The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 3

Not One Red Cent

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on CBS

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  • Not One Red Cent.

    The Mentalist continues to impress this season when a bank employee is murdered during a robbery and Jane witnesses it when he was across the road This episode had good character moments when Jane and Van Pelt was seeing who can get the name of one of the bank robbers and Jane as I thought won by somehow guessing the name that Van Pelt wrote down We see more into the FBI/CBI rivalry which is likely to get worse as the season goes on The bank robbery proved to have a twist when the victim was killed by someone working at the bank and Jane once again used extreme methods to catch the killer and once again it worked.
  • Not One Red Cent

    A real throwback episode here with Patrick Jane cracking the case using the eyes of the suspect, and I guess a little bit of magic, to track down the murder weapon. I thought we were bound for another generic hostage crisis episode based on the initial scene, so I was glad that was just for the opening and we didn't have that the whole show tonight.
  • Please writers. Don't do it!

    A pretty standard case this week, with some deft Mentalism thrown in the mix, both with the crooks and Grace Van Pelt.

    I guessed fairly quickly there would have to be an inside man involved in the bank robbery but certainly didn't see the twist in the tail with the murder in the vault.

    Jane, as usual, duped the killer with a mixture of "hot reading" and basic con artistry. Liked it!

    Now, to the reason for my title.

    Please, please, please, writers do NOT go down the road of starting off a possible Jisbon pairing and immediately sticking a spanner in the works in the shape of the Greek God FBI agent as the jealousy factor.

    Have we not have enough such crap foisted on us in other shows, e.g. Bones, Castle, etc. taking so long to be resolved that we get so fed up with it that we leave the show in droves?

    If Jisbon is to be, then let it be and get on with it.

    Personally, I love the Mentalist but could easily do without yet another borefest "will they, won't they".

    You had a cracking show, last week. Please don't screw it up, now.
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