The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 11

Red John's Friends

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

A swat team rushes into a beautiful mansion where they find a half-naked man crying and covered in blood. Next to him on the bed is a dead woman, also covered in blood.

A year later, Patrick enters the penitentiary where he is ushered into the visitor's yard. The same man is dressed in orange prison jumpsuit and sitting at a table. He thanks Patrick for coming. Without mincing words, Patrick asks him what he knows about Red John. The man tells him that the information he has about Red John is explosive and certainly enough to catch him. The man tells him that a friend of a friend knows Red John. Patrick listens to him warily. He continues by telling Patrick that he is doing twenty-five to life for a murder he didn't commit. He tells Patrick if he gets him out of jail, only then will he give him the information about Red John. Patrick tells him that he was convicted of raping and murdering his housekeeper's daughter and that he's not a magician. The man reasserts his innocence. He tells Patrick that he doesn't know what happened. He did some cocaine, they had sex and he fell asleep. Patrick reminds him that the door was locked from the inside and there were bars on the windows. It wasn't possible for anyone else to commit the murder. The man doesn't know how it happened. Patrick tells him he seems to be telling the truth but that doesn't mean he has any information on Red John. He refuses to help but as he turns to leave, the man tells Patrick that Red John painted his wife's nails with her own blood. This was unpublished information during the investigation into her murder. Patrick turns back and asks how he knows that. The man tells him that if he gets him out of prison, he will tell him everything he knows. Patrick finally agrees to help him.

Back at the CBI headquarters, we find out that the man was Jared Renfrew. He is a member of a very wealthy family. Patrick and Lisbon are in Captain Minelli's office. He is absolutely adamant that there is nothing the CBI can do. He explains that he has no authority to reopen the case without cause. Surprisingly, Patrick accepts his refusal without argument. When Patrick leaves the office, Minelli asks Lisbon if he is lying; she says he is. After leaving Minelli's office, Lisbon finds Jane at his desk. She doesn't try to stop him but she asks him to listen to some good advice.

Lisbon: Jane! I know better that to try and stop you from doing what you think you have to do.
Patrick: No...I'm fine about it. I can see Minelli's point. I can't be chasing every nut bag with a good story, can I?
Lisbon: Yah, sure you're fine with it. Just do me the favor of listening to me for a minute, so I can say I told you so later.
Patrick: Sure
Lisbon: Jared Renfrew was found hugging the corpse of Undine Kopecki in a room locked from the inside, holding a bloody butcher knife in his hand. His semen was inside of her. He had been stalking her for weeks. He's got a history of violence going back fifteen years.
Patrick: What's your point.
Lisbon: He's guilty. You're being conned.
Patrick: Possible, but I don't think so. But I've got to find out one way or the other.

Patrick cannot be dissuaded so Lisbon proposes a compromise. She tells him not to use his CBI ID and if he gets in trouble to call her first, so she can mitigate the damage. Patrick agrees and leaves to conduct his personal investigation.

Patrick goes to the Renfrew estate to speak to Gardner Renfrew, Jared's brother. He is initially denied entry. He tells them he can prove Jared is innocent and tell them who really committed murder. Once inside the mansion, he meets with Gardner and his wife. He asks Gardner if he thinks his brother is innocent. Gardner is confused because he thought Patrick was going to tell him who really killed the housekeeper. Patrick admits he knows nothing, he just said what he did to gain entrance into the mansion. Gardner immediately asks him to leave. Patrick asks him if he could prove his brother was innocent, wouldn't he want their good name cleared. Gardner admits that although having their name cleared would be desirable, he argues that it isn't possible because his brother is guilty. Patrick thanks them for their time. He asks him if his mother lives in the guesthouse. Garner asks him to leave his mother alone but Patrick gets up and walks away, toward the guesthouse. Garner asks his wife to call the police and chases after Patrick. Patrick finds Mrs. Renfrew in the garden. He introduces himself and asks to speak to her about Jared. When she hears that he is trying to prove his innocence, she agrees to speak to him.

Mrs. Renfrew speaks of a difficult child who was often in trouble. Jared became a common criminal and disgraced the family name. He eventually cleaned up his life and returned home to help with the family business. George Renfrew, his father, was happy to have his son living a better life but she tells Patrick that he died of embarrassment a week after the murder. Patrick asks her to show him where the murder occurred. She takes him to a locked room and opens it with a key stored on the top of the doorframe. She tells him that Undine was a lovely girl full of promise. Patrick asks if Undine was having an affair with Jared. Mrs. Renfrew explained that Undine had told her mother that he was stalking her and that she was frightened of him. Patrick asks to speak to her mother. Mrs. Renfrew explains that she no longer worked for the family but she went to get her address for him. While she was away, Patrick studied how the door and the key to the room worked.

Later in the Office, Minelli is taking Patrick to task over his visit to the Renfew's home. He tells him that Gardner Renfrew is a powerful force in town and Patrick shouldn't have gone to his home. Patrick counters that it's a free country. He didn't go as a representative of the CBI office. He went as a private citizen. Minelli gives him an official reprimand and orders him to stay away from the Renfrew family. He orders him to drop his investigation. Patrick refuses. He argues that Jared didn't kill Undine. Although he doesn't have the evidence to prove it, he explains that he is piecing together the information he has collected. Minelli tells him if he persists in his investigation he will have no choice but to drop him from the CBI. Patrick calmly gets up and hands his CBI ID to Minelli and quits. Lisbon asks him not to do that but he thanks her and leaves the office.

Cho, Van Pelt and Rigsby are waiting in Lisbon's office after her meeting with Minelli. The three detectives argue that they can't let Patrick down when he needs their help. As their superior officer, Lisbon reiterates the orders from the brass; they cannot reopen the case. After some discussion, Van Pelt shows Lisbon a file that may show a connection between Renfrew and Red John. Renfrew had been in prison seven years ago on a drug charge. He served with a man called Orville Tanner who had been convicted of murder. Tanner told Renfrew that he was an accomplice and that he worked with a man named Red John. Although Tanner is dead, Lisbon relents and tells them to conduct an unofficial investigation into the connection.

Van Pelt looked into Tanner's murder and found that the victim had been murdered in the same way Red John murdered his victims. Minelli enters and asks the team what they are doing. They answer honestly. He reprimands Lisbon, telling her he gave a direct order to stay away from the case. He asks Lisbon if they did this with her knowledge. Lisbon answered that she told them to do it but they didn't know of his earlier order. Minelli tells them that any further work on the case will result in suspension. Lisbon tells him that he may as well suspend her right away because there will be further infractions. She explains that Jane needs their help and they are going to give it to him. The whole team stands up to him and Minelli suspends them all and goes into his office. Lisbon follows him.

Lisbon: Uh, that was more of a rhetorical stand we were taking back there.
Minelli: You take it back then.
Lisbon: Well no, but I wanted to talk...
Minelli: (He waves a file folder and interrupts.) This...the um...suspension paperwork, right here.
Lisbon: (Lisbon tries again to explain) Look I...
Minelli: I have to go visit my sister in Hawaii for a week. She's sick. Meanwhile, this paperwork will sit on my desk...for a week. Is that clear? One week.

Lisbon thanks him for the concession. He empha that he does not want to be contacted regarding their activities. He warns her not to jeopardize her very promising career with this investigation.

Later, Lisbon calls Patrick and the team gathers at CBI headquarters to discuss what they know about the case. The physical evidence was irrefutable but the defense argued that Jared loved Undine and would do nothing to hurt her. Undine's mother, Mariska Kopecki, denied the assertion that they were in love. Patrick has not been able to speak to her yet because she moved. Patrick explains that Gardner had motive to frame his brother since there was a moral turpitude clause in the family trust. Gardner would inherit all of Jared's shares if he was convicted. Rigsby asks, if Gardner committed the murder, why would he kill Undine, why not just kill Jared? Van Pelt, searching the on the computer, found that Mariska Kopecki had changed her name to Vanna Clooney and bought a condo in Marin. They find that the IM link, which gave her this information, came from a civilian who wouldn't have had access to the health care database. It was from a Dr. Joe from N.H. Patrick looks at the name for a moment and shuffles the letters until he spells RED JOHN. Jane asks Van Pelt to type in, 'Who are you?' and the response is, '.....:-).....Is Jane there?'. When Jane confirms his presence, Red John responds with 'Keep up the good work.' They attempt to trace the link but fail. They see that he has tapped into the D.O.J secure network in order to spy on them. Patrick believes that Red John wants them to get Jared out of jail so that he can be silenced. To Jane, this is proof of Jared's innocence. He believes that Red John will have to break cover in order to go after Jared and that is when they will get him.

Patrick and Lisbon go to Mariska Kopecki's to question her. Lisbon pulls out her CBI badge but realizes she is unable to use it. Patrick manages to get them invited in with a lie but when Mariska finds out that they are there to talk about her daughter she angrily asks them to leave. Patrick calms her and tells her that they want to know who killed her daughter. Interestingly, she tells them that it doesn't matter who killed her rather than telling them that Jared was the murderer. Patrick suggests that she has gotten paid to lie about what happened. She denies getting paid for anything but Patrick tells her she is lying.

Patrick: Don't lie to me. Tell me the truth. You took your twenty pieces of silver and bought the life you always wanted didn't you?
Mariska: No
Patrick: It's what you always wanted. It means nothing. Lisbon: Jane.
Patrick: (forcefully) Look at me, Mariska. Look at me and tell me I'm wrong.
Mariska: (Shouting) You think you know everything. You know nothing.
Patrick: I know that Jared and Undine were lovers, weren't they? And you were paid to say that they weren't. Say it out loud.
Mariska: (In a whisper) Yes. They were lovers

She didn't know the man who gave her the money, but he was a private investigator by the name of Austin Sampson. Back at headquarters, they find out that Austin Sampson was dead. With the investigation at a standstill and with time running out, Patrick suggests they move to plan B.

Lisbon and Rigsby go to the Renfrew home. When Gardner's wife answers the door, Lisbon flashes her badge and asks to speak to her husband. Gardner approaches the group with his mother and wife at his side, quite displeased by the intrusion. He asks his wife to call the police and begins to walk away. Patrick tells him about the money given to Mariska Kopecki in payment for her lie. Gardner stops to listen. He dismisses the affair between Jared and Undine as irrelevant since the door was locked from the inside. It was impossible for anyone else to have committed the murder. Patrick asks him to watch and be begins his demonstration. He gives the key to Rigsby and asks him to go into the room and lock the door inside. He slides a piece of newspaper under the door then he takes what looks like a pen and pushes it through the keyhole. When he pulls the paper back through the bottom of the door, the key is on the newspaper. He picks it up and unlocks the door. To show how the murderer got out of the room leaving it locked on the inside, he stands on the outside of the room, pushes a thin piece of plastic fishing wire through the keyhole and down under the door. He then tied the wire around the key and dragged it back under the door and up into the keyhole. In order to get rid of the plastic wire, he burns it with a lighter. He explains that that is how Jared was framed. Garner is unconvinced. He suggests that what Patrick did was just a party trick. Patrick tells him that a jury will find it quite convincing and that they have a good chance of winning a new trial.

Patrick: ...then the truth will come out, somehow. Unless...
Gardner: Unless what?
Lisbon: Unless we can make some kind of financial deal here that would make it worth our while dropping all this.
Gardner: You want money? You're blackmailing us?
Patrick: Eh, we call it leverage.
Mrs. Renfrew: You're state agents!
Lisbon: Ex-state agents. Thanks to your son here, Jane was tossed out and we're going with him. We need to look after ourselves now. We won't be unreasonable.
Gardner: You people are a disgrace. Get out.

Patrick gives them until four o'clock to decide, after that they will be going to the press. The agents leave with Gardner threatening to call the FBI. As the agents walk outside, they second-guess their plan, worrying that it will backfire on them.

Back at CBI headquarters, the team is sitting nervously waiting for a call from the Renfrews. Patrick advises patience. Finally, the phone rings. Patrick answers and tells the caller he will be right there. When Lisbon asks who it is, Patrick breaks into a broad smile.

Patrick approaches the elder Mrs. Renfrew. He tells her he expected the caller to be Gardner. She laughs at the suggestion, doubting that Gardner would have the backbone. She declares that she will not tolerate the family name being dragged through the mud again. She asks Patrick how much he wants for his silence. Patrick asks her how much she gave Mariska. Mrs. Renfrew refuses to admit she paid her anything at all. Patrick comments that only a guilty person would respond to such blatant extortion. He tells her that he knows she is guilty but wants to know why she did it. Mrs. Renfrew evades the question of her guilt, asking once again what Patrick's price is. Patrick speaks of her husband being domineering. He asks when Mariska left her employ. He notes that she left after Mr. Renfrew died, insinuating but not commenting further about a relationship between her husband and the housekeeper. He then suggests that she got rid of Mariska as quickly as she could because Undine was her husband's child. Mrs. Renfrew sighs, resigned that the truth will now come out. She accepted her husband's infidelity because she liked the lifein which she lived. She kept quiet for eighteen years until Jared began his affair with Undine. She was convinced it was incest and could no longer stand living with such a travesty. She demanded that Jared end his relationship with Undine but he refused. She entered the room as Patrick had demonstrated earlier and murdered Undine. She shows Patrick a vial of Undine's blood. She explains that she took the blood so that she could confess and have Jared released, but have him released when she decided he had learned his lesson.

Two weeks later, the CBI team is getting ready to go get Jared. Patrick goes to Lisbon's office.

Patrick: We're ready to go get Renfrew. Is the safe house all set up?
Lisbon: Yeah.
Patrick: Good. I guess I'll see you over there later.
Lisbon: Jane, please be careful. Remember this is playing out just like Red John wants it to.
Patrick: This is playing out just like it has to. He has no choice but to try and silence Renfrew. He has to show himself. We're getting close. I can feel it.
Lisbon: (Skeptical) You can feel it? Like a psychic thing?
Patrick: No. I am quietly confident that we will get a bite.
Lisbon: You think you're playing him and he things he's playing you. One of you is wrong. (Patrick smiles and leaves her office)

Patrick, Rigsby and Cho meet Renfrew at the prison. Patrick asserts that he has kept his part of the bargain, now it is Jared's turn to tell him what he knows about Red John. Jared thanks him but tells him he needs some time to breathe. He asks them if they could take him for a cheeseburger. On the way, they are stopped in traffic by a protest. Renfrew takes this opportunity to escape from his protectors. The agents chase him, but he disappears into the crowd. Patrick is obviously devastated to lose him before he acquires the information on Red John that he so desperately needs.

Back at the CBI headquarters, they strategize on how to find him again before Red John does. While they discuss their next move, Patrick's cell phone rings. It is Renfrew apologizing for breaking his word. He explains that it is too dangerous to cross Red John. Patrick maintains that he is still vulnerable to Red John and needs their protection. Jared dismisses Patrick's warning and hangs up. Patrick deduces that he is in Tijuana in a motel room with a hooker.

Patrick: He is in Tijuana, Mexico. In a motel room with a hooker.
Minelli: Because...
Patrick: He wouldn't call if he didn't think he was out of our reach. I hear Latin music and sirens and horns and a whole neighborhood in the background, which suggests thin walls in a city. Hence, Tijuana motel room.
Lisbon: And a hooker...
Patrick: He has to use somebody's phone and he has been in prison for a year, hence the hooker.

Van Pelt is able to trace the phone and a location of the call. The team rushes to the location only to find Renfrew and the hooker dead. On the wall, written in blood is Red John's signature. Patrick is devastated by their failure. Lisbon tries to reassure him that they will get Red John. The cell on the table rings. Patrick answers it only to hear Red John's laughter.