The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • Very enjoyable to start to a series -

    I was really quite impressed by this first episode. I thought Patrick Jane was a really interesting charachter and about as arrogant as they come, but it all a facade. He knows he appears smart, and uses that to wind most everyone up. Inside the guy has a real anguish and torment. For as smart as he appears to be, what happened in his past, shows he really doesn't have such a clear understanding or insight into human nature, and he paid the heaviest price possible.

    The start of the episode also reinforces this, he is correct in his deductions but has no idea what the consequences of his actions are.

    I enjoyed the dialogue in the episode, and thought all the charachters were interesting. I am looking forward to the next episode
  • Riveting first episode.

    Very impressive episode, this wasn't what I was expecting. It's got astonishing depth and Patrick is an immensely complex, even dark, character. If the series continues in this vein, I'll definitely watch it.

    Patrick's 'session' with Mrs Tolliver was riveting. Patrick has a hypnotic manner and his way of asking questions and making deductions is fascinating. I have to wonder if the character is based on Sherlock Holmes, very familiar methodologies. He takes it a step further – he's a showman, right down to magician's slight-of-hand and tricks.

    It's fascinating to see what converted a fake psychic into an CBI agent – talk about a serial killer on tv, and he kills your family. Question is how did he get them to take him seriously, let alone give him the credentials to participate in investigations?

    Patrick has the left-over need for drama and isn't a team player so he upsets people, even his own teammates. How can he still live in that house, under the symbol drawn in your family's blood? He really is twisted and what's scary is how well he hides it – but you see flashes of it sometimes. I'll bet no-one really knows Patrick, he's completely inverted – like any good magician, he's a master at diversion.
  • The brilliant start into a new season of suspense, finesse, hilliarity & intriguing twists & turns in story lines - can't wait for more!

    Don't you LOVE Simon Baker??? He's a class actor, hillarious & getting more so with each new episode :) I can't get enough of that impish, whicked grin he sports when following his hunches while everyone else is still stumbeling around in the dark...
    I've been looking forward to a new series with SB ever since the finish of "The Guardian". He portays such a different character this time - it's quite intriguing. I am so glad this show's on, this makes my Thursday night a special treat every week. It's a fresh new approach to the crime scene series & I can't wait to see more of the stories. I love the suspense, the humour, the little glimpses into Patrick Jane's past - every time you can place a new piece of the puzzle to his still hidden story. Way to go producers - this is something with the potential to finesse ;)))
  • Pleasantly surprised. I thought Patrick Jane was a great character, very interesting lead. Definate potential.

    I was told about 'The Mentalist' by my sister and then saw it one day. Was happy to see it was the pilot, I was pleasantly surprised. These days crime dramas are everywhere and usually bore me to death because character development (cough cough Cold Case) seem to be a background thing. Here I instantly loved the lead Patrick Jane and actually enjoyed other characters too.

    The show has a Dexter feel to it while throwing Psych in there too. I watch the former, not the latter. It had humour with Patrick's funny/witty comments. Loved when he thought the new girl should just say to going back to the hotel room. Plus the way he did things just flowed, I was never bored through the whole 40 odd minutes.

    I like how he is connected with 'Red John' it did piece together well. It was just brilliant how he caught that doctor out...and the fake story about his little brother that was exactly the same as Johnny cash was great stuff. I'll be tuning in next week for sure.
  • Patrick Jane used to be a 'physic' but gave up the whole visage in order to help the CBI. Using his perceptive powers he's able to build the whole picture until it becomes clear what happened.

    Looks Promising. Fun and witty. Quirky even. Characters are promising. Even though there is a dark and emotional side with the main character's (Patrick Jane's) past it looks like it's going focus more on his comical tactless ways. He used to be a 'physic' but gave up the whole visage in order to help the CBI. Using his perceptive powers he's able to build the whole picture until it becomes clear what happened. His methods are doubted a little by his colleges, even gets him in trouble, but you get the feeling that at the same time they're very curious as to what he'll do next. All in all enjoyable so far. Can't wait for the next installation!
  • Finally, a decent new TV show this season!

    Since the new Tv season broke out I tried many new show and I don't know why I completely cut out The mentalist. I shouldn't have. While I gave up on the new TV shows (the Ex-list, my own worst ennemy...) The mentalist seems very promising. I was hooked from the very first minute. Simon Baker is great (I missed him since Heart break high in my early years), the plot thick and interesting and the team's interaction is nice. Of course, just like for every show I watch I'm already shipping a couple (Patrick & Teresa) and I know that it will be frustrating (just like Ziva and Tony on NCIS) because it's not the point of the show but it's still an extra ingredient which I enjoy.

    BTW, am I the only one to think that Robin Tanney looks like Gillian Anderson except that she's not a red-head? Look forward to the rest of the season, hoping that it will keep up the good work.
  • Hmm..

    When I saw the description of that show, it got me thinking. But before making any conclusions I had to see an episode. So I got to watch the pilot and I was right. The show got the idea from Psych. Pure and simple. A guy with no fighting/gun skills but only with keen senses and a sharp mind. The difference is that the first goes more to fun and comedic part, with the main character actually playing a psychic consultant to the police.

    This one is more dramatic. A "hero" trying to atone for his arrogance and using his talent to resolve crimes. I liked it.
  • Patrick Jane uses his keen sense of observation to prove that Red John's latest crime is the work of a Copy-Cat killer.

    A very interesting start to a great show. The Pilot episode of The Mentalist was amazing. The cast were all great here's hoping they just keep getting. I really enjoyed learning about Jane's past with the flashbacks. I never would have suspected the doctor was the killer. Well, this is definetly a great show and it just keeps getting better. Ok, so I only have sixty-six words right now and I have to have atleast 100, so, I'm just going to adlib until I meet that goal. Eighty-eight, eighty-nine, ninety, ninety-one, ninety-two. And we are almost done. NOW There. There!
  • Good start

    He has the charisma!
    I do belive stuffs if it comes from his mouth and when he smiles it makes me think he is also doing something purposefully.

    He is great!

    He has the charisma!
    I do belive stuffs if it comes from his mouth and when he smiles it makes me think he is also doing something purposefully.

    He has the charisma!
    I do belive stuffs if it comes from his mouth and when he smiles it makes me think he is also doing something purposefully.

    He has the charisma!
    I do belive stuffs if it comes from his mouth and when he smiles it makes me think he is also doing something purposefully.
  • CBS's proven crime drama formula strikes again.

    I wouldn't call this opening episode ground-breaking or perfect by any means, but it seems to be a solid premise for a new show (and the ratings definitely support that claim). Patrick Jane seems like a pretty solid main character, though at times it seems like he knows a little too much about people, even if he can read them well. That and he's a bit too weird sometimes too. The boss lady seems pretty cool too, and everyone else just blends into the background sort of, but no one is annoying, so that's always a plus.

    I liked the case, and how it set up a "big bad" right off the bat. Red John better stick around for awhile. I also liked the back story about how Red John didn't kill Patrick Jane, but killed his he could make him suffer. Crazy stuff. So the series is off to a pretty good start, as a typical CBS crime drama, that grabs our attention. Let's just hope that as the show goes on it ends up being a bit more than that, with some great character development, so it sticks out from the rest and doesn't get stale too quick.
  • It tells the story of Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation, who has a track record for solving serious crimes by using his skills of observation.

    The shows that involve having a holmesian character are increasing and they are all starting to seem alike in many ways.However,as all of this shows feature very good mysteries and a smart guy to unravel them and its really hard to miss them.The main character is similar in ways to Shawn ( the main character of Psych ), but I'd like to think it has a great potential to become much much better.The actor who plays Patrick is a little cold. It is obvious that he should play a clod guy but I think he is overdoing it.Other than that, it seems like the show has a good cast. About the story, I can tell that the story of Red John can turn out really interesting and of course the story of the pilot was good, too. Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode, it got me interested.
  • Kind of like "Medium", but with a male lead.

    The Mentalist premiered this past Tuesday with a very strong lead in from "NCIS". I thought the show was cleverly written and although it is a lot like "Medium", this show has the promise of a full season. Also starring ex-"Prison Break"-er, Robin Tunney, Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, the Mentalist. He is able to move objects with his mind, can tell people's reactions by looking at their faces. He is not psychic but his abilities is why he is working the California Bureau of Investigation. In the first episode, Jane is in the home of a couple whose daughter was killed. The police had in custody the neighbor kid but Jane knew otherwise. He talked to the wife and asked her why she thought her husband had killed their daughter. Shocked, she said I can tell if he is lying, so the next minute the husband enters and Jane asks him if he killed his daughter. Saying no, the wife knew he was lying, went into another room, grabbed a gun and shot and killed her husband. This was all in the first 10 minutes of the episode!! It continued on and we got to meet the rest of the cast and members of the CBI and they are in the middle of another case. It was an exciting first episode with hopes that this show will do well. I see a good future for "The Mentalist".
  • I take a look at the new series about a fake-psychic turned detective.

    Based on this pilot episode, The Mentalist appears to be a fairly decent detective series, albeit one with a thoroughly unimaginative title. Simon Baker (The Land of the Dead and the shortlived '06 series Smith) stars as Patrick Jane, a former television psychic turned consultant with the FBI-ish California Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

    Any series featuring a man who pretends to be psychic and helps the police solves crimes draws obvious comparisons to USA Network's always-entertaining PSYCH. You can think of The Mentalist as a much more serious version of PSYCH -- not much humor, and more of a focus on crimesolving. In contrast to PSYCH's Shawn Spencer, Jane makes no claims about being psychic, and instead tells other characters matter-of-factly that there is no such thing as a real psychic, just people with observational skills. The back-story as to why Jane no longer claims to be psychic is doled out over the episode in a series of well-done flashbacks. Jane's past is appropriately dark and life-changing, and the reason he switches to solving crimes and abandoning the fake psychic gig is nicely set up for an extended story arc.

    The pilot starts out with a murder case that has CBI Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, Prison Break) bringing in Jane to consult on. The camera shows the things that Jane is noticing at the crime scene and press conference, but not in a flashy way. Enough is shown to make it obvious to the viewer what Jane is thinking. The case is wrapped up (although rather messily) in the first five minutes and we get a good look at how much more observant than the other police officers Jane really is, as well as how dangerously he proceeds.

    The remainder of the episode is a bit more formulaic, and focuses on another murder case a couple weeks after the beginning of the episode. Jane appears to always be at least three steps ahead of both the rest of the CBI Serious Crimes unit and the killer, figuring everything out well in advance. It would be easy for Jane to come across as disaffected, cocky and annoying, but Simon Baker does an excellent job of making Jane likable and contemplative. His methods for solving the case annoy everyone around him, and rightfully so -- he withholds what he's thinking, strings everyone along, and always assumes he's right (and, so far, he always is).

    The series' biggest strength is in the build-up of what appears to be a multiple-episode, or possibly season- or series-long, continuing storyline. The plot involves a serial killer known only as "Red John." We find out, through the course of the episode, that Jane has a connection to "Red John" that makes him an expert on the killer. Without the promise of the upcoming story arc, and Jane's personal connection to it, The Mentalist would be a much more straightforward detective series. As it is, there's enough here to intrigue crime drama fans and build an audience. The show isn't at the level of quality as, say, Dexter or The Shield, but feels at home amongst other CBS series, such as the NCIS and Without a Trace (which The Mentalist conveniently airs in between).
  • A different approach to crime solving.

    A former con artist making good? Patrick Jane is a puzzle indeed. The opening scene was great a mother's revenge. Our case is a serial killer named Red John. We find out about midway through the episode that it's personal. Watching the team interaction I think is going to be very interesting. I love the fact that Patrick does his crime solving by observation and reading people. Patrick is blatently blunt and frank when he speaks to people. Tact doesn't seem to be in his vocabulary. I'm still working on whether he's either very good or he does have a gift.
  • interesting

    Well, I decided to watch this episode after all...and it is pretty much just like Psyche...however, I was able to get past the copy-cat... Anyways, I liked how they started the episode when the main character accused the father of killing his daughter and then the mother killed him... interesting... good start that goes straight into the action and character. The main story was about a serial killer that has a past with the main character. It'll be interesting how this develops. Overall, interesting main character, but no one else interested me. Also, an interesting story...I'll tune in next week.
  • "Psych" gets serious.

    This was one of the few shows of the new season I was anxious to see. I've always liked Simon Baker as an actor, yet he seems to struggle to find an appropriate vehicle to shocase his talents. While I'm not yet completely sold on this one, it definitely has promise.

    While it is definitely a more serious version of "Psych," It did have some playful wit about it, which was refreshing. The opening sequence was a bit much, but useful to set up the tension later on in the episode. Robin Tunney should be a good choice as the strong female lead. I expect there will be some significant tension, flirtatious and otherwise, between thee two.

    The side-characters need some work. The two male agents were poorly developed and poorly acted. I hope they get around to tweaking these characters soon. The other female character might prove to be a compelling antithesis, given her views on the afterlife and 'the other side.'

    All in all, it was a good first outing. Not a great one, but definitely shows some promise.
  • Interesting start.

    The Mentalist is not one of the most hyped shows of the season yet the pilot was a fairly intriguing hour of TV. We are introduced to Patrick Jane who within moments solves a major crime that would've taken most cops years. Simon Baker shouldn't expect a Golden Globe for his performance on the show but he is an entertaining lead.

    The rest of the cast does very little to separate itself, or give us a reason to care about them. Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek was decent as the doctor, but nowhere near the caliber of his work on Damages. If I had to describe the show I'd say it's Dexter meets Psych. We've got the killer who is obsessed with the star like in Dexter, but of course the noticing of tiny things and outsmarting people with the information like in Psych. I'll continue to watch but I doubt the longevity of this series.