The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 15

Red Gold

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on CBS

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    Gold was at the forefront of today's episode, although Kenny Banya would not say that it was, "Gold, Jerry, gold!" Just an average installment of The Mentalist from my point of view.

    They keep trying to shove this Agent Hightower character down our throats and I just do not think the show needs her. It's the same thing they tried with the new boss in Season 2. This show became a breakout hit with this core cast, no need to keep shaking things up. This is not someone who will prevent anymore ratings drops either.

    You also had the uber-annoying ex-Michael Corinthos in Drew Garrett in a small role here. Forgettable appearance by the child actor.

    Not an excellent Mentalist at all, but don't let my criticism deterred you. It was still worth watching.
  • Red Gold...

    This is exactly how a formulaic cop show should be done! The crime was fairly obvious, and the solving of it was as charming as it usually is when done by Patrick Jane, but this episode was not about that at all. Putting Lisbon on the side line allowed us a nice view into a secondary character's life for a refreshing take on this show. Teaming Hightower with Jane gave a new dynamic to the episode and felt a lot like watching a new show altogether, albeit for just 30 minutes or so. I really hope that the writers keep coming back to these types of episodes centered a lot more around character progression than the fairly mundane and obvious crimes that tend to occur. Don't get me wrong, when they write a genuine mystery and you really have to wait until the reveal to discover exactly what it is that happened, this is a much better show than most of the other crime "dramas" on TV right now, but the character centric episodes are even better. If they keep this balance whilst now and then returning to the Red John case this show really does have legs to out-do all of it's competition. The characters remain thoroughly likable and Simon Baker continues to excel. Absolutely nothing wrong with this episode, perhaps just a little more mystery to the case and it would be 9.5 or 10.
  • I have a whole new respect for Hightower.

    This episode was worth mostly on the character level. Mostly, to see Hightower take down the bad guy while said baddie was using Jane as a human shield! Looks like Jane isn't the only team member who can manipulate a situation to his own ends. Maybe Hightower is even better. I mean, has Lisbon ever had Jane almost singing singing soprano after a take down? I think not. ;o} I think she was really picturing the baddie as being her hubby...

    Lisbon turned babysitter this time out, falling back on her past experience with her three "feral" brothers to do the job. I'm sensing that Hightower might just have a whole new outlook on her team.

    And maybe that new found team spirit, and having the boss lady behind them, will come in handy as the J.J. (and I think Craig too) schtick starts hitting the fan...