The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 11

Red John's Friends

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • Red John is here

    The first Red John episode is a very good one when a man called Jared Renfrew tells Jane that he has knowledge about Red John however Jane must prove his innocence in a murder he apparently committed to get him out of jail.Jane does find proof that Jared didn't commit the murder but things go wrong from that point when Jared escapes and goes to Mexico only to be killed by Red John who kills him to stop him saying anything.The part to think about is the message left by Jared which is a clue to RJ's identity.
  • Our first proper Red John episode and it is excellent.

    An excellent case – really two in one: Red John and Renfro.

    Dinelli's threat to fire Patrick is completely stupid – the entire reason Patrick's there is to solve his family's murder. Not letting him work the Red John case will just push him away. Dinelli does what he always does – he backs his team. He is a good man.

    The Red John link turns out to be legit – if Red John hadn't made his presence known, they might never have had confirmation that Renfro really had proof. Red John wants Renfro dead. Given that Patrick got Renfro out of jail, not following through on his part of the deal is exceptionally ungrateful.

    We now know two important things about Red John – he's a genius and he's an excellent hacker.

    Fav quote:
    "It's my name." "You should have lied, as you so often do!"

    Great episode.
  • Jane finds a man who claims to have knowledge on Red John.

    Holy cliffhangers Batman, but what an episode of The Mentalist!

    I was worried that a season long, possibly series long story arc might take away from the show but instead we get one of the best episodes to date. Patrick Jane meets a man in prison who in exchange for his release promises to reveal information on the mysterious Red John who murdered Jane's family. When the fake psychic quits CBI is partners voluntarily suspend themselves to help Jane with his search.

    What's great about this show is that the light-hearted jokes from Jane don't take away from the serious issues? His special skills such as picking up on little things people say and cracking how the mother got into a locked room just separate this show from the rest of CBS' cookie cutter lineup.

    The Mentalist scores with another "A" episode to kick off the new year. Here's to hoping the show gets a pickup and an equally strong second season because I cannot wait to see how the whole Red John issue plays out.
  • Very entertaining episode

    Finally we get back to Red John. I can see this being spun out for another season or so, if they feed us the story in bits and pieces. The loyalty of Jane's team was funny and endearing, as was the reaction of their boss. I'd like to see more character development of the other characters but as long as the show is clever and amusing I'll tune in. The fact that Red John can seemingly tap into the same databases as the CBI team might make for some nice paranoia and make him nearly impossible to catch. And he seems to be as smart as Jane while being much more ruthless so identifying the killer might only be the start; proving it could take even longer.

    The cryptic message left in addition to Red John's signature smiley is enigmatic. Was it left by the victim (almost certainly with Red John's knowledge) or did Red John leave it? "He is Mar" or "He is Man", it's unclear if this is intended as the first part of Red John's name or something else and I assume we'll soon know.
  • At last, an episode that gives us more on Red John.

    This was a really great episode of The Mentalist, a really good way to come back after the new year. Most of the episodes in the season so far have shed no light whatsoever on the mysterious Red John who murdered Patrick Jane's wife and daughter. This episode told us a lot more about Patrick's adversary and did it very well. The sub plot about the murdered girl was also engaging and well-written. The scene where the team were threatened with suspension but still held their ground to support Patrick was particularly well done. This gives great promise for the rest of the season.
  • Jane goes back on tracking Red John

    An inmate convicted of murder enlists the help of Patrick Jane in order to prove his innocence in exchange of valuable information about the identity and whereabouts of Red John. Patrick eventually gets him out, only to lose him in the middle of a street demonstration. The episode presents the audience some information (or more probably, disinformation) about the identity of Jane's nemesis, Red John. The clues seems to suggest that Red John has access to the state criminal database and communication system, and/or well connected. While the suspicion is focused on Virgil Minelli, who was generally absent whenever Red John makes a move, Minelli-Red John theory seems very unlikely since it is pretty early in the season to unravel the mystery-arc of the series. One should expects some twists along the way.
  • once again red john screws with patrick.

    it was kind of revealing about patrick, how dedicated he is to finding red john, not just to fullfill his need for revenge after red john killed his family, but to put a bullet in his head. i think lisbon has a true understanding about what patrick is going through and that is why she backed him up, even though their boss was screaming "suspension". they never did get suspended did they? LOL. i love how the team backed up patrick, even though it meant their job and when the boss confronted them, they stood their ground. very brave.

    as for red john, i think it was coming that the real red john would show up.. but to have him hack into their computer system was brilliant and is the perfect way to show how cunning and how much of a psychological arse he really is. it was sad that jared died, but it was his own fault.. and patrick had to know that. i am glad cho didn't have problems with his eyes after getting coffee thrown at his face.

    good episode. :)
  • A thrilling episode that brings back an "old friend".

    In my opinion, this is the best episode I have seen so far and exactly the reason why I watch this TV show. The characters evolve while solving this case. Patrick Jane is personally and especially emotionally involved in this case because he has a chance to get/get closer to Red John, the murderer who killed his daughter and wife. As always, Patrick plays a trick to get answers and catch a killer, but only a killer not the killer (Red John) who proves to be even a better player than Patrick. Even though CBI underestimates determination of Red John to cover his traces this is only a warm lap between Patrick and Red John.