The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 20

Red All Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • red all over

    Great episode of The Mentalist tonight. You had an adrenaline packed scene with Lisbon possibly being kept in a room with a bomb to save a girl, before she decided to pull a wire and end its explosive power. Great moment of television there that had me legitimately worried for Patrick Jane's favorite counterpart.

    The plot was easy to follow, not a plethora of twists or turns, and you had a classic Mentalist way of the truth finally coming out. This will be an episode that is worth watching again when the show stars reairing on TNT in the year 2011.
  • A fun one.

    This was a fun one becuae of Malcolm McDowell! Loved the wasy the cult "seemed" to be like that horrible cult Scientology. The "gimic" box Jane had to sit in from off and answer questions. LOVED it.
    I wish that the story had kept going back to McDowell. But I knew who did it as soon as the rich Husband wouldn't hold his child. I told my husband, the kid's not his, it's the Husbands son and he killed his son because of it. Then of course, it was the other son that had the affair and he killed the wrong son. NO suprises but fun to watch.
    I didn't like the bomb sequence. You knew nothing was going to happen. The only good thing was Jane's reaction to the fact that Lisbon was in trouble.
    All in all I enjoyed the show. Would like a script that surprised us though. Can't believe McDowell is Red John because in the previous episode when Red John passes the secretary that killed Boscoe and he touches her....with poison....the actor that passed her in the hall wasn't McDowell, even though we only saw the back of his head you could tell it wasn't him.
    It would have fit though with him being Red John and running a cult while at the same time being a cold blooded killer.
  • The team's investigation of a media conglomerate's newly appointed CEO leads it to a self-help group and its leader.

    Is there another term involving red or a homonym thereof the producers could have used as a title, since they already used "Red Herring"? Depending on your point of view, the self-visualization group was either a huge McGuffin or a possible foreshadowing of the season finale. Like season one's "Miss Red," the pace of this episode seemed accelerated compared to your average episode of The Mentalist. Jane names a suspect in the teaser in a manner that displays both his observation skills and his flair for the dramatic, and Cho interrogates her in the first scene after the titles with the new boss watching. No time wasted there. Eventually, Jane and Cho visit a self-visualization group that was to be the subject of an investigation the murder victim's newspaper was planning to run, and its leader (Malcolm McDowell), who's playing games from the start. This, contrary to what the previews would have you believe, was not the focus of the episode, but it helped fill the hour pretty well, as I wasn't bored and the motive (if not necessarily the identity) of the killer caught me completely me off-guard. Two highlights of this episode for me were the bomb scene, where Lisbon takes action independent of, and contrary to, Jane's advice and it pays off and the scene where the self-visualization group's leader brings up Jane's murdered family and Lisbon backs Jane up unreservedly. Hopefully, he's not Red John himself. With only a few new episodes left this season, the show has definitely recovered from killing off Boscoe too soon and continues to display the lessons it's learned from season one.
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