The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 2

Red Hair and Silver Tape

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2008 on CBS

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  • I'm tried but I'm done.

    I've given it two weeks but as much as I like the concept I just can't get into this show. I think it's a combination of script writing and case topics. This one was a young girl was murder by her bosses. The case and watching the team follow the evidence, which was all over the place was just a challenge. I don't see any chemistry within the team that's actually work related. In the pilot there was hints of a serial killer after Jane which brought him to his current position. But there was only a brief mention of it within this episode. But overall, I just expected a bigger hook and I'm not, so I'm done.
  • If they can't bother with any continuity I might give up on The Mentalist.

    In the opening it's clearly established that the cause of death is *Spoiler* suffocation. Yet in a flashback the killer is shown stabbing the victim. Surely CBI would be aware of a stab wound so I'm not sure how this error crept in.

    Also, the premise of a married couple who are serial killers is too far-fetched for me, one crazy person just happened to find another and for some reason they opened up about those crazy urges of theirs? Otherwise, the show was well-acted but I might find Jane's smile wearing over time. I did enjoy that he set up Van Pelt and Rigsby up on a date engineered to end with a face-slapping and the chemistry is pretty good. Rigsby and Kang aren't cookie-cutter characters but they are too one-dimensional so I hope to see them fleshed out more. Overall, I plan to see a few more episodes before giving up but I consider an error this glaring to be a serious flaw.
  • Very good second episode.

    Not as excellent as the pilot but still a very strong episode.

    Patrick's sting was good but didn't anticipate the local cops keeping an eye on the restaurant too.

    Husband and wife killing team – Patrick was right, soulmates – how else do you explain two homicidal people finding each other? That's an immense level of trust to have in someone - to conspire to kill.

    Patrick was good with the victim's little brother. He must have loved her very much to want to avenge her death. The axe was kinda scary, I'm not sure if it's just what was at hand or speaks to what he wanted to do to her killer.
  • This episode shows more of Jane's observation talents, finding particulars about in the victim that others might have missed. Along with a great demonstration of how hypnotism can be used to extract informaion out of unwilling suspects.

    I'm so far liking this series. The humour in it is great. This episode shows more of Jane's observation talents, finding particulars about in the victim that others might have missed. Along with a great demonstration of how hypnotism can be used to extract informaion out of unwilling suspects.It was funny to see the others reaction to hypnotism, (Some fascinated, some all against it because it's against the rules). Developing the thought pattern of the killer and then drawing them out by using one of his team mates, Grace Van Pelt, as bait by setting up a fake date gone wrong was brilliant! All in all a satisfying episode. Looks like the characters are going to develop nicely. Hopefully the next episodes will have as good a plot and script.
  • The team is called into investigate the murder of an 18-year-old waitress in Napa Valley. Meanwhile Jane runs an undercover operation using Van Pelt as bait.

    So, as my classification says this is another great installment in the continuing adventures of Patrick Jane. This show just keeps getting better. The cast is wonderful. Robin Tunney is underappreciated and her character is great, it's great having her on the show. Also, I enjoy seeing how Patrick does his job. The scene with the game of rock paper scissors was hilarious and...what else? I really enjoyed the character of Hector and I think who ever played him was great in the part too! Also, this episode was 10x better than the first here's hoping they just keep getting better.
  • The team investigates the murder of a wiatress in Napa Valley. Meanwhile, Jane runs an undercover operation using Van Pelt as bait.

    This episode is 10x betterthen the first episode. I never saw the couple as the killers, all though I didn't find something suspicious with the wife when she asked Van Pelt if she could call a cab. And I knew the killer would go after the other redhead when it first showed her at the restuarant. So, I geuss you could say It was a little predictable at some points, but, not to predictable. And I love how Frankie, the little brother, got what he wanted, Valerie's killers dead. So, all in all this episode is another great installment. THERE!
  • Another decent episode.

    Our second episode started off a little slow and I was contemplating turning the television off about half way through, but luckily I didn't as things eventually got better. The pilot episode had the same writing as Dexter, plus the donuts and the Asian forensics guy, with the jokes that one might find on an episode of Psych. This installment was completely unique to The Mentalist. Sure, we had a few "psychic" gags, but they were simply used to lighten the mood and give the viewer a few chuckles while advancing the murder mystery.

    Business picked up when we thought the sheriff may have been the killer, only for Patrick to accidentally fall asleep while the real murderers snuck into the motel room. We had an exciting standoff that ended in two gunshots and a life saved.

    The Mentalist needs to work on hooking viewers in during the opening minutes. It is the biggest new show of the 2008-2009 season but it could get even better ratings if the show spaces out its best parts better.
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