The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 3

Pretty Red Balloon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on CBS



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    • Jane: See, here's the thing, Glass. I played the same game myself, so normally I wouldn't tell you not to run your little scam.
      Glass: Well, it's not a scam--
      Jane: (interrupting) Hush, it's a scam. We both know it's a scam, but you stepped over a line. This is police business. There's a child's life at stake here.
      Glass: Yeah, that's why I'm here.
      Jane: You don't want to push me. Back off this woman. Get out of here right now, or you're gonna regret it.

    • Jonathan: I like and respect Beth, if that's what you're getting at. She's no wicked stepmother. I care deeply for her and Connor.
      Jane: Well, if you care so much, how come you let her throw money away on this, uh, psychic?
      Deke Hutton: Never bothered you when it was you, Mr. Jane.

    • Lisbon: You heard her. You gave her hope.
      Jane: I didn't give her hope. I sold her hope.
      Lisbon: I think hope is worth it at any price.
      Jane: What, are you running for office now?
      Lisbon: Okay, you know what? (chuckles) Uh, you're a wicked charlatan and you're going to hell then.
      Jane: That's more like it. I'll save you a seat by the fire.

    • Rigsby: Hey. You okay?
      Van Pelt: Yeah. I feel pretty good actually. I'm starting to enjoy shooting people. (Rigsby stunned) Gotcha.
      Rigsby: No, you didn't.
      Van Pelt: Yes, I did.
      Rigsby: You didn't get me.
      Van Pelt: I did.

    • Beth: My son called out for me. He's alive, but you won't believe it, because you can't stand what you are, so you just run away from yourself, and you hate anybody like you, and you hurt anybody who cares for you.
      Jane: That doesn't mean I'm psychic. It just means that you're gullible and desperate.
      Deke: What is wrong with you that you treat people like that?
      Jane: Oh, you should have seen me ten years ago.

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