The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 23

Red John's Footsteps

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Red John was watching

    Red John is back when he kills a girl and kidnaps her sister and Jane must try to find her and find Red John.Then Jane finds where Red John is keeping the girl but Jane is double crossed by deputy Hardy who is actually working for Red John and allows him to escape but Jane saves the girl.In a brilliant episode Red John escapes and a clue is left about Red John which is that he likes tea and not many people on the mentalist drink tea????
  • What a waste of time

    What a waste of time on a tedious episode, and an obvious ending, for the last 10 minutes I was waiting for the cop to die. Could the writers not come up with anything more original than the cop getting shot? I'm sure the writers are going to milk the mentalist for another 500 series like the other series at present (lost, heroes etc), and give us nothing at the end of each except disappointment. Do we not get anything after sitting through tons upon tons of near misses and close calls with red john. Way to go mentalist writers, I wont be bothering with any more mentalist. :(
  • A stunning conclusion with enough to keep us watching.

    In this episode we ttruly do follow Jane down into the darkness both physically and metaphorically.

    He is caught between finding Red John and his own life at the hands of a RJ "friend". We learn a couple of things in this episode, that Jane when he really has to, will confront his demons and be able to move past them. That RJ is an older person, that there are connections going back years, that RJ has not killed everyone he knew & came across.

    What really got me hooked though was Jane. There have been alot of criticisms about how Jane handled the shot gun, he is not a fighter, he is not one who likes guns and he would chose life over death any day. He was in 1 moment confronted with a lot. Lisbon in danger, handling a weapon, killing a man and then finally killing a man who held the keys to Red John. So credit where credit is due, we see the range of emotions and horror in Jane and Baker pulled it off perfectly.

    Season 2, I'm ready!
  • what AN Epoisde !

    what a reallt great epoide ! the really save the best for the last , it's the BEST epoisde of this Great AND Awesome season . the epoide had evreything the story , the drama , the actin , the thriller , the twist , the comady what else ! i mean evreything . and Simon is really a great actor he really desavre his emmy awared . but i really hoped to see Red John but it's still a Perfact epoisde . overall it's a GREAT new show and it's will be one of the best show next season wiht Fringe !

    10 / 10 for SURE ! .
  • Very good continuation of Red John. Game playing on both sides.

    Red John is back and not even attempting to hide his identity, in fact – he's throwing it in Jane's face. The blood on the toenails is straight at Jane – only his wife was treated like that – but the smiley face skywriting was a slap in the face. Jane makes an excellent point immediately – Red John has only broken pattern once before and it was personal. Therefore if he's broken pattern again, it's meaningful.

    Seeing the symbol on Rosalind's wall – the first instinct is to call Lisbon, to tell Rosalind what's there but by not saying anything, engaging her about Roy, they find out volumes she never would have volunteered otherwise.

    I'm actually surprised at Jane's control – that he actually used his thirst for vengeance to reverse the trap. Lisbon was right – Jane killed Hardy, his only link to Red John, rather than let someone die. The one thing that's left unanswered – and only Red John knows the answer – is why now? Why suddenly bother with Jane five years after killing his wife. It's not like Jane was on the verge of finding him, he only had a brief brush with Red John a few months ago and that was it. Jane's not a threat really so does Red John view him as a rival? Someone he considers on the same level as himself? This was an incredibly risky game Red John played here – letting Jane get that close, being in the same building as him and even letting Jane meet one of his accomplices? Someone who knew Red John very well? I agree with Patrick – Hardy never would have talked. This guy was friends with a serial killer, what on earth are you going to threaten him with?!

    A very interesting episode, nice end to the season.
  • Creepy...

    A very good episode. I love how Red John made a smiley face in the sky (although it certainly doesn't seem his style). I knew something was up with the sheriff when he said they could go to the farm- WITHOUT A WARRANT! That screamed, "Oh my GOD what are you DOING?" (Inwardly). And when Cho figured out the sheriff was the woman's LOVER, I screamed, "Oh my GOD, what are you DOING?" Out LOUD, mind you. (You've never heard so many neighbors complain.) Totally unexpected. I love how they always come SO CLOSE to finding information- and their informant dies
  • Good season finale.

    The Mentalist has had its highs and lows this year, but TV's highest rated new series definitely ended on a high note. We got some more insight into the Red John character, getting an idea of just how much control he can have over people, and seeing how Patrick Jane would risk his own life to take him down.

    One problem I noticed with the show is that they often make Patrick Jane look completely weak, showing no physicality and always getting overpowered by the bad guys, so I was surprised to see him actually save Lisbon by shooting the crooked cop tonight. Even though he uses his words and mental acuity to succeed, he is a man after all.

    This was a well-paced, exciting, action-packed way to end the first season. Here's to hoping the next season starts with more Red John and less pointless cases.
  • Okay season finale.

    The show really started well but it kinda lost some of its stamina throughout the season.

    Jane is too good, and it can get boring sometimes.

    So, the season finale was okay, no more no less. We are always teased about Red John but in the end we get nothing. It's the second time Jane is played by a so-called copycat of Red John.
    For a man who is supposed to be extra smart...

    Plus, we get teased about Van Pelt/Rigsby or even Jane/Lisbon and after 23 episodes we still get nothing.

    So, bottom line, better can be done.

    I'll give credit for the soundtrack this time. Using Prelude of Bach was fabulous!
  • Jane, Lisbon and the girl were saved, everyone is safe, and more importantly, when Jane had to choose between the past and the future he made the right choice. He chose to save Lisbon rather than preserve the life of his only witness.

    Am I the only one who thinks the blind girl isn't blind, and that she is Red John? There was something eerie about her conversation with Jane in her bedroom, and in her behaviour generally. I'm waiting to see if she will turn out to be RJ after all. It would be a good twist, if RJ were to be a woman after all. Might fit in with the MO as well, since the painting of the toe-nails with the victim's own blood might be a comment for female sexuality in general. Plus, the victims are not sexually assaulted.

    Apart from that however, I must agree with some of the reviewers as to the glitches in this episode. The sheriff's personality was non-existent, he was such a caricature his reactions were bordering on the plainly ridiculous. RJ using skywriting to tease Jane, what was that all about? Skywriting, seriously... And Jane's own reaction when he shot Dumar, it was unelegant to say the least. We all know he bases his existence on the use of his mental abilities, but that doesn't have to deprive him of his masculinity to such a great extent. Being a female viewer who happens to find Simon Baker attactive, I would very much prefer that reaction to have been missing from the episode altogether. But then again I might have misunderstood it, and it might be the result of Jane's aversion to murder after what happened to his family. Benefit of a doubt there.

    There were good parts in the episode however. Jane's emotional involvement to the case completely clouded his judgement, and he made decisions he wouldn't have normally endorsed. The letter in the mailbox was such an obvious trap it struck me as odd that both Jane and Lisbon fell so easily for it. Lisbon was trying to restrain him but there was no stopping him. The possibility of finally capturing RJ was the bait the killer constantly threw at him. All's well that ends well nonetheless. Jane, Lisbon and the girl were saved, everyone is safe, and more importantly, when Jane had to choose between the past and the future he made the right choice. He chose to save Lisbon rather than preserve the life of his only witness. Forsaking that opportunity to capture RJ, at least we are sure that whatever injuries he may be carrying, his heart is in the right place. Now let's see what happens next year. The writers will have to seriously get on it and find an impressive way to finish this storyline.
  • Bring on Red John.. Exciting and methodical.

    This episode was a like a BIG piece to the puzzle. I'll admit it had me guessing for the first half.. *SPOILER** I had a theory about the Sheriff being Red John's buddy, and I was right.. I loved this episode, finally Jane got to see into the life of RJ a bit. He met one of they psychos lovers and friends. Jane was in the same house as Red John and SOOO close to catching him.. But of course, why spoil all the fun w/ a capture in the first season?? Keep us begging for more.. I can't wait for more and more to come!
  • Cliches and disappointments. Send the writers to summer school. (spoilers)

    I generally love this show but I was disappointed in this ep. Red John works well enough as Jane's underlying motivation - but as this bogeyman out there pulling Jane's strings it's getting tiresome, especially when they tease viewers that it might be ending and then they drag it out like this. I thought the scenes with the sheriff at the farm were unbelievably cliche and garish and the sherrif's character was beyond ridiculous. Not to mention the cliche of having the perpetrator turn out to be a law enforcement officer. And then the worst sin of this episode - the unimaginable, completely implausible notion that they would all (including the victim) just stand around oblivious to the sheriff while he frees himself grabs a gun and starts shooting. Ridiculous! I also found it hard to suspend disbelief around the paltry resources they had on the ground for this. In real life i imagine if a serial killer like RJ was in the sights of law enforcment there would be huge resources on the ground. how many people work at this CBI anyway? 6? 8? like really... silly. The pursuit of RJ storyline is now merely annoying IMO. The next RJ focused ep better finish it off (capture or kill). Also, the show needs to ramp up its plausibility factor (get a couple good legal and law enforcement consultants!). For example some reviewers criticize the way Jane gets confessions oft times (e.g., in blood brothers) because it constitutes a form of 'duress' and thus would be inadmissable in court. That aspect needs to be corrected or somehow better justified. It's a good show and I do enjoy watching it but if they could just refine that plausibility factor and dispense with this tired RJ storyline well, they'd advance from very good to excellent i think. The writing is the thing that needs improving. They've got all summer to work on it so here's hoping!
  • Quality episode.

    A fitting story for the season ender, and a much more satisfying presentation (at least for me) than some other recent episodes.
    Jane's "purpose" was very close to the surface this episode, but "Red John's Footsteps" also began highlighting his increasing conflict over that obsession. There were some interesting plot turns, as well as some obvious twists, but still the story was well executed.
    Its obvious the "team" has come to consider Jane an integral part of the group, and hopefully next season he can come closer to terms with his past and his feelings. I fear he is destined to be at least somewhat conflicted or the series would end, but it will be fun (I hope) to watch he and Lisbon try to stifle their feelings. That alone wold be worth the price of admission...
    Oh, and poor Rigsby and Van Pelt need a break too...before they implode!
  • Great! But where's Red John?

    A season finale just right for The Mentalist. There are some unexpected turn of events like Rosalind being blind. It made the search for Red John even harder. I also didn't expect Sheriff Hardy to be Dumar. That left me at the edge of my seat especially the last 3 scenes! For the first time I think, Jane shot a suspect. He is obviously not comfortable with it but he did what is necessary. I hope they find Red John next season. I also hope it will not take the whole season. Congratulations to the cast and staff of The Mentalist!
  • Not what I expected.

    I mean come on you have to give us something. You can't just end the season without any information about Red John.It was like every other Red John centric episode , better than the other episodes but not at all exciting. I imagined the end of this episode at least showing us Red John's face but no , it was just another case , I think they didn't handle the finale correctly. Besides no cliffhanger at all and they falied to create any suspense towards RJ's capture. I am a bit dissapointed because this is a great show and it has very powerful characters and really good episodes but I think this episode failed to accomplish the expectations that were created all through out the season.