, but I get paid to consult, so skim I do.

    • Lisbon: I'm sorry. Is there a problem?

      LaRoche: Yes. Jane is the lead suspect in my investigation and I can't find him.

      Lisbon: Jane's your lead suspect.

      LaRoche: You smile. You think he's not capable of murder?

      Lisbon: He's capable. I'm smiling because it's an absurd idea, Jane killing Johnson. He caught him. He put him in that cell.

      LaRoche: He was the last person to see him alive in that cell.

      Lisbon: And I was next to last.

    • LaRoche: So you're working undercover?

      Jane: Which you just blew for me. Thank you very much.

      LaRoche: Well, I doubt that. Up to the moment you left, you had them transfixed. What's that like... such power over people?

      Jane: You tell me. I expect this Robocop routine of yours normally works quite effectively?

      LaRoche: Normally. But you seem immune, so I may have to step up my efforts.

    • LaRoche: Agent Lisbon states that before Todd Johnson was set on fire, he indicated that he had a secret he wanted to tell you, and you alone.

      Jane: We all have secrets. Most of them are quite unremarkable once revealed. What's your secret, Mr. Laroosh?

      LaRoche: LaRoche.

      Jane: Pardon me.

      LaRoche: I have no secrets.

    • Jane: The good doctor here thinks you're an angel.

      Lailah: I am an angel.

      Jane: Yeah. An angel of death. You know, I had a hunch soon as I found out about your pants. (Lailah stares) Pardon me. Your parents.

    • Jane: Chance has thrust our way a very sordid and vexing problem. But have no fear.

      Van Pelt: We don't.

      Lisbon: I do. What's your plan?

    • Lisbon: Are you all right?

      Jane: (drunk) Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I'm still home. Would you take me drunk?

    • Jane: I sense a Christmas speech coming on.

      Lisbon: No. I just think people can celebrate a holy day without lying to children about a magical fat guy with a sack full of toys.

      Jane: So you took the whole Santa revelation badly, huh?

      Lisbon: Crushed my heart like a cigarette.

      Jane: Explains why you're still looking for magic in your life.

    • Lisbon: (reading from a Christmas card that was found on the victim.) "My life is a lie, forgive me".

      Jane: Well, it's not a traditional Christmas greeting, but it has punch and concision. Very, uh, thoughtful of him to put it in a plastic baggie for us.

      Lisbon: Lets us out. It's a straight-up suicide.

      Jane: Possibly.

    • Lisbon: Hey, Jane? Could I trouble you for a professional opinion?

      Jane: (sniffing the body of the victim.) No.

      Lisbon: No what?

      Jane: This isn't the actual Santa Claus.

      Lisbon: Oh, really?

      Jane: Some say he doesn't exist, period. That he's a 19th century marketing gimmick. I venture no opinion on that, but this definitely isn't him. This is an impostor.

      Lisbon: And how can you tell?

      Jane: Santa would smell like reindeer and chimneys. This man smells like cheap whiskey.

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