The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 21

Miss Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2009 on CBS
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When the CEO and founder of a software company vanishes from his yacht, Jane and the CBI team are asked to investigate.

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  • Rich dude dies.

    I like The Mentalist but let us be real for a moment, this was a crummy episode. Rigsby randomly being sick, a thrown-together story, and a weak, uneventful conclusion that was ever so similar to a recent episode that pitted the aforementioned Rigsby pretending to be a part of the mafia.

    Based on the title I think the season finale will give us a look into Red John, but I do not understand why that is not a part of all, or at least most episodes. This week's show definitely could have used a sub-plot to distract us from what we were witnessing.moreless
  • A stars biggest fear ? being upstaged by a guest appearance ?

    Lisa Sheridan playing the role of Dr. Brooke Harper/Linsey Smith was quite possibly born for her role as a slightly darker (unreformed) female version of Patrick Jane. Simon Baker was very nearly upstaged by her in this fantastically written episode. I truely hope the producers are not afraid to bring her back. As a fan i would love to see her in every episode from now on . what an interesting mix i would love to see her try to out smart Patrick again and again. this is a must watch episode even for nonfans ! Bring her back or better yet spin off a new show about her lol.moreless
  • Quite interesting.

    Patrick's reasons are ridiculous but I think it's more of a case of reading people that told him the shrink was fake. It was hilarious when she climbed out the window!

    How frustrating to spend six months planning a con, killing someone only to find that someone got there first and switched the key. Brooke's spent too much time thinking she's smarter than everyone else that she underestimates people, and she underestimated Patrick. It was cute how she got out of the interrogation room by diverting the cop about his uniform.

    Not a great episode, neither con wasn't that smart and there were only a few suspects so it wasn't surprising who it was.moreless
  • Jane investigates a murder and discovers not one but two con artists- One of which is a beautiful woman he finds very intriguing!

    My Favorite so far and I've watched every episode faithfully. The female con-artist that was pitted against Jane made for a very sexy relationship and also revealed even more complexity in Jane who is already such a complex and multilayered character. Their chemistry was great-- Very intriguing and hot! There was some really cute stuff with Rigsby and Van Pelt and I really like the direction that relationship is going. And also, as always Cho is the man. Totally one of the most satisfying of the "lighter" Mentalist episodes. I find the Red John episodes fantastic but for different reasons and it is nice to have some variety. It seems like the female con-artist will return and I can't wait to see how that plays out. We could see a new very SEXY side of Jane!moreless
  • The investigators respond to a call that a man is missing and blood was found on a boat, but no body was found. After finding the body they are led to a psychiatrist who has a connection to the victim and to the eventual unsuspected killer.moreless

    My wife and I agreed that this was one of the best Mentalist episodes yet. Rigsby is the most annoying character to me, so I thought his illness was a distraction to the episode, but I suppose it was appropriate given how they found the psychiatrist out. Overall, this episode held my attention through its entirety. I did predict who the killer was from first sight, but it didn't take anything away the episode for me. The way that he was found out was very cool and I thought it was quite realistic, contrary to some other episodes where Jane's giveaways are far fetched. I guess that is why he is "The Mentalist".moreless
Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

Dr. Brooke Harper/Linsey Smith

Guest Star

Paul Cassell

Paul Cassell

Stuart Hansen

Guest Star

Charles Esten

Charles Esten

Rick Bregman

Guest Star

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    • Jane: Oh, and thank you.

      Lisbon: For what?

      Jane: For just letting us play it out like this.

      Lisbon: Nah. We would have had to let her go on the murder charge anyway. Nothing to keep her on until we get proof. Besides, this is a simple plan. It's when you start getting costumes and props that I get nervous.

    • (Jane and Cho are arresting Brooke Harper)

      Jane: My friend Cho here will now take you by the wrist so as not to let you escape us again.

      Cho: (Grasps her wrist, gently) Hi.

      Brooke Harper: Warm hands.

      Jane: I bet you say that to all your arresting officers.

    • (Brooke Harper is trying to open a locker when Jane and Cho come up from behind her)

      Jane: Hello, gorgeous.

      Brooke Harper: Beat it, creep.

      Jane: I'd call you by your real name, but I don't know what it is.

      Brooke Harper: (Turns around and sees Jane.) Hello, Mr. Jane.

      Jane: Hi.

      Brooke Harper: I'm impressed.

      Jane: Oh, for finding you? Wasn't that difficult.

      Brooke Harper: Would you have a cigar?

      Jane: Thank you, no. I hear they're not so good for your health.

      Brooke Harper: Well, who wants to live forever?

      Jane: It'd be horrible, wouldn't it? Immortality. Imagine the boredom.

    • Jane: Yes, this is also the key to a locker that holds ten million dollars.

      Brooke Harper: Really? I thought it was for cigars. I love a good cigar.

      Jane: Nope. Ten million dollars.

      Brooke Harper: But that's just silly. Why would Jim keep ten million dollars in a locker?

      Jane: (To Cho) She's good.

      Cho: Yeah, she is.

    • Brooke Harper: How did you find me?

      Jane: Well, let's make a deal. I'll tell you how we found you if you tell us who you are.

      Brooke Harper: Okay. (With a British accent.) My name is Angela Dalibar and I'm from Birmingham, England by way of Hong Kong. How did you find me?

      Jane: I planted a GPS tracking device on you. Outstanding technology. No bigger than a stick of gum.

      Cho: Tell us more about yourself Angela. How long have you been a professional con woman?

      Brooke Harper: All my life, I suppose. (She drops the British accent) And I confess, my name's not really Angela.

      Jane: And I didn't plant a GPS tracking device on you.

    • Rick Bregman: Six months of living in that chair. Six months and no one ever questioned me about it. Why did you?

      Jane: Whenever I meet someone in a wheelchair I check the bottoms of their shoes. The bottoms of your shoes were scuffed. I've been checking shoes for years. This is the first time it's ever paid off. First time. That's gratifying, man. Very, very gratifying.

      Lisbon: Ah, he's a pistol, isn't he?

    • Brooke Harper: See you around, Patrick.

      Agent Hayes: I'll doubt you'll be seeing much of anybody for a few years.

      Jane: Uh, I don't know about that, agent Hayes. She's very good at what she does.

    • Jane: That urge you have to get one over on people, the need to be smarter than the next guy? It'll keep biting you on the ass.

      Brooke Harper: So my butt'll hurt occasionally. I'll still be smarter than the next guy.

    • Lisbon: Chewing-gum plays. I can already see my hair with a big chunk out of it.
      Jane: You'd look good with short hair. Choppy, all kind of Peter Pan. Good for the eyes.

    • Lisbon: Train station. It had to be a train station.

      Jane: What's wrong with a train station?

      Lisbon: People, noise, tunnels, trains. More people.

    • Jane: Make much money, playing the keyboards?

      Keith Gulbrand: No, but I'm not in it for the money. You know, music is's a spiritual thing.

      Jane: Yeah, it is. So is money. Everything that exists has a spiritual essence. Or not at all.

    • Jane: When was the last time you saw a doctor's handwriting you could read?

      Lisbon: So she's precise. Is that what you're implying?

      Jane: Yes, and the possibility that Dr. Brooke Harper is not a doctor.

      Lisbon: Because she has penmanship skills?

      Jane: And she doesn't have that cold, creepy, doctor-y vibe they all have.

    • Rigsby: Be fair. Not all the Doctors are cold and creepy.

      Jane: First day in Medical School they get a stack of books and a dead human being. That, I'm afraid, would change you. Brooke Harper was warm and emotional.

      Lisbon: You like her so she can't be a Doctor.

      Jane: Pretty much.

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