The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 9

My Blue Heaven

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Makes a change to see Jane played

    Makes a change to see Jane played, by 2 different people no less! Maybe he's losing his touch! Glad the dog killer got his just deserts! I'm not sure if I'm liking the new look for the show or not, I'm on the fence until I see a couple more episodes.
  • My Blue Heaven

    I thought there was spinoff potential with Jane being on this island, so I kind of wish they had his exile last for more than one episode. I liked the Kim character as well, even if her revelation was all too predictable.
  • not such a good

    i don't like this refreshing mentalist. The new characters are boring. The cases are not so interesting. I miss the mentalist with the original cast, their interaction
  • Abbot will soften up to Jane as did

    I believe Abbot will eventually soften up as did Lisbon, and Jane will come to be liked by all of them at the FBI. I haven't read anywhere if this will be the last season or not.

    That woman who got away from the Red John episode, she probably will return to haunt Jane with a Red John related scenario.
  • I've Got the Blues

    Jane is rusty. He missed that Kim was an agent? It was obvious from the start...

    As for the whole FBI + consult thing... it felt like a rip off of White Collar (another show I love) but it was somehow boring. I really hope they fix this because if the rest of the season is anything like this episode, I may not watch next year.

    The only parts I liked in his episode were: The fact that some members of the team still hang out (Lisbon, Rigsby & Van Pelt). It makes it feel more like a family. I like that Jane was in contact with Lisbon but I really don't like that she sat around pining for him. I wanted to see her in a relationship with someone because the whole point is to move on. I did however like that she stated she enjoyed her new job, which will obviously add complications into the story later.

    I liked that Jane was trying to achieve peace. He had a peaceful life, reading zen books and being near a beach, but he get the money? They should have shown him working or at least accessing an emergency fund of $$ he put aside for that very occasion.

    But yeah, I liked that the members of the team moved onto other jobs and all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

    A lot of people left great reviews on YT. Happy Cool is a channel that has amazing reviews by Americ and I swear, everything he says, I think.
  • The Mentalist redux!

    The "Red John" episode left a bitter taste in my mouth. Even "I" could have scripted a more gripping finale regarding Jane's nemesis.

    However, "My Blue Heaven" . not "Red") breathed new life into Jane's character.

    I was hoping Jane would start anew as a consultant to the Mexican police force, solving cases as his low profile "beach bum" persona . The feel of his new locale lended a "Magnum P. to his role.

    It will be interesting to see how the show's writers reunite "the gang". How convenient Cho was the FBI agent to escort Jane to his meeting with Abbott, and Rigsby and Van Pelt just happened to be visiting Lisbon at the same time.

    I mourn the loss of potential for "La Mentalista"!

  • two years past

    I like that they are refreshing this show. Two years have gone by and I like that fact. No more RJ and I am really glad about that. This was a very good reboot epi. I can't wait to see what is in store for PJ and the gang. There is nothing out there that says this will be the last season. Is it possible well yes. It would be ok for them to end with this season if they can tie everything up in a tidy bow. But if ratings remain up I don't think it will end this season. But I could be wrong. Just saying no one is saying that this is the last season.
  • Nice reboot...

    No real case of the week - but imho still one of the best episodes this series has produced to date. I guess there will never be one like it - you only reboot once like this. But it was amazing. And I am looking foreward to seeing Abbot and Jane bickering over every detail. And I like Kim Fischer as a new addition to the team - but it is hard to believe that Jane didn't suss out that she was undercover in Mexico.

    I hope the series survives beyond this sixth season and the end of Red John.
  • Depth and heart. A slow episode largely carried by Simon Bakers incredible acting.

    I immensely enjoyed this episode. It was very different, and very fresh, and it made me sad that the show is ending after this season. It was a slow episode, to be sure, and it's hard to place exactly what I enjoyed so much. It felt like it had heart, and depth, something the show never really has done to well before. I have no idea where they're going, either, but I'm okay being along for the ride as Jane and Abbot spar with one another.