The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 13

Red Is The New Black

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

When a famous fashion designer, Wyck Theissens, turns up dead in his production shop, the team suspects he was killed by robbers. Jane thinks otherwise, and proves it when he finds the murder weapon, a pair of scissors, in a secret room filled with priceless couture.

Theissens made lots of enemies after someone leaks a video of him drunkenly trashing the industry. His assistant tells Jane that the designer turned to making knock-offs for the Asian market in order to fund his future clothing line. His downstairs neighbor, Mr. Loo, manufactured the designs for Theissens. When Jane tries to get in touch with him, he finds out Loo's skipped town.

Meanwhile, Darcy is keeping her investigation of the Panzer case with Wainwright on the down low, but Wainwright's suspicious behavior isn't helping.

Next, Jane and Lisbon question Theissens' former funder, Duval. The wealthy CEO, who dropped Theissen after his meltdown went viral, says he was at home with his wife during the murder. Duval suggests they go question his production manager, Acosta, who was the one that leaked the video to the media. Jane provokes Acosta to pull a knife on him, which gives him reason to bring him in for questioning. Acosta points the finger at a photographer Thiessens supposedly hated, Tony Redgrave.

Darcy follows a lead in the Red John case after she questions the medical examiner involved in the Tony Carter case. He suggests she talk to Rosalind, the blind woman who claimed to know the serial killer. Darcy talks to Rosalind, who says she went with Jane to identify the body by touching his face, but she said it wasn't him.

Cho and Rigsby track down Loo, who turns out to have been kidnapped by Chinese gangsters who want him to continue to manufacture the knock-offs. Using GPS, they locate his cell phone and find him in the midst of a water-boarding torture session. Jane talks to Thiessens assistant again, who mentions the team of designers are continuing to work on Thiessens innovative ideas. He mentions a gold-feathered dress, which interests Jane, who takes a feather from the dress and shows it to all of the suspects. None of them react until Jane goes to visit Redgrave. The photographer is in the middle of a shoot with a model when Jane arrives. He has no reaction to the gold feather, but the model, Sasha, does. She admits she murdered the designer when he dumped her for another model.

When Jane runs into Darcy at the CBI, she informs him that she talked to Rosalind, who apparently thinks her friend Roy (aka Red John) is still alive. Jane sticks to his story that the killer is dead. But then they get a call from Rosalind saying that she's sitting with her friend. The team rushes over to her house, fearing he might kill her. She's fine, Red John is nowhere to be found, and the medical examiner Darcy questioned earlier is found dead in the closet.

Going forward, it might be tricky for Jane to continue insisting Red John is gone for good.