The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 13

Red Is The New Black

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Perfectly balanced episode and among the best of the season. (Mostly spoiler-free)

    Before I review this episode, let me clarify one thing: I don't want more Red John in the Mentalist, nor do I want less. I think a few episodes per season is just about enough and I don't think the stand-alones are boring filler.

    Which is why this episode is my definition of perfect balance.

    "Little Red Book" and "Always Bet on Red" both made a mistake in including a case-of-the-week with an obvious killer and no real friction between anyone involved, when what the episodes both really wanted to do was to forward the myth arc. They should have put all their focus on that and saved the cases for another time. "Red is the New Black", however, gets it just right.

    I was already convinced this episode deserved a 9 when the killer was revealed and put in interview. The case-of-the-week to me was just as good as Pink Tops and I felt a lot of season 1 vibes with getting to know the entire situation and every character's relation to one another before instead of too much by-the-book police work. Three good-hearted youngsters, the big fashion leaders, the excentric photographer and muse, and the secretive corporate runner driven into a corner. All interesting people memorable enough to carry the episode on a high note all the way to the end.

    This season is a lot more serialized than any before it, and this immediately shows when the script writer doesn't just ignore Rigsby's development from last time but instead puts it on display right front and center. Cute reaction from Van Pelt, I must add.

    Jane tags along with Cho and VP and not just Lisbon, which is always refreshing. I like it that he actually stays involved in the case even after Darcy begins to side-track him and the sheer randomness of his walking into the interrogation room with the feather and then just leaving gave me a good laugh when picturing how she must have experienced that.

    The extra point five in my rating obviously comes from the Red John developments. I thought when I read the press release that it would only be Darcy getting some info from Rosalind and then be done with it for this time around, but no no. That ending had me on the edge of my seat from the first wham line and then almost falling off from the second. No spoilers, but that phone call, the accompanying scene, the following scene... Well, the whole ending. HOLY CRAP!!

    For me, this season just hit par with season 1. The whole universe-building and everything that made me like this show from the beginning is back and improved with a serialized feel to it and the balance between stand-alones and RJ episodes is every bit of perfect. Just ignore all the fans that do nothing but complain and know that there are some of us who enjoy it just the way it is. Keep it up.
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