The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 3

Pretty Red Balloon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on CBS

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  • Psychic vs Psychic

    My favorite part is right at the end of episode when he tricks the psychic into revealing it's all a game and then getting it on tape. hahaha!! Awesome!

    Otherwise it was a decent episode. Actually watching him act out the "seeing" was pretty cool.
  • First true stand-alone of the season stands well on its own.


    After two rather plot heavy episodes it feels refreshing to deal with a regular case-of-the-week.

    I really like how the episode doesn't deal so much with the investigation as getting to know the suspects and their relations to one another. When the episode ends, it doesn't just feel like another case closed, it feels like balance has been restored in a small universe of people, with the bad guys getting what they deserve and the good guys getting closure.

    A serial offender plot hits the spot with me every time, and when the plot premise became clear I couldn't help but draw parallels to certain episodes of Criminal Minds that also deal with child abductions. There is the missing child, there are the missing children from earlier cases who were found dead after x amount of hours and the investigation based on pattern rather than leads. Of course, the nice twist in the middle puts us back on the Mentalist status quo. Won't spoil it for you.

    Positives of the episode include Grace van Pelt (whose character is finally starting to gain some altitude) the fake psychic getting what's coming to him and the fact that all tricks and readings are explained in detail, as well as most of the rest of the episode.

    Negatives include how Jane's "psychic vision" dragged on a bit too long, but not much else. Great episode. Kudos to Ashley Gable, whose writing has always been a delight, and kudos to John Showalter for excellent direction.

    And well, based on ratings and other reviews, I guess I'm the only one thinking this, but if pattern stands, this might just be shaping up to become the best season yet.

  • I absolutely can't stand him and his self righteous act. Right after he yells at the two male relatives he starts accusing the psychic? He used to be a better person when he was a psychic. For all we know the kid would have been safely returned anyhow.


    Does that self agrandizing moron ever have anything nie to say/ or even not smile that disgusting smile/ i don't get why people let him get away with it? First of all, people do not forget anything that happens under hypnosis. thats a myth. No one can make anyone forget anything. Second of all, why would a federal agent believe that being hypnotized is a sign of a weak mind? Quite the opposite. only people who can concentrate will be hypnotized. The smarter the more likely. A federal agent would know that. I know its last episode. But I am getting tired of jane and his completely mythical powers. If he is going to preform magic, then make him a magician. Because this is not working. He simply does things that are completely impossible all the time. the guesses he makes are not rational. Plenty of people would be able to take him om. He simply isn't that smart, and the only way the show can compensate is to make everyone else totally idiotic.

  • 403


    "Pretty Red Balloon" was not bad from a basic procedural formula standpoint, but when you take everything into account you have to see that Patrick Jane's hypocrisy was evident here, and some of the dialogue came off as more annoying than clever, and I am someone who has never been annoyed by Jane's antics.

    I reiterate that I was not disappointed with this episode, but too formulaic and uneventful for my liking really.