The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 14

Red in Tooth and Claw

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Dying show

    How can this show be revived? It is dying a fast death. Please come up with something interesting.....
  • Red in Tooth and Claw

    I am glad that the Mentalist is back after another break and watching it makes me realise why I was missing it The episode unfortunately didn't give us any of the names of the suspects for Red John if that's what you was hoping for but it was a decent episode that involves a murder at a national history museum and Bertram is having his own problems at poker which is effecting everyone's job but Lisbon gets Jane to help him so he couldn't of got better help off anyone else We learn Van Pelt won't be in the next few episodes which was going to happen somewhere in the season because she is pregnant.
  • I think we can all agree that the dinosaurs banter stole the show

    I definitely found this episode more enjoyable than the average filler. Even though we got essentially no useful information for the plot, we got a nice case, an interesting side story, and hilarious dialogue from Cho. It's nice to see Jane with his old theatrics, and I can't say I'm particularly sad to see Van Pelt go (personally I didn't really find her an interesting character).
  • In Tooth And Claw

    I liked the throwback to the old days of Patrick Jane, with various tricks and illusions that he pulled off on the unsuspecting invitees, but the case almost took the back seat today to those acts, and then to the card game with Lisbon.

    Still, an enjoyable episode.
  • Patrick Jane

    I loved this episode. I can not get enough of this show. The acting of Simon Baker is astonishing. Flawless cast, awesome cases, interestig plot, I love every minut of it!
  • The banter between Rigsby and Cho on Triceratops vs. T-Rex - LMBO!!

    I've so waited for a new episode and especially Cho's quips. The Triceratops vs. T-Rex was the best!!!
  • so that was what i was waiting for

    i dont like the looong pauses between the episodes, but we all have to deal with this :)

    i loved the bingo-trick, nice idea... but i didnt get how Jane knew about all the moth-stuff and paul. how did he came to that conclusion? anyway... looking forward to next episode.
  • cool one

    I liked this episode very much, it was a decent episode of The Mentalist how we like it. A brilliant Patrick Jane, cool case with Jane cracking it, nice side-story with the Poker-thing and helping Van Pelt, the dinosaurs-game with Rigsby and Cho, and finally Rigsby's feeling are mentioned again. It would be so cool if Van Pelt and Rigsby get another chance. I like the Red JOhn episode's but Jane is sometimes more fun to watch when there is no Red John chasing around.