The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 21

Miss Red

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • Rich dude dies.

    I like The Mentalist but let us be real for a moment, this was a crummy episode. Rigsby randomly being sick, a thrown-together story, and a weak, uneventful conclusion that was ever so similar to a recent episode that pitted the aforementioned Rigsby pretending to be a part of the mafia.

    Based on the title I think the season finale will give us a look into Red John, but I do not understand why that is not a part of all, or at least most episodes. This week's show definitely could have used a sub-plot to distract us from what we were witnessing.
  • A stars biggest fear ? being upstaged by a guest appearance ?

    Lisa Sheridan playing the role of Dr. Brooke Harper/Linsey Smith was quite possibly born for her role as a slightly darker (unreformed) female version of Patrick Jane. Simon Baker was very nearly upstaged by her in this fantastically written episode. I truely hope the producers are not afraid to bring her back. As a fan i would love to see her in every episode from now on . what an interesting mix i would love to see her try to out smart Patrick again and again. this is a must watch episode even for nonfans ! Bring her back or better yet spin off a new show about her lol.
  • Quite interesting.

    Patrick's reasons are ridiculous but I think it's more of a case of reading people that told him the shrink was fake. It was hilarious when she climbed out the window!

    How frustrating to spend six months planning a con, killing someone only to find that someone got there first and switched the key. Brooke's spent too much time thinking she's smarter than everyone else that she underestimates people, and she underestimated Patrick. It was cute how she got out of the interrogation room by diverting the cop about his uniform.

    Not a great episode, neither con wasn't that smart and there were only a few suspects so it wasn't surprising who it was.
  • Jane investigates a murder and discovers not one but two con artists- One of which is a beautiful woman he finds very intriguing!

    My Favorite so far and I've watched every episode faithfully. The female con-artist that was pitted against Jane made for a very sexy relationship and also revealed even more complexity in Jane who is already such a complex and multilayered character. Their chemistry was great-- Very intriguing and hot! There was some really cute stuff with Rigsby and Van Pelt and I really like the direction that relationship is going. And also, as always Cho is the man. Totally one of the most satisfying of the "lighter" Mentalist episodes. I find the Red John episodes fantastic but for different reasons and it is nice to have some variety. It seems like the female con-artist will return and I can't wait to see how that plays out. We could see a new very SEXY side of Jane!
  • The investigators respond to a call that a man is missing and blood was found on a boat, but no body was found. After finding the body they are led to a psychiatrist who has a connection to the victim and to the eventual unsuspected killer.

    My wife and I agreed that this was one of the best Mentalist episodes yet. Rigsby is the most annoying character to me, so I thought his illness was a distraction to the episode, but I suppose it was appropriate given how they found the psychiatrist out. Overall, this episode held my attention through its entirety. I did predict who the killer was from first sight, but it didn't take anything away the episode for me. The way that he was found out was very cool and I thought it was quite realistic, contrary to some other episodes where Jane's giveaways are far fetched. I guess that is why he is "The Mentalist".
  • A high profile victim leads to a low profile con artist.

    Jane and the CBI team investigate the murder of Jim Gulbrand, the CEO and founder of a software company, Gaia Matrix. Their investigation soon leads them to the victim's girlfriend, a professional con woman who specializes in the seduction of rich and successful and socially awkward men. I have to admit I suspected that Stuart Hansen was the killer when I first saw him because his emotion towards Jim's death seemed a little forced. Also, the fact that he was in a wheelchair also made me suspect him because the killer is always the most least likely suspect, and that definitely made him the least likely. So, even though it was a little predictable, I still thought that this episode was well written and deftly plotted. All in all, another fantastic episode. Only 2 more left!
  • This was one of the best-written episodes yet, combining character scenes with Jane with solid police action from the rest of the team.

    Great epi! We're back in the environment of rich, glamorous people, where a wealthy computer businessman's dead body is found anchored to his yacht. Suspicion revolves around his ex-wife, who is the typical, unlikeable type of cynical gold-digger, his partner in the firm, who is also having an affair with his ex-wife, and his girlfriend, an alleged psychiatrist who is really a con artist.

    Jane figures out everything about the case in the end, of course, and once again he directs his suspicions to a person "beyond suspicion" in the first place. Following the money around, the team finally gets to the killer. Favourite scenes from this epi: The one-to-one interrogation between Jane and Brooke, Cho asking Rigsby to help out, Rigsby lying on his desk sick, Cho looking at him and saying "Forget it". Also the scene with the prince in the club, and the chase in the train station. This was one of the best-written episodes yet, combining character scenes with Jane with solid police action from the rest of the team. Brooke was a very intriguing character, perhaps we will see her again in future epis? She's the only one so far that has managed to stand up to an interrogation with Jane.
  • Excellent episode; Jane meets a worthy opponent

    This was a good episode. A con woman comes into the picture. Jane solves the murder (of course) but there is still a residual mystery around the con woman at the end and there is a sense we may see her again. In a way, Jane is a con man. And, that point is emphasized by the scene with him in the backgammon club (I won't ruin it for you in case you haven't seen it). Jane definitely uses some of his mentalist machinations to get to the finish line and once again manages to make it all feel fresh and new and suprising when he explains how he pulls each little deception or decryption off so smoothly. It is so nice that there is this one show that is good AND was never in danger of being cancelled.
  • The Mentalist..

    At first I was intrigued by the murder. But by knowing Patrick Jane like I.. we do.. I knew he would solve it in no time.

    A con woman who was impersonating a doctor wants to find some big shot's hidden stash of money. While his chief of security wants it too but he's playing a guy in a wheelchair.

    Lisa Sheridan, talented and beautiful actress plays Dr. Brooker Harper. She really made me believe she was innocent.. at first, of course. I changed my decision as soon as I heard Jane's point of view.. lol
    For the way it looked, she's probably gonna be back.. hope she does. She posed a nice intelectual battle with Jane. It's interesting when there are people he can't crack wide open. He deduced a few things about her but she never really told him what happened in her past..
    We'll see..

    Keep the episodes coming, man!!