The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 5

Red Dawn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on CBS

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  • A special episode showing how Jane meets Lisbon and the team but ends with questions to be answered whether or not we now know who Red John is.

    This was the 100th episode of the Mentalist and it was well worth the wait.The episode was about how Jane came to the CBI looking to see how the Red John case was going on and soon found that there was no suspects and the team wasn't making progress.It was good to see Minelli back as the boss of the CBI and he was the one who lets Jane tag along with Lisbon.The team was the same at that point apart from Van Pelt who isn't in the episode.When Jane meets Lisbon for the first time she doesn't really have time for him and wishes he would start a new life but she wasn't thinking that when he solves the case after Lisbon and the team and hit a dead end and that's what it would have been like before Jane came because Jane can solve the hardest cases.Later Jane gets a job at the CBI and starts going through the Red John files but at that point doesn't know how hard he will be to catch.The episode leaves us thinking when Minelli gets a phone call of Alexa an FBI agent from the first episode of the season revealing Jane's dark past of being in an insane asylum and she wanted to know about the Red John case and she is sat in the limo with someone who told her to say it but whoever he is has something to do with Red John somehow or is it even Red John himself and if it is that means Alexa is Red Johns FBI friend.