The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 23

Red John's Footsteps

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Very good continuation of Red John. Game playing on both sides.

    Red John is back and not even attempting to hide his identity, in fact – he's throwing it in Jane's face. The blood on the toenails is straight at Jane – only his wife was treated like that – but the smiley face skywriting was a slap in the face. Jane makes an excellent point immediately – Red John has only broken pattern once before and it was personal. Therefore if he's broken pattern again, it's meaningful.

    Seeing the symbol on Rosalind's wall – the first instinct is to call Lisbon, to tell Rosalind what's there but by not saying anything, engaging her about Roy, they find out volumes she never would have volunteered otherwise.

    I'm actually surprised at Jane's control – that he actually used his thirst for vengeance to reverse the trap. Lisbon was right – Jane killed Hardy, his only link to Red John, rather than let someone die. The one thing that's left unanswered – and only Red John knows the answer – is why now? Why suddenly bother with Jane five years after killing his wife. It's not like Jane was on the verge of finding him, he only had a brief brush with Red John a few months ago and that was it. Jane's not a threat really so does Red John view him as a rival? Someone he considers on the same level as himself? This was an incredibly risky game Red John played here – letting Jane get that close, being in the same building as him and even letting Jane meet one of his accomplices? Someone who knew Red John very well? I agree with Patrick – Hardy never would have talked. This guy was friends with a serial killer, what on earth are you going to threaten him with?!

    A very interesting episode, nice end to the season.
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