The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 13

Red Is The New Black

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Like it only because of Jane

    Clearly Jane is the rock in this show which is good and bad, you need a good supporting cast and there is a huge lack of one still, and the writing and plots don't go into the right place and order. I only rate this because or Jane when he does cast, freakin' hilarious, at times I kinda of gave up on The Mentalist becoming an all together story when it comes to hard or difficult situations that require well planning and writing to give you that wow experience. I lowered my expectation until I see otherwise, until than I just take it how it is. FBI agent is getting annoying seems like they always put annoying characters on the show to create a challenge I just wish they find another way. I believe Red John may be getting rid of her too, you'll have to be smarter than Jane to catch him and shes no where near his level so I don't understand why were putting to much work into this.