The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 20

Red All Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Jane: (Answering his phone.) Hello.

      Lisbon: It's me. I need your help.

      Jane: Well, Lisbon. You need my help?

      Lisbon: I need your help finding a bomb. (Jane looks alerted.) There's still time. You're good at this kind of thing. If we find the bomb intact, maybe we can still get rid of it.

      Jane: What, are you nuts? What do you want to do that for? It's a bomb. Just get out of there. The guy's got comprehensive home insurance, I'm sure.

      Lisbon: Oh, come on, Jane. We've got two minutes. All right? Where did they put it? They said it's somewhere in the grand salon.

      Jane: Well, if they called it the grand salon, then obviously they're insiders.

      Lisbon: Good point. Leading us where?

      Jane: Uh, let me see. If I was familiar with that room, I would plant a bomb...try under the sofa. No, no, no, no, no. The cupboard over by the dutch forgery.

      Lisbon: The painting? How do you know it's a forgery?

      Jane: Eh, the brushwork, it's all wrong. It's way too loose.

      (Lisbon opens the cupboard and finds the bomb.)

      Lisbon: Oh my god. You were right.

      Jane: Yeah, well, of course. That looser feeling didn't develop until much later on.

      Lisbon: No! The bomb. I found it!