The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • A hand is found in the middle of the road.

    Another fine episode from everybody's favorite show with a guy who people think is psychic but really is not. Okay, not a whole lot of competition in that field but I did still thoroughly enjoy this episode.

    Maybe I watch too many crime dramas but I could tell from the minute the guy overreacted at the football game that he was guilty. Why they would give away such a glaring detail really boggles my mind.

    Patrick was his usual entertaining self this time winning mountains of money with relative ease. Very little involvement from the supporting cast but Simon Baker can easily keep a show exciting for the full hour.
  • Episode 1x6: Red Handed The Bottom Line: The Mentalist just keeps getting better.

    The Mentalist is the biggest new hit of the season. And it just keeps getting. This episode was probably my second favorite right after Ladies In Red. The cast continues to deliver wonderful performances, the writing didn't disappoint, do I need to go on. My favorite scene was in the beginning when Jane got down on his hands and knees, sniffed the hand and made a positive I.D. of the victim. Rigsby's line was the funniest thing about the scene. All in all, Red Handed was another great episode and continues to prove why The Mentalist is the biggest new hit of the season.
  • Very interesting gambling episode.

    Those necklaces are gorgeous and the watches are horrible. The girls are nuts – why return the necklaces?! He won that money, it's his to spend. Putting the package into the Planet Aid container was the perfect use of the money. The second lot went to another worthy cause – pay for a transplant. This is why Patrick can sleep at night.

    This is why 'professional' gambling disgusts me – it destroys lives and entire families. This scumbag bet his *wife* on a poker game and killed his wife's father.

    Andrea Parker – I haven't seen her since Pretender. She's aged beautifully. Never seen her with blond hair before.

    Interesting episode.
  • As usual, Jane works with the CBI to investigate the mystery of a cut hand lying on the road.

    The episode starts with a bang, as usual, where Jane describes the likely owner of a sliced hand to his counterparts. The look on the face of his collegaues and cops when Jane examines the cut hand too closely 'is amazing'. The casino owner who is also the owner of the cut hand is missing and CBI-Jane combo go in search of him.

    For the first time in the series, they show some good attributes of Jane after winning thousands of dollars in the casino. I like the scene wherein the girls return him the gift that he had bought while the guys didn't. The casino and cards scenes are great as well!

    The mystery is kind of unravelled quickly at the end (it seemed to me). The culprit agrees directly of killing the casino owner, which is unlike this series. The other angle of mafia was never even explored even though it was mentioned few times. All in all, this expisode was great to watch and I felt that it was over too soon. The one hour just flies when I watch Mentalist.

    The promo of the next episode loooks tooooo great. I cant wait to see it.