The Mentalist

Season 6 Episode 8

Red John

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • under whelmed.

    6 years leading up to this... really? I'm so under whelmed.
  • Red John

    The payoff of 6 seasons did not live up to the hype, but this was still compelling TV that had me on the edge of my seat. Disappointing who Red John was, but still the moment Jane killed him was the kind of rare, edgy thing not too often seen on CBS.
  • Doesn't add together.

    Something just doesn't seem right about this episode or the last few. It makes me wonder if the Sheriff isn't just another decoy. The climax to him wasn't there and Bertram wasn't convincing as Red John. All of the clues to who Red John could be don't all seem to fit. The little girl Patrick met in the cemetery a couple seasons ago (maybe) said the man she met, talked funny, Red John always seemed to be a ruthless man, one who likes to show off his skill, He has a big ego. So why would he play dumb, The Sheriif and many of the other suspects seem that way. But only a couple have real accents. All of them can whistle it seems. I don't know, something just doesn't seem to add up here.
  • This man is RJ ?

    It's Joke ?
  • Finally! After all this time

    We get to see who red john is and it turns out to be the sheriff, nice.

    It was sad to see him limp run from jane in the cemetery, for a little bit I felt sorry for him.

    But I like him to be red john better than that other guy, I could tell something just wasn't right about that.
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  • It can't be, can it?

    Red John is dead? After seemingly being one step ahead of everybody, seemingly being infallible and invincible, he gets killed this way? You have built up the tension through many seasons and you couldnt come up with a better ending? It's dissappointing. Red John's ending feels rushed and not well thought of. Anyway maybe he is still alive, who knows?
  • Whats with the Red Smiley?

    How are Carver and Red John related? The women with knife? Too many loose ends. And I dont like loose ends :-)
  • IS IT OVER ??

    I am a huge fan of the menatalist like i mean huge !!! and what upsets me is the ending of this episode i mean i think we all got to know red john as a gentle man with problems and also a very smart man , but sheriff was first shown in season 1 episode 2 where they are at a crime scene and patrick showed him a trick where they play rock paper scissors and patrick won him the whole time like reading hes mind , if he could do that why took so long to caught him , and mcalister is a hunter hes not gentle he is a tough guy and also dsnt look if he can be in control of thousends of people , i prefer the ending of season 3 he showed allot of emotions and that guy looked more like red john... But i really enjoyed this episode stil very good and its too bad theres only 2 more episodes left.
  • true red john?

    is he red john??? who is the woman in the Chapel trying to kill Jane with knife? (only yet so times appearance first in the Chapel later on when the FBI arrived at the cemetery she escaped (at the red john renowned for killing the victim using knife cutting the throat and not could just a Sheriff can control the CBI FBI and Police? and is red john silly enough to put in the list? :D strange but genius bruno (btw nice ending)
  • Not a real mystery

    Many years ago, I used to watch a British import called "The Saint," with Roger Moore as Simon Templar. There was an American primetime imitator called "The Baron" that came out while The Saint was popular on late Sunday nights. There was one episode of the Baron that was word-for-word the same script as a Saint ep that had been on a few weeks earlier. They just took the script whole hog and refilmed it with the American actors, with one exception. At the end, the killer was someone different, with a slightly different explanation. This turned me off to mysteries for a while, since the whim of the scriptwriter seemed more important than creating a good mystery.

    This was true for the Mentalist as well. Any of several people might have turned out to be Red John, not because of a logical set of clues that led you to the solution, but because the writers happened to choose one over the other. Terrible.

    Also, the whole concept of "Do you want to know how I knew the seven names?" by Red John and "no" by Jane was a total copout. They had no explanation so they pretended he didn't want to hear it. It's like in Star Trek:TNG, when Warf sees Klingons with 1960s makeup. He's asked why they look different and says "I don't want to talk about it!" the scriptwriters painted themselves into a corner with Red John "reading Jane's mind" and then simply ignored and slogged through the wet paint instead!
  • Well, now that's Red John's gone...

    So, the Sheriff was Red John and now he's head. Ok.. that's episode 8.. so, now what? is this going to be a short season?
  • Not for me

    I thought the Red John story arc was a thrilling murder mystery about a smart, charismatic and evil serial killer. Sadly it wasn't. I was just a huge amount of unrelated red herrings with a very simple case-of-the-week ending. I try to pretend the show ended in season 3.
  • Are you kidding?

    Wow, that was an awful episode. After 5 years of toying with Jane, always being a step ahead and untouchable, Jane defeats him in the end by throwing a pidgeon in his face? The only thing I can hope for now is that someone wakes up next week and this whole episode was some kind of laughable dream. Extremely disappointed if the Red John story ends like that.
  • So they did ...

    .. pull a Partridge on us, only it wasn't Partridge himself that rose from the dead. Same difference.

    I'm glad this farce is over as it should have been seasons ago. Too bad it wasn't a more powerful scene. The "pigeon throwing" will be remembered and laughed at for many seasons to come, but as Bertram said, we needed closure and I guess we got it.

    I loved that Cho was fierce and loyal until the end, but I did miss my CBI Ron spotting this week. He could have been catching the pigeon in the background or something...
  • Not good... and it proves that you can't even trust reliable websites

    About two weeks ago, imdb posted the cast list for this episode, which also included Currie Graham billed as both Walter Mashburn and Red John. It would have made sense. And the stand-off between the two alone would have been awesome. But given that Heller admitted that he came up with McAllister to be RJ recently (around Season 4), this episode was mediocre. They should've stopped after Jane killed Carver (the first Red John); which hasn't been solved as to why this guy took the blame for McAllister. Neither how both knew each other. After Season 3 I've stopped watching with just the occasional tuning in. This Red John was far from great and far from being steps ahead. Too bad, yet another tv show going down the pipes. I'm curious as to how many people will continue watching, now that the big white (red) whale has been caught.
  • Great episode!!

    Who was the woman with the knife?? Was that really red john?? Is the tiger tiger organizaton over?? These are just on top of my head but I have more, I hope they anwser them in the next 2 episodes.
  • Sleight of Hand

    Where was the pigeon when he was frisked? That's a lame idea ...

    So, what now? Jane on the run and guilty, CBI under investigation, Red John out of the picture.
  • So umm yea wtf

    As someone that has watched this show from the start i think it is BS that they couldn't answer a single question about all the shit red john has done over the seasons not a single 1 like what the hell did he do to kristina fry(shit he could of at least asked how to put her back to normal) who gave him the list how the hell did he get patricks memory of when he was kid or how he got all those crazy ass ppl to do whatever he wanted and the list goes on i don't ask for all of them just some feels like a rip off that we will never know the answers other then that the episode was great
  • oh wow

    still don't know about the list ...
  • Fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxk Bruno Heller

    aare you out of your mind ?
  • They have surpised me.

    I have to admit, my bets were on Partridge coming back from the dead and turning out to be Red John.


    Okay, never, NEVER, did I see Red John being McAllister, and thats why I liked it. I was sadly but surely convinced it was Bertram which I thought was lame and just lazy. I was so happy that he did "the voice" as well, only true way Red John could be identified. As far as the promo goes, we all know how this is going to turn out. Jane goes off to paradise, CBI gets reinstated, they go to Jane and ask him to come back and help, blah blah blah.

    Dont hate me for saying this but my ideal ending would be never knowing who Red John was, Jane never finding him. I'd rather a controversial ending to the series where, say Jane is staring at Red John's latest kill and just smiles, letting us know that he know's who it is. Any created identity for Red John is only a disappointment, Red John can never be caught..

    However, this was not the case, and seeing as they did get Red John this was one of the best ways I could have imagined it.

  • Finally !!!!

    After 5 years of watching the mentalist ,, i can't imagine that i'm going to know Red John tonight ........ !!!!