The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 7

Red Bulls

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • The distracting hair

    The hair that stuck at the bottom of one the camera at the scene that starts at 6:10 is so distracting. It's also most unfortunate that this piece of hair will haunt you for a few more episodes.
  • Lisbon and Bosco's team work together

    This was a really funny episode when the two teams had to work together when a woman is kidnapped and it delivers a brilliant episode with Jane solving the case and proving to Bosco how good he is and it was surprising that they was able to solve the case because of the feud with Jane and Bosco In the end Bosco trusted Jane enough to give him the Red John files since Bosco taken over.
  • Rarely does a television show excel on so many levels, as did this week's episode of "The Mentalist." Beginning with the opening scene, the viewer is neatly enticed to continue watching.

    The plot may have been somewhat generic(kidnapping wealthy person for ransom), but the execution was nothing short of perfect. All the major and minor players had great opportunities to show why this series is really maturing. And of course, Jane was the unbridled genius that brought it all together. The writers really came through with a great contrast to previous episode's clashes between Bosco's and Lisbon's teams. Per Minelli's command, both teams needed some get acquainted time, to avoid the opening's near tragic exchange of gunfire. He orders them to work the case together.

    Although the entire episode was a standout, certain specifics are worth noting. Van Pelt getting shot was a real shocker. Her imitation of Jethro Gibbs, when she slapped Rigsby in the back of the head for not wearing his vest, furthered her character as being cool under fire and not just good with a computer. Rigsby's chase scene of Van Pelt's shooter was a real adrenaline burst. The action, filming, and music could easily pass for a cut from "24" or "Burn Notice." Bosco's tough cop routine held up, but he blinked first when he handed over his Red John file to Jane. A softer Bosco is just not in his character and it is too soon to tell if that move will get him killed or save his life. The Lisbon and Bosco past gets more mysterious with each episode and the extended eye-to-eye contact and tequila shots implies that this sub-plot is more than filler material. As for Jane's performance, he is moving purely on instinct for his prey, i.e. Red John. His eye for detail is getting more honed and he is hiding it well with his wit and case closing abilities. Remember what he said to Mace Guthrie(suspect that Jane interrogated in the Season 1 finale), "I'll do whatever it takes..." to catch Red John.

    Hopefully, the remainder of the season will maintain the standards of this episode. Is it Thursday yet?
  • Great episode (Review contains spoilers!)

    Lisbon, Jane and Bosco are forced to team up after a kidnapping victim turns up dead and another woman has been taken. Both teams go immediately on confrontation course and that unprofessional behavior nearly costs the life of Van Pelt. This episode has all the things I come to love about The Mentalist. We get to see Jane being Jane with no respect for boundaries, some cute scenes where he plays with a kid. Also there were some nice Van Pelt / Rigsby moments, in particular the little "fight" about wearing the kevlar vest and the aftermath of the shooting.

    Jane and Bosco working together was very funny - especially when approaching the Mexican mafia guys. Bosco's line to Jane "You coming? I need you for backup." - hilarious :D

    We see some great confrontation scenes with Lisbon, Jane and Bosco. And finally they team up for real to catch the kidnappers and get the woman free. In the end Jane manages to earn Bosco's trust and he gets to read the Red John file.

    Overall a great episode. Can't wait for next week!
  • Another great episode.

    Okay, I take it back. I said The Mentalist Season 2 was not good, and the last few episodes have just completely disproven that notion. The writing is as strong as ever, you have great action sequences, compelling drama on every level, mystery, suspense, top notch comedy scenes with Patrick Jane. Not much more you could want from a CBS drama.

    CBS has the Super Bowl this year, and if I were them I would surely consider putting The Mentalist on after it. Millions have already discovered this show, but millions more could following the big game.

    This was such a great episode from top to bottom. A good, intriguing story, that progressed well, was finely acting and most of all was believable, something not always the case with this show.

    Keep up the good work Mentalist!
  • Amazing episode, with great attention to detail and some new developments in the Jane vs. Bosco issue! More of this please

    Okay, after this episode I've officially stopped worrying about where Mentalist is heading. It's obviously back on track and with a vengeance. All the loose ends have started to tie themselves to one another, the show's weaknesses have been paid attention to and, judging from this episode, corrected and it's moving on a new, accelerated pace.

    First of all, loved the scene with Van Pelt getting shot, and Rigsby chasing down the suspect. That was a very well done chase scene, an adrenaline rush that almost had me biting down my nails! As a previous reviewer pointed out the music in combination to the quick, fragmentary editing and the camera angles worked miracles for increasing the suspense factor. More of this type of hard, fast adventure would benefit the show in the future. Also, the aftermath of the shooting, where Van Pelt's leg couldn't stop shaking and Rigsby got into the ambulance with her, was a very realistic portrayal of such an incident. A cop who has just taken three bullets would be shaken to say the least, even if it was the bravest cop in the force. Van Pelt's reaction was realistic as well as somewhat heroic. And after her and Rigsby establishing their relationship status in the previous episode, we can now see how this is affecting their work relationship. Apart from being overly worried for one another it seems they're going to be fine.

    The interaction between Bosco's team and Lisbon's team, as well as Bosco and Jane themselves was amazing. I didn't expect a solution to this problem so soon and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Bosco didn't give in easily, but in the end he had to admit to Jane's skills and value in the team. Of course, Lisbon's reproach pushed matters towards that direction, but Bosco isn't a bad person. He is stubborn and perhaps a little restricted in his way of thinking when it comes to solving cases, but when he experienced Jane's effectiveness first hand he admitted his insight would be of use in the RJ case. The scene where Bosco handed Jane the folder was unbelievable, it was so unexpected it blew me away! Now the RJ issue can be furthered, and I'm sure many viewers are as anxious as I am to see what happens next. Also, up until this episode I thought Bosco's obvious love interest for Lisbon was unrequited, but after their scene with the tequila shots, I have to wonder... It didn't seem like she wasn't interested.

    All in all a solid episode with proper balance between adventure, drama, humor, detective work and character development. Loved every minute of it and hope we get more of this quality of material in the future. Well done, team!
  • What more can you ask for...

    This week's episode of the Mentalist just answered my question as to why 15 million viewers tune in to watch it. There is nothing more you can ask from a crime drama. Its smooth, believable, and absolutely charming.

    Well, at the end of the day Patrick Jane steers the ship to safety. We see it every week, so what? It's not every episode where you see Van Pelt getting shot only to get saved by her vest which she was begging Rigsby to wear. And what do you know, Jane finally manages to win the trust of Bosco, which the latter acknowledges by giving him the Red John file. Again, my prediction of the culprit was wrong. I thought it was the SFPD cop who comes in to speak with Lisbon. Great episode.
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