The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 13

Red Is The New Black

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Rock steady progress

    This was a further steady episode of The Mentalist, to be fair, without much character developement other than the new boss being a bit "sneaky" and underhand, suggesting he has an ulterior motive about "whatever".

    The case itself was nothing spectacular, with the gold feather to "out the killer" theory a bit contrived.

    This was all about the back story and the potential for Red John doing away with Agent Darcy.

    This part of the episode was a good ploy to hold attention away from what was actually going on; with Rosalind possibly being Red John's "Kryptonite" as he chose to kill the Morgue attendant, rather than her.

    Someone else posted that Rosalind might BE Red John but given the story arc, so far, this is massively unlikely.

    Realistically, Red John HAS to be male. Some of the murders simply couldn't be within the strength capability of a normally built woman and the actress playing Rosalind is certainly that.

    "Costume contacts", I think not!

    This would entail Rosalind wearing them basically 24/7 given that she answered the door immediately, when Lisbon knocked. She would need to "live" the role.

    Not a feasible proposition, I'm afraid.

    A good episode, all in all but the writers MUST start thinking about a resolution to the Red John story, so that Jane can progress.
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