The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 8

Pink Tops

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

A woman named Yolanda is shot outside of a club. Detective Anderson finds out that she is actually an undercover cop who was trying to track down a drug kingpin, Omar. Lisbon and Patrick go to the club to investigate. Patrick talks to the club owner, Vince. They go in to the VIP section and find Omar. They ask him about Yolanda and he denies killing her.

Anderson gives a Power Point presentation to the team about Omar. Afterwards, Cho and Rigsby go to a hotel where Yolanda's credit card has been charged. They barge into the hotel room and find a man talking to a prostitute. Meanwhile, Patrick and Lisbon go to speak with Yolanda's family. They meet her husband, Lalo, and Lalo's cousin, Alivia. Patrick finds out that she was following Yolanda the day she was killed because she suspected that Yolanda was having an affair.

Patrick and Lisbon goes to Yolanda's office and asks Anderson about the affair. He said it couldn't have been any of their fellow officers. Patrick questions Yolanda's partners Trey and Bianca. Lisbon and Anderson invade Yolanda's home and find that one of the Perry Boys was shot in the head. Back at the club, Patrick finds out that Omar isn't the real owner of the club. He tells Vince that he wants in on the drugs. Patrick leaves and is kidnapped by a man and pulled into an SUV. Cho and Rigsby tri to follow. Patrick is taken to Omar's hideout. Patrick offers Omar information to stay ahead of the police. Omar brings out Bianca, who ends up confessing to killing Yolanda.