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The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 21

Red and Itchy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2013 on CBS
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Episode Summary


When J.J. LaRoche's mysterious container is stolen from his home, he asks Jane for his help.

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  • Not a big surprise

    At the beginning when La Roche said he was investigating a leak at CBI and we know from the episode Little Red Corvette that it's Brenda Shettrick and La Roche mentioned that what made him think that is Tommy Volker whom we saw in that episode got information from her.. What was a surprise was that Shettrick is giving out information. During the third season when they were trying to find out who killed someone who could lead them to Red John Brenda was among the suspects and I didn't think it was her. And if may in the next episode we find out who Patrick suspects is Red John and among them is CBI Director Bertram. And he was also one of the suspects from Season 3. So why does Patrick think he's Red John; if he was he allowed, whom Patrick said was a valuable asset, to be exposed and eventually killed. Because the trap they set for the one involved giving each of them false information so if he was Red John he was told one false info and the one (Craig Laughlin) was given a different one so he would have known it's a trap.moreless
  • La Roche Secret

    La Roche is back for this episode when thieves break in his home and steal his tuppaware box, the mystery is what huge secret is he hiding in that box. This was a good solid episode until, after finally getting his hands on the box, Jane hands it over without taking a peek. Totally out of character for Jane.
  • A sold A++++++++++++

    In 42 minutes , the progress of the story has a huge leap forward, the story lines were really written so intense and logical. Really "take your breahe away". Writers are brilliant.
  • boooooo

  • Red and Itchy

    A fairly solid episode of The Mentalist here. Good chemistry with Jane and LaRoche, and the idea of stealing that container and needing desperately to retrieve was fun, yet enjoyable.

    Season 5 has definitely been gaining momentum and this was just another example of why week to week The Mentalist is strong.
Meagen Fay

Meagen Fay

Joanne Parsons

Guest Star

Aimee Lynn Chadwick

Aimee Lynn Chadwick

Sarah Parsons

Guest Star

Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

Mason Braverman

Guest Star

Pruitt Taylor Vince

Pruitt Taylor Vince

J .J. LaRoche, Investigator with the Professional Standards Unit

Recurring Role

Rebecca Wisocky

Rebecca Wisocky

Brenda Shettrick

Recurring Role

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    • Rigsby: The Tupperware's a clue. Why hide something in Tupperware?
      Lisbon: I don't know. Keep it fresh?
      Van Pelt: Nothing stays fresh for nine years.
      Lisbon: Well, maybe LaRoche needed a box, and the Tupperware was handy.
      Rigsby: No. Tupperware's never handy. It's always in the wrong drawer.
      Van Pelt: And when you do find it, the lid's always missing.
      Rigsby: Right? I hate that.

    • LaRoche: My time is running out. Whatever happens, I want to thank you for trying to help me.
      Jane: Well, truth is, you're a hard man not to help, LaRoche. You're like a Shar-Pei puppy that's rolled onto its back. You have to rub its belly.
      LaRoche: You're mocking me.
      Jane: No, no, I'm happy to rub your belly.
      LaRoche: That won't be necessary.
      Jane: I hope not.

    • Lisbon: Why don't you just ask LaRoche what's in the box?
      Jane: He's not gonna tell me voluntarily. It's embarrassing to him and deeply personal.
      Lisbon: And it's in Tupperware?
      Jane: Yes. How could you not want to investigate?

    • Jane: Two years ago, I hired a petty thief to break into LaRoche's safe for a list of Red John suspects.
      Lisbon: Yeah, I know. I had to slug the guy in front of his lawyer to keep you out of jail. Cost me six months in anger management.
      Jane: Yeah, and I hope you learned something. (Lisbon hits him)

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