The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 5

Red Dawn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • An amazing nostalgia episode

    This was an excellent episode that answered many of my questions concerning how Jane came to be a permanent consultant to the CBI. I always thought Jane pushed himself into the role, but it turns out that Lisbon was the first to give him a shot, pushing him into that room of suspects even over Jane's own misgivings. We also see Van Pelt's entry (as a headshot in a HR file). Cho is as deadpan as ever, and I love him for it. All in all, a stellar episode.

    A show that can enamour me like this even in its 5th season is definitely a show to be reckoned with!
  • A special episode showing how Jane meets Lisbon and the team but ends with questions to be answered whether or not we now know who Red John is.

    This was the 100th episode of the Mentalist and it was well worth the wait.The episode was about how Jane came to the CBI looking to see how the Red John case was going on and soon found that there was no suspects and the team wasn't making progress.It was good to see Minelli back as the boss of the CBI and he was the one who lets Jane tag along with Lisbon.The team was the same at that point apart from Van Pelt who isn't in the episode.When Jane meets Lisbon for the first time she doesn't really have time for him and wishes he would start a new life but she wasn't thinking that when he solves the case after Lisbon and the team and hit a dead end and that's what it would have been like before Jane came because Jane can solve the hardest cases.Later Jane gets a job at the CBI and starts going through the Red John files but at that point doesn't know how hard he will be to catch.The episode leaves us thinking when Minelli gets a phone call of Alexa an FBI agent from the first episode of the season revealing Jane's dark past of being in an insane asylum and she wanted to know about the Red John case and she is sat in the limo with someone who told her to say it but whoever he is has something to do with Red John somehow or is it even Red John himself and if it is that means Alexa is Red Johns FBI friend.

  • breaking good

    when Simon walks in the door of the CBI, looking like a little lost boy, and ends the episode in a suit going confidently through the box of Red John's case files; and in between cops to the cop's shifty edge and guilty conscience, and solves the case, that's breaking good. Breaking in the lead character with such a well-paced piece of work to show us the birth of the Mentalist, was very well written and the acting by all the characters was just excellent.
  • Amazing Episode

    Although I was a little sceptic at first, I really enjoyed this blast from the past.

    I remember when Jane after the amnesia, he was more cocky than we already know him, so it was is refreshing seeing him as a normal guy even if it was because of his family murder.

    I'm sooooooo happy with the last scene of the ep... Who was that man? I hope he is Red John :D
  • Red Dawn

    Is it Red John in the back of the lino with FBI agent Alexa or is it just another one of Red Johns, Red John decoys? All I know is the minute he spoke, it blew my mind, that's the voice, the same voice that I have heard in previous episodes as well as the episode Red Moon where he recites a portion of a William Blake poem . Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forest of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from here, very curious.
  • Red John

    who played the guy in the limo? i know iv seen him in other movies and tv shows?
  • Red Dawn

    @yumararules20 his name is kevin corrigan. He's was in the show Grounded for Life & has been in a handful of Fringe episodes.

    The episode itself was great (decent enough murder mystery) but the ending really made the episode worth watching. I really am hoping that Kevin Corrigan is indeed red john and not just another red herring but knowing the mentalist it might just be another red herring. If he is indeed red john than I think they did a great job casting wise. I mean he just said "thank you" to the FBI agent but he seemed like he might have had a red john type of voice.

    But if it is indeed a red herring than red john could still probably be someone we've seen before like Bertram or LaRouche or Bret Stiles. I'm still sticking with Bertram he seems to have friends in high places which know red john does. I'm interested to see where they'll take this story.
  • 100th episode.

    This was the perfect episode for long time Mentalist fans like myself that remember watching the first episode So it was good to go back in time to them moments However this episode was before the first episode where Jane first comes to the CBI looking for answers on Red John and he soon learns that the CBI aren't making any progress The episode had a nice ending with the limo scene which now makes me think that Alexa could be Red John's FBI friend and has left me wondering who the man in the limo was.
  • Did we see Red John in episode Red Dawn??

    Who was the man in the limo? Was that Red John?
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    I loved the connection to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Follow the white rabbit into the dream...
  • Jeeves was off his knockers

    It said clever title goes there so you can't blame me! But now for my opinions. This episode was great, amazingly amusing and just a great insight on the early Patrick. The cameo for the couch in the evidence room was plain genius and had me smiling immediately. There were some dull moments and I didn't like the fact that Lisbon asked for help rather than Jane offering it, towards the end. It seems like something Jane would do. I loved it but I did think this episode would have been great in one of the earlier seasons even though I can't think of anything better to do for the 100th episode except for maybe an episode about Jane coning people whilst being married or his episode in the mental institution, I think they could have done some great things with both of them. Nevertheless I loved the episode, it was a great idea and was something I think every Mentalist fan needed to see and if you haven't and you've gotten this far, do yourself a favor and watch it!
  • Red John's FBI helper

    The woman in the end(in the limo) is the person who works with the FBI and is helping red john. She was in the episode where Jane was trying to keep Lorelei( the lady he meet in Las Vegas and slept with) but she got she away because of red John's FBI helper. She is the person Jane is trying to found in FBI as red johns helper. I know she is because I remember her being in the meeting room with the judge, trying to see who gets Lorelei.
  • Red Dawn

    I do not really like throwbacks and flashbacks for no apparent reason, and that's what this was. Good to see how things originated, and it actually was not a bad show, but I just wish there was a little more originality shown here. This is something nearly every cop show does.
  • 99th episode

    Although the 100th episode filmed, the episode, originally scheduled for November 4th, was only the 99th episode broadcast. Although a great episode, the 100th episode/first case was done before on "Bones" in 2010. The difference there was the characters were shown in the present discussing the first case shown in flashbacks.
  • disappointing

    Since the show began I wondered how Jane came to work for the CBI. This episode was it. But it's not a good way to do that. It began with a 7 years ago flashed on the screen. Then we see Jane enter the CBI and asks to see their files on Red John. Lisbon asks him to return but he refuses, so Lisbon asks one of her people to escort him out but Jane riled him up t6o get him to slug him which allowed him to stay. He would join Lisbon. to investigate a murder and in the end Lisbon would as Jane to use his ability to find out who the killer is and he does and she asks him to work with her. It would have been better if it began with Jane and Lisbon talking about how it's been 7 years since they first met then we go back 7 years. Or a case they are working on now has ties to the one that brought them together. And I wonder about Van Pelt when the show began it seems like she's just starting out with them. But at the end of the episode we see they consider hiring her so that would make it two years before the show began,