The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 3

Red Badge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • Why make Jane look smart at the expense of the others?

    The writers must be running out of ideas, in coming up with ways to show us how smart Jane is. Now they're doing it by making the others stupid. Why was it that Jane had to be the one to discover the ants? Aren't the others trained investigators, trained to observe? Yet they simply miss things, only for Jane to point them out.

    Similarly, there was a doorway in the alley they are searching, yet the detectives are preparing to (and arguing about) going dumpster-diving. They haven't finished really searching the alley, and are going to do the last thing they want to do, the thing that is done after a thorough search of the alley reveals nothing.

    They are detectives, they shouldn't have needed ants to lead them to the door hiding the body, the existence of the door itself should have lead them to it.

    Yet no one said, "look a door, let's check it."

    Then Lisbon's public freak-out, did anybody really believe this? It was so unrealistic, so obvious in its intention of enticing the real villain out into the open (so obvious that it resulted in giving away the villain to us prematurely) that I thought he must be a real idiot if he falls for it. And wouldn't you know it, he did.

    Isn't it amazing how Jane's tricks, no matter how inane or stupid, still work?

    In this case, the bad-guy gave himself away by mentioning the cross, which was on a poster, behind the door with the body –information that any investigating officer would have known, and that he could have claimed he got it from.

    In fact it was a surprise that Lisbon remembered the cross at all, actually noted it when she discovered the body, as she and all the rest of the detectives missed that door itself, hiding the body, completely, and the door was a lot bigger than the cross. Luckily Jane pointed out the ants, and the ants lead to the body.

    But, I actually didn't see the ants leading their attention to the cross.

    As well, it has been proven that it is extremely difficult, so much so as to make it impossible, to transfer a person's finger prints from one object to another, as was done here to frame Lisbon. In real life, in all instances, without exceptions, if a finger print is found, it was put there by the owner of the finger that made that print. If one aspect of this show is about, "there Is no such thing as a real psychic", then as well, let's stick to the reality of what is possible in the real world. Transference of fingerprints only happens in movies and bad TV shows.

    Sorry, but this was the worst episode yet.