The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 3

Red Badge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • Why make Jane look smart at the expense of the others?

    The writers must be running out of ideas, in coming up with ways to show us how smart Jane is. Now they're doing it by making the others stupid. Why was it that Jane had to be the one to discover the ants? Aren't the others trained investigators, trained to observe? Yet they simply miss things, only for Jane to point them out.

    Similarly, there was a doorway in the alley they are searching, yet the detectives are preparing to (and arguing about) going dumpster-diving. They haven't finished really searching the alley, and are going to do the last thing they want to do, the thing that is done after a thorough search of the alley reveals nothing.

    They are detectives, they shouldn't have needed ants to lead them to the door hiding the body, the existence of the door itself should have lead them to it.

    Yet no one said, "look a door, let's check it."

    Then Lisbon's public freak-out, did anybody really believe this? It was so unrealistic, so obvious in its intention of enticing the real villain out into the open (so obvious that it resulted in giving away the villain to us prematurely) that I thought he must be a real idiot if he falls for it. And wouldn't you know it, he did.

    Isn't it amazing how Jane's tricks, no matter how inane or stupid, still work?

    In this case, the bad-guy gave himself away by mentioning the cross, which was on a poster, behind the door with the body –information that any investigating officer would have known, and that he could have claimed he got it from.

    In fact it was a surprise that Lisbon remembered the cross at all, actually noted it when she discovered the body, as she and all the rest of the detectives missed that door itself, hiding the body, completely, and the door was a lot bigger than the cross. Luckily Jane pointed out the ants, and the ants lead to the body.

    But, I actually didn't see the ants leading their attention to the cross.

    As well, it has been proven that it is extremely difficult, so much so as to make it impossible, to transfer a person's finger prints from one object to another, as was done here to frame Lisbon. In real life, in all instances, without exceptions, if a finger print is found, it was put there by the owner of the finger that made that print. If one aspect of this show is about, "there Is no such thing as a real psychic", then as well, let's stick to the reality of what is possible in the real world. Transference of fingerprints only happens in movies and bad TV shows.

    Sorry, but this was the worst episode yet.
  • weird ending?

    I watched this episode from the web, so maybe I missed something. Why was Howard the culprit? Was this explained at all? 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min 100 word min
  • The Mentalist 'Red Badge' Review

    Something was definitely fishy wit that shrink who clearly went out of his way to council Lisbon. I imagined it was one of two things, he either had a wild crush on her and was waiting for the right moment to turn his sessions into some kind of mushy mushy vibe or he was up to something. Honestly I believed it was the first, the entire set up was kind of neat.

    The classic part of this episode was watching Jane hypnotize Lisbon and take advantage of it. How did it benefit him to know whether or not she dances to Spice Girls. Although he didn't show it on the surface, he did care about Lisbon's fate as a detective. He lied for her when she claimed to be watching television the night of the murder. He even helped her smoke out the true culprit and clear the suspicions around her.

    I knew Robin Tunney from 'Prison Break' and I admired her ability to create Veronica into the shape and form she was, but when I saw the scene with her dancing to Spice Girls music and acting as though she was high then to transform when the psychiatrist presented himself to be a hoax, I definitely applauded her. She has definitely shaped Lisbon into her own self. What added to the benefit of this episode was getting some great insight into Lisbon's family life and also seeing a fraction of how she lived as Teresa.

    I knew Lisbon didn't do it, at least that would be the end of her career as a detective and the Mentalist would not do so well in jail, at least Robin Tunney could have taken what she learnt from 'Prison Break' for the betterment of the series. The breakthrough of the real villain incriminating himself by admission of the cross,I have to admit myself was a weak revelation. The frame was well, but after breaking the glass in your office and temporarily going insane, I expected more.

    That's the perks that comes with being a detective, there would come those moments where someone blames you for a crime you could have easily prevented, but couldn't really save the world with. You just have to completely check out those you work with or pay to council you, they very well may be your enemy.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four Stars

    Grade B-

  • hmm, I have to agree with the review below mine..

    .. the guy said that the writers were making Jane look good by making everyone else look dumb.

    In my opinion, I thought the episode was great, well planned, class A stuff, like usual.

    But analysing things in a realistic manner.. yeah, the guy's got a point. Jane is the guy with excellent mind but it far exceeds of his colleagues that sometimes they are there just to do the manual labor while he looks good smiling to a defeated foe.

    I think this episode could've been worked better.. maybe 2 parts and with her at home with a bunch of pills and the gun as a cliff hanger..

    Yeah, her nervous breakdown was a bit too much. Sure, she seems just as empty as Jane. No real life besides work but screaming and throwing a chair out of a window? Hmm..

    The best part was some character development of Lisbon. Knowing a bit about her past, her relationship with her family. That was good.

    Anyways, let's see the next one.

  • I'm back on board...

    Last year, at the beginning of the season, I would not have given "Lisbon" credit for having a soul or a personality. She has both in huge amounts, and all because Robin Tunney's got game! Wonderful job in this episode, and I'm thrilled to see other members of the cast begin to see the opportunity to show their chops. I had started to give up this season...

    "Dr. Roy" was no "Sweets", but I did not see this coming until part way through his visit to Lisbon's apartment, despite knowing how Jane manipulates things! Good of the writers to refocus the viewer away from the obvious. "Sam Bosco"...he reminds me of "Director Vance" in NCIS: I don't know whether to hate/mistrust him or just go with him as a misunderstood guy in a white hat. But he and Lisbon??!! That's an eye-closer!

    I do disagree with Lisbon's trance-induced assessment of Van Pelt: I think she'll do just fine, even AFTER she has slept with Rigsby! ;o}
  • Lisbon dances to the Spice Girls!!!

    This is a great Lisbon episode. Robin really out did herself with this performance. Main point, she is the prime suspect for the murder of a pedophile that she arrested back in the day. We learn that Bosco was her supervisor at the time and the arrest pretty much made her career. In the course of the episode Jane hypnotizes Lisbon and she confesses to dancing to the Spice Girls and she thinks the mail room guy is hot. Later in the shrinks office, she reveals that her father was abusive and once beat her brother half to death in a drunken stupor. Lisbon completely loses it in her office throwing a chair through a window. Later we see her at her place in a cute jersey dress (finally get to see some Lisbon legs!)dancing and supposedly drinking. It's the trap of the week Jane style, to get the shrink to confess to the murder, turns out the breakdown was just a setup to make him think she was really losing it. Lisbon goes from manic mess to cool and calm in two seconds, even giving Jane a cute "awe shucks" look when he commends her on her acting. Later, bad guys arrested, Bosco admits to Lisbon that he would have covered for her if she was guilty. It's clear he cares for her more than a married man should, but Lisbon didn't seem to return the feeling. Jane comes in and Bosco's quick exit tell him that he is in love with Lisbon, a fact that he shares with her even giving a little "there's no accounting for taste"'s all very cute. I loved this episode, we see Lisbon completely lose it and then at the end we see her lighter, playful side. Still can't decide if her and Bosco had a thing back in the day or if it was one sided on his part. In any case she doesn't seem too concerned about him now, leaving him out of the loop on the shrink setup and not blinking an eye when Jane said Bosco was in love with her. Be interesting to see how Jane uses this info to his advantage in later episodes when dealing with him. Now if we can only get a topless Jane episode it would be the perfect season.
  • Classic..

    I found this episode different in some ways, and the experiment was definitely worth it. First of all, the episode focused less on Jane's usual way of solving cases. Here, though his role was pivotal - he did it by teaming up with Lisbon.

    The story was interesting in a way that they took us through 3 stages of involvement. One, we definitely know as a matter of fact that Lisbon was framed and it's just an usual case where they finally figure out who did it. Two, we are confused. We almost fall for idea that Lisbon has a dark past which affects her now in unimaginable ways, and probably believe that she might have murdered the pedophile. And three, the revelation and the twist - where Jane stages a setup to catch the actual murdered, and revealing that Lisbon was actually faking her alcoholic and drug seeking behavior. The shrink being the culprit was a shocker for sure, but was almost obvious once Lisbon starts to talk about the crime scene. Fantastic episode.
  • Getting better, but still not there yet.

    Much like Fringe, The Mentalist is facing the ever feared "sophomore slump" where a good second year series fails to be as good as it was the previous year. While this was an improvement over episodes 201 and 202, I cannot help but get a generic feel throughout the entire hour from The Mentalist this year.

    The supporting cast of the program is pretty lackluster, to be honest, so when Theresa Lisbon is at the forefront of an episode you know it will not be great. Focus on Patrick Jane, that is what the people want to see and not much else.
  • Red Badge and Robin Tunney's performance really shake the show.

    This episode must be one of the best of the show. The case was intriguing and the focus on Lisbon as the main suspect was a great idea to show more of her character. Actually lot's of fans waited for this a long time I guess. I'm glad the writers chose to show us a different Lisbon. Sure, Patrick Jane is the main character but honestly I hope they continue to tell us more of the other cast members because without them the show would be nothing to me.
    Back to the episode, the scene that really surprised me in a positive way was Lisbon's dancing scene (Lisbon 99,already legendary to me if you ask), it's so nice to see her character getting so loose. Plus we learn that she loves to dance to the spice girls and didn't do Tunney an awesome job when she did that "shoulder dancing" while beeing under hypnoses? Not to mention that I really think she should get nominated for that episode because she did an awesome believeable job.
    Also we finally got a bit more insight about Bosco's and Lisbon's relationship and I'm excited to see what comes next.
    Also loved th whole background information about "Saint Teresa" and how she became the rising star and the CBI.
    Please writers, continue to show more of Lisbon and the other characters! It really shakes the show.
  • The best episode so far!!

    This episode was so amazing!! The actors were really good(espesially Robin Tunney). I love that we got to see a more personal side of Lisbon, becuase she's my favorite character, and I really hope we'll see more episodes like this, and maybe get to know the other characters more? I especially loved all the scenes with Jane and Lisbon, and the "breakdown" at the end. I was a little disappointed when I found out that she was just acting, but then I remebered the AMAZING scene where Jane was hypnotizing her, and she told him that she dances to the Spice Girls (Haha), and then cried afterwards, and said that she trusted him (She has said earlier that she didn't!)I LOVE the chemistry between them!!!
  • Great, dramatic!

    The Mentalist
    Season 2
    Episode 3: Red Badge
    The CBI investigate the death of a child rapist who agent Lisbon had before put in jail. Lisbon's hand prints were found on the murder weapon, which leads to the suspection that she killed him.

    This was a great episode. Great, awesome and dramatic. I cannot believe how great was it. Shocking, stunning and amazing! Was so sorpressive I cant believe how much! Great episode! I rlly loved it! I think its the first episode that doesnt center on Patrick Jane, and those episodes are good, but change is good. I loved this episode! 5/5!
  • Best episode of the season yet.

    I absolutely loved this episode, it was soo great!

    I liked having Lisbon hypnotized and
    I really liked that we get to know more about Lisbon for a change!
    About how she dances to the Spice Girls, her opion about Van Pelt and Rigsby.
    Althought I think they would be a great couple! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

    I was kinda shocked when the bad guy was the shrink, I was not expecting that! But im very happy we dont have to see him again, he was soo annoying!!

    I've never been a real big fan about Robin Tunney but she really played her part very convincing!
    And ofcourse Simon was amazing as always
  • Great episode in a surprising way

    This was the first great Mentalist episode of the season! I think the writers have finally gotten it into their heads that a crime show can't be a one-man-performance, they need to proceed with character development and the dynamics of the team in order to have a long lasting effect on the viewers. As everyone else has already pointed out in their reviews, people want to know more about the other members of the team, their past, their personality, their emotional burdens, their interaction with one another.

    Having Lisbon hypnotized was of course one of the best scenes in the episode, among other things we learn that she dances to the Spice Girls (hilarious!) and that she thinks Van Pelt will do great if only she manages to stay away from Rigsby's pants. I don't necessarily agree with that one, those two would make a great couple in my opinion, but still, hearing Lisbon's views on her associates from a more personal viewpoint was refreshing. Robin Tunney was very charming and attractive in this episode, which is also a plus. And she's obviously a great actress, able to pull off more demanding storylines than the ones she was getting so far. Her character was unjustifiably one-sided, it's about time we see some more of her real self! We learn in this episode that she can be deceiving when needed, that she has personal feelings that sometimes get involved in her work, and we also take a look at her house and her past in CBI before she became chief of her current team. I hope the future episodes will capitalize on the information presented here, Bosco's feelings for Lisbon included. Also, Jane was much less obnoxious in this episode, it's a good idea to show the caring, friendly side of him where he actually gives a damn about his colleagues, especially Lisbon. His obsession with RJ needs to be counterbalanced now and then with an episode such as this one. All in all, thumbs up and let's see more of this please!!
  • Undoubtedly, one of the best episodes produced thus far.

    This storyline had it all. Great writing, great acting, and a plot twist that sneaks up on you. The writer's seem to have branched out a bit by revealing some background information on one of the characters, besides Jane that is. Robin Tunney played her part superbly and hopefully this trend will continue with the other actors as well. Yes, Jane is the central character and should remain so, but in order for this show to have staying power, character development is crucial. Bosco is a good addition but I still think he is a one-season player. He is definitely in Red John's crosshairs. I am glad the "shrink" is gone. What an irritant!
  • Really great episode!

    Wow what a great episode! I really liked that we get to know more about Lisbon. About how she lives and about her past. The ending was really surprising, I can't tell to much without giving away too much so I won't.. But Robin Tunney did some really good acting here! In my opinion this is one of the bests episodes I have ever seen from the Mentalist, in many episodes Lisbon didn't really come off as a strong leader person to me but in this new season she seems to get more stronger, and that really showed in this episode.