The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 19

Pink Champagne on Ice

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • It's Magic Time

    Show had some great funny points especially when Jane old friend does magic tricks the people are bored and can care less. Man it would take great guts to stand on stage that night but, anyway the case was pretty different as Jane agreed to help out the bank robbers rob the bank. When these guys were first introduced you knew they were going to rob the bank. Casino = Money = Robbers, it was a little cliche but they did a decent job of doing a spinoff. What I learned about this show is not the serious cases that pay attention to details. This is more of a character oriented type of show that focus on human behavior rather than DNA or hard evidence. That's why I look at this show every week because its fun to look at. Period...
  • Pink Champagne on Ice

    An entertaining episode of The Mentalist tonight. An intriguing case that had us guessing as to when Patrick Jane would actually prove he was not stealing the money. I thought he would have done it much earlier, but it went further than expected. Did Theresa really need to pop out of the box? She couldn't have hid in the backseat?

    The $50 gag was great, and this was a break from the norm. Well-done hour of TV.
  • Fresh break from formula!

    I don't think I've written one review this year without mentioning Season 1 in one way or another. Normally that means I miss something, but this time I'm going to mention it in pure delight. This is an episode straight up there with pure Season 1 quality.

    We have the limited number of suspects where focus is on getting to know them instead of expanding the case, and even most of the case is overshadowed by an intriguing casino robbery. I for one liked Jane's old magician friend and enjoyed watching his desperate pursuit. His second thoughts in the middle of all action really made him out to be a good guy, and it's also good to know Jane has some real friends from back in the days and not only those who look down on him for getting out of the con artistry.

    Something I've also been begging for all season is team interactions, and in this episode we have the entire team including Jane working together. On pulling of a criminal offence for that matter, which is part of the out-of-the-box thinking that made me fall for this particular crime show in the first place. Bonus points for the very iconic scene where Jane says "crazy idea".

    Every main character gets their small moment to make us know they were there, from Jane being happy all episode to Lisbon being Lisbon to Cho getting flowers for Summer to Van Pelt interrogating another crazy killer and Rigsby being opposed to the whole robbery idea (I think it's justified he doesn't want to be part of any criminal acts given what awaits him in the coming months).

    All in all a fantastic, creative episode that reminds at least me of why The Mentalist was such a hit in the first place.