The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 3

Pretty Red Balloon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

There is a manditory budget meeting. Patrick doesn't want to go. Lisbon tells him everyone has to go.
They get report of a missing child. His name is Connor Flint. Team is in a Ford Econoline van. Rigsby and Cho go to bus stop. Boys mom is Elizabeth Flint . Patrick and Lisbon go and talk to her. She knows Patrick. Beth wants him to do a reading. He does not want to. Lisbon pulls him aside. Nate Glass a psychic comes in. Patrick was going to leave, but on second thought. He hangs around. Police with Dogs search. Cho finds a balloon. Van Pelt tells about 2 other abductions. D.G. talks to Lisbon. Dake Hutton is Beth's brother. Jonathan is a grown step son. Beth wants both Jane and Nate Glass to help. Nate Glass waits outside. Jane tells her he was a con artist. She thinks he is denighing his gift. News reporters on scene. Rigsby and Van Pelt watching. "The Balloon Man" Patrick talks to Jonathan Flint. He cares deeply. Dake Hutton is there and he don't care for Patrick Jane. Connor don't want them there when he gets on the bus??? Van Pelt talks to Brady Walton. Rigsby talks to Barry Mills. They said they saw a black SUV.
10 years ago Patrick did a reading for Beth. She comes into Connor Flint's bedroom. She talks about Patrick's daughter. Glass runs in ,he had a flash. He yells to Connor. "Amen" says Patrick. Beth tells Jonathan and Dake. Patrick tells them Glass is a fake. He wants money. Beth and Dake are mad at Patrick. Patrick confronts Glass. He then threatens Glass. Lisbon says Nate Glass wasn't the abductor. Van Pelt fills in Lisbon about chat guy, Charlie95. Barry Mills makes Patrick wonder. Team goes to Brady Walton. Brady Walton shoots. Lisbon moves in. Van Pelt shoots and wounds Brady Walton. He don't know about kid. Jane calls Lisbon about Ransom note. "Balloon man didn't take Connor." "How did he do that?" says Rigsby. Brady Walton killed first 2, but didn't take Connor. Lisbon and Jane talk case. Lisbon talks to Beth about trust money. Bad with money. Van Pelt says lawyer is here. Patrick watches family. "Get Nate Glass to lead us to Connor" says Patrick. Rigsby says there was white fur pollen. Patrick Jane takes Beth's hand. He sees Connor. He pretends he is Connor. Falls! Lisbon slaps Patrick. "Go look in forest", Patrick tells Glass, "That's how you do it!" Cho and Van Pelt get Flint. Van Pelt opens a tree and he's there. A duck blind. Lisbon and Cho interogate him. Jonathan loved Beth. He would save Connor. She'd then fall for him. How did he know? Connor home. Nate Glass is mad. Patrick recorded him. "Bye" says Patrick. Beth put him to bed. She asks how Patrick did it? Good deductions. He gave her hope. Lisbon and Parick talk, "Cheer up!" says Lisbon.