The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on CBS
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This episode introduces us to the complex life of Patrick Jane, a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation with a troubled past who has a keen eye for detail. When a man and woman are found dead in their home, many believe they are victims of a serial killer, but Patrick knows better and must prove that this was not the work of Red John.moreless

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  • Very enjoyable to start to a series -

    I was really quite impressed by this first episode. I thought Patrick Jane was a really interesting charachter and about as arrogant as they come, but it all a facade. He knows he appears smart, and uses that to wind most everyone up. Inside the guy has a real anguish and torment. For as smart as he appears to be, what happened in his past, shows he really doesn't have such a clear understanding or insight into human nature, and he paid the heaviest price possible.

    The start of the episode also reinforces this, he is correct in his deductions but has no idea what the consequences of his actions are.

    I enjoyed the dialogue in the episode, and thought all the charachters were interesting. I am looking forward to the next episodemoreless
  • Riveting first episode.

    Very impressive episode, this wasn't what I was expecting. It's got astonishing depth and Patrick is an immensely complex, even dark, character. If the series continues in this vein, I'll definitely watch it.

    Patrick's 'session' with Mrs Tolliver was riveting. Patrick has a hypnotic manner and his way of asking questions and making deductions is fascinating. I have to wonder if the character is based on Sherlock Holmes, very familiar methodologies. He takes it a step further – he's a showman, right down to magician's slight-of-hand and tricks.

    It's fascinating to see what converted a fake psychic into an CBI agent – talk about a serial killer on tv, and he kills your family. Question is how did he get them to take him seriously, let alone give him the credentials to participate in investigations?

    Patrick has the left-over need for drama and isn't a team player so he upsets people, even his own teammates. How can he still live in that house, under the symbol drawn in your family's blood? He really is twisted and what's scary is how well he hides it – but you see flashes of it sometimes. I'll bet no-one really knows Patrick, he's completely inverted – like any good magician, he's a master at diversion.moreless
  • The brilliant start into a new season of suspense, finesse, hilliarity & intriguing twists & turns in story lines - can't wait for more!

    Don't you LOVE Simon Baker??? He's a class actor, hillarious & getting more so with each new episode :) I can't get enough of that impish, whicked grin he sports when following his hunches while everyone else is still stumbeling around in the dark...

    I've been looking forward to a new series with SB ever since the finish of "The Guardian". He portays such a different character this time - it's quite intriguing. I am so glad this show's on, this makes my Thursday night a special treat every week. It's a fresh new approach to the crime scene series & I can't wait to see more of the stories. I love the suspense, the humour, the little glimpses into Patrick Jane's past - every time you can place a new piece of the puzzle to his still hidden story. Way to go producers - this is something with the potential to finesse ;)))moreless
  • Pleasantly surprised. I thought Patrick Jane was a great character, very interesting lead. Definate potential.

    I was told about 'The Mentalist' by my sister and then saw it one day. Was happy to see it was the pilot, I was pleasantly surprised. These days crime dramas are everywhere and usually bore me to death because character development (cough cough Cold Case) seem to be a background thing. Here I instantly loved the lead Patrick Jane and actually enjoyed other characters too.

    The show has a Dexter feel to it while throwing Psych in there too. I watch the former, not the latter. It had humour with Patrick's funny/witty comments. Loved when he thought the new girl should just say to going back to the hotel room. Plus the way he did things just flowed, I was never bored through the whole 40 odd minutes.

    I like how he is connected with 'Red John' it did piece together well. It was just brilliant how he caught that doctor out...and the fake story about his little brother that was exactly the same as Johnny cash was great stuff. I'll be tuning in next week for sure.moreless
  • Patrick Jane used to be a 'physic' but gave up the whole visage in order to help the CBI. Using his perceptive powers he's able to build the whole picture until it becomes clear what happened.moreless

    Looks Promising. Fun and witty. Quirky even. Characters are promising. Even though there is a dark and emotional side with the main character's (Patrick Jane's) past it looks like it's going focus more on his comical tactless ways. He used to be a 'physic' but gave up the whole visage in order to help the CBI. Using his perceptive powers he's able to build the whole picture until it becomes clear what happened. His methods are doubted a little by his colleges, even gets him in trouble, but you get the feeling that at the same time they're very curious as to what he'll do next. All in all enjoyable so far. Can't wait for the next installation!moreless
Shaun Toub

Shaun Toub

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Lana Asanin


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Steven Culp

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    • Lisbon: (on the phone with Jane) Hey. So, you might be right about this case. Might be. Thanks for the, did I say that? I'm acknowledging the fact that you might be right, that's all. I mean, if you wanted to come back, I couldn't stop you...yeah, fine, I'm asking you to come back...because...because you're useful to the No, I won't say "please". Go screw yourself. (Lisbon hangs up) Jackass.

    • Dr. Linus Wagner: Why is it you can't sleep?

      Patrick Jane: Because I can't get the good pills without talking to a doctor.

      Dr. Linus Wagner: You don't like talking to a doctor?

      Patrick Jane: They always want to be the smartest person in the room, don't they? When in fact, that's me, obviously.

    • Patrick Jane: Be reasonable. This is my case.

      Teresa Lisbon: Your case?

      Patrick Jane: Red John's mine.

      Teresa Lisbon: Red John doesn't belong to anyone. (Long pause, everybody except Lisbon and Jane go into the house)

      Patrick Jane: He belongs to me.

    • (Reading note slid under Patrick's hotel room door)

      Grace Van Pelt: Greetings old friend, it's been a while. I hope you are keeping well. I am thriving and happy. I have 12 wives now and will soon begin courting number 13. Why can't you catch me? You must feel so powerless and stupid and sad. Oh well. All the best. Red John.

    • Grace Van Pelt: Mr. Jane, I have a question regarding your previous career path.

      Patrick Jane: Fire away.

      Grace Van Pelt: When you met with other psychics, real psychics, could they tell you were just pretending?

      Patrick Jane: There's no such thing as real psychics.

      Grace Van Pelt: I beg to differ. My cousin Yolanda is a psychic.

      Patrick Jane: Your cousin is deluded or dishonest or both.

      Wayne Rigsby: Hey, steady.

      Grace Van Pelt: No, no, he's entitled to his opinion. He's wrong, though. She has power. She can communicate with the other side. I've seen her do it myself.

      Patrick Jane: She let you speak with someone that's gone, someone that you love and still miss very much. You wanted her power to be real so it was.

      Wayne Rigsby: You're so sure you're right. Science doesn't know everything.

      Grace Van Pelt: Five hundred years ago, radio would have seemed like magic. Five hundred years in the future, it could be totally normal to communicate with the other side.

      Patrick Jane: The other side?...There is no other side…

    • (Patrick Jane discusses Red John on a television show and returns home that evening, five years ago, and finds a note)

      Red John's Note: Dear mister Jane, I don't like to be slandered in the media, especially by a dirty money-grubbing fraud. If you were a real psychic, instead of a dishonest little worm, you wouldn't need to open the door to see what I've done to your lovely wife and child. (Patrick opens the door to find a red smiling face painted on the wall....)

    • (after a session)

      Dr. Linus Wagner: Everything you told me is total fiction, isn't it?.

      Patrick Jane: Yes

      Dr. Linus Wagner: Why? I can tell you're in real pain. Why not tell the truth?

      Patrick Jane: The truth is mine.

      Dr. Linus Wagner: I hear ya.

    • (after making himself at home at the victim's house)

      Patrick Jane: Hello Mrs. Tolliver?

      Mrs. Tolliver: Who are you?

      Patrick Jane: I'm Patrick Jane. I'm here to help you.

    • Mrs. Tolliver: I don't understand. You're psychic?

      Patrick Jane: No, just paying attention. I used to make a good living pretending to be a psychic. I tell you this because I want you to understand there's no point hiding things from me.

    • (after surveying the crime scene)
      Patrick Jane: This isn't Red John. Red John thinks of himself as a showman, an artist. He has a strong sense of theater. In all of the previous killings, he made sure that the first thing that anyone sees is the face on the wall. You see the face first and you know. You know what's happened and you feel dread. Then, and only then, do you see the body of the victim...

    • (Patrick moves a straw across the table without touching it)

      Grace Van Pelt: How do you do that?

      Patrick Jane: Telekinesis.

      Kimball Cho: He blew on it.

      Patrick Jane: That is another way to do it.

    • (to overeager investigator)

      Patrick Jane: You know what your problem is, my friend? You enjoy your work a little too much. You're a ghoul. If you don't get horny reading Fangoria, I'm Britney Spears!

      Brett Partridge: I resent that!

      Teresa Lisbon: This is you trying to redeem yourself, is it?

      Patrick Jane: I'm sorry. He irks me. He's irksome. (he walks away) You don't need me here.

    • (To Price Randolph about his brother, Tag)

      Cho: Whenever you weren't around, he was banging your wife like a bass drum.

    • (Agent Lisbon walks in just after a wife shoots her husband for murdering their daughter while Patrick was alone with them)

      Patrick Jane: Honestly, it's not as bad as it looks.

    • (Accusing a father of a murdering his daughter)

      Patrick Jane: An innocent man would've punched me by now.

    • Mr. Tolliver: Who are you?

      Patrick Jane: I'm the police, did you kill your daughter?

    • (Trying to get pills)

      Patrick Jane: I was hoping to get something now; I'm trying to avoid the chit chat.

      Dr. Linus Wagner: I'm sorry I wouldn't feel comfortable prescribing something without the chit chat.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode had 15.60 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) and Tim Guinee (Tag Randolph) previously worked together on the CBS drama The Guardian's episode "The Intersection".

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: October 08, 2008 on Nine
      The Netherlands: January 1, 2009 on SBS6
      Norway: January 7, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: January 8, 2009 on LaSexta
      Hungary: February 2, 2009 on RTL-Klub
      Denmark: February 2, 2009 on TV3
      Belgium: February 4, 2009 on VT4
      Sweden: February 17, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: March 1, 2009 on SAT 1
      United Kingdom: March 26, 2009 on Channel Five
      Thailand: April 9, 2009 on True Series
      Finland: September 3, 2009 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: November 30, 2009 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: January 4, 2010 on Markiza
      Poland: September 6, 2010 on TVN
      India: November 16, 2010 on Zee Cafe

    • CBS ordered the show to series on 12 May 2008.


    • Patrick Jane: You know what your problem is, my friend? You enjoy your work a little too much. You're a ghoul. If you don't get horny reading Fangoria, I'm Britney Spears!

      Fangoria is an internationally-distributed US film fan magazine that has been in publication since 1979. It's known for specializing in horror, slasher and splatter films with lots of blood and gore.

    • Johnny Cash

      While in the Doctor's office Patrick describes a made up story of how his younger brother got killed by an electric saw. This is similar to what really happened to Johnny Cash's younger brother Jack who slipped into a table saw while cutting wood.