The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 3

Red Badge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on CBS
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After they receive an anonymous tip, the CBI team finds the dead body of a child molester Lisbon had arrested years ago together with Sam Bosco, now Lisbon quickly turns out to be the prime suspect.

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  • Why make Jane look smart at the expense of the others?

    The writers must be running out of ideas, in coming up with ways to show us how smart Jane is. Now they're doing it by making the others stupid. Why was it that Jane had to be the one to discover the ants? Aren't the others trained investigators, trained to observe? Yet they simply miss things, only for Jane to point them out.

    Similarly, there was a doorway in the alley they are searching, yet the detectives are preparing to (and arguing about) going dumpster-diving. They haven't finished really searching the alley, and are going to do the last thing they want to do, the thing that is done after a thorough search of the alley reveals nothing.

    They are detectives, they shouldn't have needed ants to lead them to the door hiding the body, the existence of the door itself should have lead them to it.

    Yet no one said, "look a door, let's check it."

    Then Lisbon's public freak-out, did anybody really believe this? It was so unrealistic, so obvious in its intention of enticing the real villain out into the open (so obvious that it resulted in giving away the villain to us prematurely) that I thought he must be a real idiot if he falls for it. And wouldn't you know it, he did.

    Isn't it amazing how Jane's tricks, no matter how inane or stupid, still work?

    In this case, the bad-guy gave himself away by mentioning the cross, which was on a poster, behind the door with the body –information that any investigating officer would have known, and that he could have claimed he got it from.

    In fact it was a surprise that Lisbon remembered the cross at all, actually noted it when she discovered the body, as she and all the rest of the detectives missed that door itself, hiding the body, completely, and the door was a lot bigger than the cross. Luckily Jane pointed out the ants, and the ants lead to the body.

    But, I actually didn't see the ants leading their attention to the cross.

    As well, it has been proven that it is extremely difficult, so much so as to make it impossible, to transfer a person's finger prints from one object to another, as was done here to frame Lisbon. In real life, in all instances, without exceptions, if a finger print is found, it was put there by the owner of the finger that made that print. If one aspect of this show is about, "there Is no such thing as a real psychic", then as well, let's stick to the reality of what is possible in the real world. Transference of fingerprints only happens in movies and bad TV shows.

    Sorry, but this was the worst episode yet.moreless
  • weird ending?

    I watched this episode from the web, so maybe I missed something. Why was Howard the culprit? Was this explained at all? 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word minmoreless
  • The Mentalist 'Red Badge' Review

    Something was definitely fishy wit that shrink who clearly went out of his way to council Lisbon. I imagined it was one of two things, he either had a wild crush on her and was waiting for the right moment to turn his sessions into some kind of mushy mushy vibe or he was up to something. Honestly I believed it was the first, the entire set up was kind of neat.

    The classic part of this episode was watching Jane hypnotize Lisbon and take advantage of it. How did it benefit him to know whether or not she dances to Spice Girls. Although he didn't show it on the surface, he did care about Lisbon's fate as a detective. He lied for her when she claimed to be watching television the night of the murder. He even helped her smoke out the true culprit and clear the suspicions around her.

    I knew Robin Tunney from 'Prison Break' and I admired her ability to create Veronica into the shape and form she was, but when I saw the scene with her dancing to Spice Girls music and acting as though she was high then to transform when the psychiatrist presented himself to be a hoax, I definitely applauded her. She has definitely shaped Lisbon into her own self. What added to the benefit of this episode was getting some great insight into Lisbon's family life and also seeing a fraction of how she lived as Teresa.

    I knew Lisbon didn't do it, at least that would be the end of her career as a detective and the Mentalist would not do so well in jail, at least Robin Tunney could have taken what she learnt from 'Prison Break' for the betterment of the series. The breakthrough of the real villain incriminating himself by admission of the cross,I have to admit myself was a weak revelation. The frame was well, but after breaking the glass in your office and temporarily going insane, I expected more.

    That's the perks that comes with being a detective, there would come those moments where someone blames you for a crime you could have easily prevented, but couldn't really save the world with. You just have to completely check out those you work with or pay to council you, they very well may be your enemy.

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    Four Stars

    Grade B-

  • hmm, I have to agree with the review below mine..

    .. the guy said that the writers were making Jane look good by making everyone else look dumb.

    In my opinion, I thought the episode was great, well planned, class A stuff, like usual.

    But analysing things in a realistic manner.. yeah, the guy's got a point. Jane is the guy with excellent mind but it far exceeds of his colleagues that sometimes they are there just to do the manual labor while he looks good smiling to a defeated foe.

    I think this episode could've been worked better.. maybe 2 parts and with her at home with a bunch of pills and the gun as a cliff hanger..

    Yeah, her nervous breakdown was a bit too much. Sure, she seems just as empty as Jane. No real life besides work but screaming and throwing a chair out of a window? Hmm..

    The best part was some character development of Lisbon. Knowing a bit about her past, her relationship with her family. That was good.

    Anyways, let's see the next one.

  • I'm back on board...

    Last year, at the beginning of the season, I would not have given "Lisbon" credit for having a soul or a personality. She has both in huge amounts, and all because Robin Tunney's got game! Wonderful job in this episode, and I'm thrilled to see other members of the cast begin to see the opportunity to show their chops. I had started to give up this season...

    "Dr. Roy" was no "Sweets", but I did not see this coming until part way through his visit to Lisbon's apartment, despite knowing how Jane manipulates things! Good of the writers to refocus the viewer away from the obvious. "Sam Bosco"...he reminds me of "Director Vance" in NCIS: I don't know whether to hate/mistrust him or just go with him as a misunderstood guy in a white hat. But he and Lisbon??!! That's an eye-closer!

    I do disagree with Lisbon's trance-induced assessment of Van Pelt: I think she'll do just fine, even AFTER she has slept with Rigsby! ;o}moreless
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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The scene in Lisbon's apartment gives us interesting insight into the character. You see a baseball in a glove on the shelf and a red sports shirt with a 17 on it along with some trophies which could indicate that Lisbon was in a successful baseball team at college or high school. You also see a lot of post-its on the wall and a basket with knitting stuff along with a lot of books about "Leadership". The photo of her three younger brothers seems to be older, which could indicate that Lisbon doesn't see them very often anymore.

    • In the last scene, Jane gives Lisbon a bag with donuts. Lisbon takes one and bites it while Jane speaks, but when the camera shifts to focus on Jane again, the donut Lisbon has in her hand is intact.

    • The drug Dr. Carmen used on Lisbon, Lorazepam, is in a group of anti-anxiety agents known as benzodiazepines. They are mainly used for short-term treatment of anxiety disorders or anxiety associated with certain forms of depression. However, Dr. Carmen was using the drug for one of its known side effects-memory loss.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Minelli: Your finger print is on the magazine of the murder weapon. Tell me why I souldn't be throwing up in the bathroom right now?

      Lisbon: It's a lab error. It must be. They're overworked and underfunded. This happened last year with the L.A.P.D. Just have them retest it. Come on! You don't think I did this?

      Minelli: What I think is, I'm up to my asterisk in political quicksand.

    • Bosco: You know, for a cop, you made a very convincing lunatic. Jane must be proud.

      Lisbon: Maybe it's not good police work, but I have to confess, I enjoyed it. Letting loose for once.

      Bosco: Look, I'm glad you got cleared.

      Lisbon: I'm sorry that we couldn't let you in on the plan.

      Bosco: You could have, but you didn't.

    • (Lisbon is in therapy.)

      Lisbon: I didn't even pull the trigger on Tanner, Jane did. You signed off on him after one session.

      Dr. Carmen: He has good mental health.

      Lisbon: Now I want to see your license to practice.

      Dr. Carmen: Ha ha.

      Lisbon: Ah, "ha ha".

    • Lisbon: Why can't I remember?

      Jane: It's interesting isn't it?

      Lisbon: Yeah. Yeah, it's interesting.

      Jane: Hmm.

      Lisbon: (Voice starting to break.) Well, you know, th- thanks for trying. You probably have, uh, somewhere you need to go, right?

      Jane: Well, I'm not gonna give up that easily.

      Lisbon: (Crying) I can count on you not to tell anybody about this, right? On the team?

      Jane: Oh, Lisbon, hey.

      Lisbon: Jane, I just need you to leave, okay? Could you please go.

      Jane: All right. It''s gonna be okay. It's gonna be fine, all right? I promise.

    • Lisbon: I've got six open cases. I'm testifying in two more. I don't have time...

      Dr.Carmen: (interrupting) It's not as if you have anything to talk about. (Starts reading her file) Mom dead when you were 12. Three younger brothers. Abusive, alcoholic dad. Now dead also.

      Lisbon: It doesn't say abusive.

      Dr.Carmen: (looks at her for a few seconds) But he was. Yes.

      Lisbon: This coffee tastes like crap. Seriously.

    • (About Bosco)

      Jane: I didn't see it. Of course.

      Lisbon: What?

      Jane: He's in love with you.

      Lisbon: Don't be silly.

      Jane: I know, hard to fathom, but there's no accounting for taste, is there?

      Lisbon: (Lisbon throws a bag of donuts at Jane) Hush!

    • Jane: What if something bad happened and you're blocking it out?

      Lisbon: I didn't kill McTeer.

      Jane: Well, let me hypnotize you so we can be sure.

      Lisbon: No.

      Jane: Why not?

      Lisbon: Because I don't want you inside my head.

    • (Jane has hypnotised Lisbon)

      Jane: So you're going down the steps, relaxing with each step, and now you reach the bottom, the very last step, the ultimate place of calm. How are you feeling?

      Lisbon: Good.

      Jane: Good. You're going to remain in this relaxed trance state while we think about Tuesday night. But first, sometimes you dance to that Spice Girls CD, don't you?

      Lisbon: Yeah. (She smiles with her eyes closed and does a little jiggle in her chair, as if she's playing the music in her head.)

      Jane: I thought so. (He grins.) Now, Tuesday. You can watch whole day like it's a movie. Every detail is in focus. You can zoom into any moment you want. You can fast forward, rewind. You are in total control. Okay?

      Lisbon: Okay.

      Jane: Good. What do you see?

      Lisbon: I'm finishing up the Form 41s on the Milbank case. I feel... hungry, 'cause I skipped lunch. The new guy in the mail room is hot.

      Jane: Is he?

      Lisbon: Yeah.

      Jane: (looks a bit put out) Let's fast forward a little. Later in the day, you're about to leave CBI.

      Lisbon: Van Pelt's working late. She's a hard worker. She might do well, if she manages not to sleep with Rigsby.

    • Minelli: (talking about Lisbon) You're worried about her. You think she might do something stupid?

      Jane: Suicide? No. If she did, she wouldn't blame the bureau.

      Minelli: That's not my concern at all!

    • Van Pelt: So how about you give us a statement; maybe help yourself.

      Howard: How 'bout you kiss me. (He leans across the table) You're pretty.

      Van Pelt: So are you, (pause, with no change in her facial expression) compared to most state prison inmates.

    • Dr. Carmen: What do you do for fun?

      Lisbon: Fun?!

      Dr. Carmen: That thing when you're not working.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode had 14.70 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rudý odznak (Red Badge)
      Germany: Türen im kopf (Doors in the head)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: October 12, 2009 on Nine
      The Netherlands: January 18, 2010 on SBS6
      United Kingdom: March 5, 2010 on Five
      Germany: March 14, 2010 on SAT 1
      Sweden: March 16, 2010 on TV3
      Czech Republic: May 24, 2010 on TV Nova
      Poland: May 30, 2011 on TVN
      Slovakia: June 29, 2011 on Markiza