The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 22

Red John's Rules

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • red john suspects

    None of the suspects are connected to Janes past, and it's doubtful RJ can read minds, so either Jane is wrong about the list or he IS red john.
  • Help! I missed episode 22!!!

    Aargh!! I missed the last episode for series 5 - does anyone know where I can view it? I have tried a couple of sites and they say I am too late! If not can someone tell me what the heck happened!!

    Thanks :~)
  • Well, it's obvious now folks...

    Patrick IS Red John. No, can't be. Right? But if he was in asylum, he might have slipped out his memories while RJ might have been controlling a doctor there. I still say it's the psychic, Kristina Frye. Since the series "The River" dried up (moan!), maybe she'll be back. Remember "Red Sky in the Morning"? RJ was face to face with Jane, and was a LOT smaller of stature, like a woman, in a baggy hoody. I stand by it.
  • Enough with the Red Smiley Face story

    I too am getting tired of the Red John back story. To me it ran its course back in season three. I did not enjoy this season as much as the last four. The episodes are starting to get a bit boring. I think the writers are starting to run out of good story lines for episodes, so they keep having to bring back the red smiley face story. But to me and a few I know that watches this show, we all are getting tired of the Red John fall back the writers are relying on.
  • Screw you, Hannibal Lecter! You may be evil, but I can read minds!

    So, apparently the only explanations for this episode are that either Red John is Patrick himself or Red John can read minds now.

    And how did Red John figure out suspect's list before Patrick? It was defenitely not from Bob Kirkland's men break in. Remember, Lorelei read the message on camera and she was killed before that and before Patrick narrowed down the list! I guess Red John can time travel as well.

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that at the beginning of the show Red John and Patrick seemed like equal enemies. Now Read John is one immortal, mind reading, time traveling ninja. And Patrick just sucks...

    One more thing... Gale Bertram is on the list? Seriously? This pathetic whiny bitch who couldn't handle losing in poker game is Red John? How could Patrick possibly put him on the list?

    Seriously, The Red John story in the last 2 seasons represents the most laziest writing I've ever seen.
  • Patrick Jane and the seven diversions.

    I'm willing to bet that none of the men will turn out to be Red John. Poor Jane! This is frustrating... it must be someone from Jane's life; someone who was there on the day. Someone who was a carnie as well? I honestly have no idea. And I like that. I guessed early in the episode who had taken the baby, but I honestly have no idea who might be Red John (and I wonder whether the writers know yet themselves). Though I have to say I will be so mad if Jane turns out to be Red John (though it doesn't seem possible, considering he wasn't anywhere near his wife and daughter when they were .
  • getting sick of the Red John story already

    I understand that it started off all about Jane finding Red John, but I believe that the show can stand without this as a background story now. Am I the only one that likes this show but getting sick of the Red John story line. We are going into Season 6 and still looking for the same man. All the season Finales have been about Jane getting so close but sorry nope another obstacle Jane has to do and think about. I really hope season 6 they can finally end the Red John Story, or at least let us know who he is.
  • Red John's Rules

    The season finales rarely disappoint and this was another good one. It could have been better, and I don't like the idea of narrowing Red John suspects down to 7 and to the list, but something tells me even if one person on here is RJ, it will go much deeper than that.

    Intriguing, built suspense, but The Mentalist has also had stronger finales the last two years than this one.
  • patrick cant be RJ

    coz RJ shouldn't be able to remember patricks memories aswell :)

    der iz a possibility of RJ havin powers coz previously we saw a woman having physic powers which patrick refused to believe.

  • Patrick is Red

    Patrick himself is a potential suspect. Given his complex personality and his tough childhood he might have become a psychopath (Red John). Of course he met a man wearing a mask who was THOUGHT to be Red John but he also killed a man who claimed to be Red John but he wasn't. Patrick as Red John could have hired all these people with out even showing them his face, he has built a great network of friends and connections thanks to his days as a traveller psychic boy and later as a psychic.

    His wife finds out about his second personality she loves him so she doesn't go to the police but instead asks him to get help from a therapist. Patrick with his great mind engineers a plan to kill her by talking on TV about Red John and so that he could move himself from the suspect category to that of the Victims and then when everything is ready he kills his wife and since he didn't have a mother himself and understands how hard it can be for a child without her mother he decides to kill her as well.

    When he wakes up the next morning he can't bear what he did so he goes crazy and he gets hospitalized in a mental asylum where he develops his second personality the good one. But he still shifts between personalities without even remembering a thing about his bad personality when he is good, however when he is bad (Red John) he remembers everything about his good CBI consultant personality. So when he is Patrick Jane of the CBI he doesn't know that he himself is the Red John and therefore tries his best to catch this 'Monster' but how could he?

    This is a brilliant idea for season 6. Take it, I won't sue.
  • That was a season finale?

    On it's own this was a decent episode, but for a season finale I felt that it was lacking. Apart from the last scene, it seemed more like a penultimate episode than an ultimate one. It built Red John back up with this fresh kill of his and I believe a follow up episode would really deliver the intensity and drama that this episode lay the foundation for. Instead, I was rather underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, it was a great, intriguing episode and the last scene really set the tone for an awesome, RJ killing spree season, I just missed the excitement.
  • Time for Red John to go in the can.

    This would have been a great episode ending Season Three. But the whole Red John storyline has been beaten to death, every drop of juice squeezed from it. Sherlock Holmes bested Moriarty fairly early after discovering him, and went on to more interesting adventures. It's time Patrick Jayne did the same.

    Patrick Jane is a fascinating and plausible character. But Red John is not even faintly believable. Somehow this crazy psychopath manages to get a small army of like-minded nut cases to infiltrate the FBI and the CBI, and prevent anyone from revealing his identity. What do RJ acolytes do at their weekly meetings? Serve coffee and doughnuts and recipes for torture and murder?
  • deal

    I always thought it was VOICE is the when Jane was tied up with packing was the episode where supposdely Red John first a mask. His body frame was very tiny and his voice was feminine.....

    I have the episodes on my DVR and compared Partriges' voice to "Red John's" when he first said TIger Tiger and talked to Jane a was undeniably BIG thing that does NOT make sense is far from being charismatic etc to get all thses Partridge is just another Red John following doing REd John's any event I was not surprised they left us hanging frustrating. I hope they wrap up the RD s/l in the first few episodes of next season and continue with other still LOVE the John has simply gone on way to long~!
  • Back to start

    Lorelei died before Kirklands men broke in the Janes "office". So how could he know about the suspect list? And how do you kill an untold childhood memory?

    Anyway Jane is left with no new leads on getting Red John. I'm frustrated!!!! Hope season six will be the last season. You can't keep leading people on for much longer.
  • Whoa! Red John sounds a little petulant, there.

    Apparently, he's like a spoiled child prodigy, who thinks good luck should play no part, whatsover, in a duel of wits. So, now, he's changed the "rules" of the game. But, there are two problems with that, Johnny-boy! First off? This is the real world; and in the real world, good luck _always_ plays a part in _every_ game! Secondly (and more importanly)? This is definitely _no_ game to Patrick.

    As to Sean Barlow's claim that psychic powers exist, and not only does he have them, but so does Red John? If that were true, then how come Patrick managed to bamboozle Sean so easily (and _twice in a row_) in less than five minutes time? My first guess: Barlow's are natural-born readers of body-language. The same way other people are naturally gifted at math equations, never even once requiring a pocket calculator.

    My second guess: Sean = John. So if my hunch is right, that Red John is a renegade ex-disciple of Brett Stiles, then Barlow might have taken Stiles' training to enhance his natural gift. And, then, passed himself off as a "true psychic" in order to build up a legion of fanatically loyal followers. Including all levels of law-enforcement, from local police to HomeSec!

    Which, btw, is how Red John really learned those seven names. Remember the spy who broke into the loft and took those micro-pix?

  • a serial mistake

    notice how all the friends of red john in custody end up dead in the same way , something tht has been going on since s2.. with tht secretary of sam bosco, rebecca.. till now..

    i mean come on dont know they will do this any how... about time they could get careful..

    n how come lorelai is so calm on meeting john n reading his how violent n stupid she was in that episode..

    also i think in my opinion bob is the most viable candidate or bret patridge..
  • Ok, Jane is Red John. (Red Jane)

    Lets think about this logically, the show has always supported the idea that there is no such thing as "special powers". Unless Jane told someone about the memory, which according to him he didn't, then Jane killed his own happy memory because he has multiple personality disorder. Otherwise, we can realistically assume that the list is down to 5 because it wouldn't be Smith or McAllister, we don't know enough about that, the writers aren't that lame. By that logic, Red John is either Bertram, Haffner, Partridge, Kirkland, or Stiles. They've made Kirkland too obvious, it can't be him. My money is on Partridge. He was at the crime scene of the first episode where there was a Red John copycat.
  • An Important Hint

    I think only solid fans of The Mentalist can appreciate this show now. That being said, I think the key to finding out who Red John is among the seven suspects is remembering Mr. Barlow's comment on Red John: He is always one step ahead of Jane because he has 'powers'. This refers to probably a mole in Lisbon's team, who is always leaking information for Red John. I suspect it's Van Pelt.
  • getrealwillya

    First of all, stop whining. Like you've followed seasons 4 and 5, you will watch season 6 which I hope will be the last one. Second, why would anyone with a half of brain expect the Red John to be revealed in this episode, when we all know The Mentalist has been renewed for season 6 ?! Do you people not get that when we find out who RJ is, the show will end ?! So, it will be in the very last episode. Once again, hopefully the last episode of season 6.

    As for the episode, it really was a weak season finale. I am extremely disappointed, but it is what it is. I don't think the show will get the nod for another renewal, so we should wait for season 6, watch it and all will be revealed. My guess is - Bertram is RJ.
  • Hate that I Love it

    The whole Red John Story has taken its toll on all of us and I know this is fiction and ain't real BUT, imagine this happening for real (which has) and No, that person is neither as smart as Jane nor does he/she has Jane's resources (CBI).

    Can you imagine? The frustration, the sleepless nights, the anger built up within, the pity, and what not. Can you? add to that a regular person who won't be heard.

    For me, this was never about Red John, this was about Jane dealing with all those stuff and being patient, waiting, watching, looking, absorbing and reaching this point that he finally has SEVEN suspects. This is a triumph.

    That is why I enjoy this show and maybe you can continue enjoying if you change your perspective and look at the show from Jane's point of view.

    A survivor getting closer, patiently, to avenge his family. it's more than most of survivors get and it sure feels good to watch.

    Apologies for the English (second Lang)
  • 7 suspects.

    I knew that we wouldn't find out who Red John was in this episode but throughout the episode I was waiting for the seven suspects to be revealed and the way it was revealed proves how smart Red John is I knew he was smart but its unreal how he knew Jane's list and what would happen in the future The fact that he also read Jane's mind only points to him being psychic Jane has always said there is no such thing as psychics but Red John is proving him very much wrong The seven Red John suspects that Red John predicted and are the seven on Jane's list are Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister and Brett Partridge I don't get how Jane thinks that Red John is possibly the Sheriff or Reede Smith but I am going to go with Gale Bertram and with season 6 being the last season we are now very close.
  • Such a dissappointment

    This episode just felt like another episode to me, there were no significant Red John developments. I heard that he'd be revealed on this episode, so I was so eager to see it, but (as usual) Red John is shown to be ten steps ahead - bleh bleh blehh , last season's finale was much more intense and interesting. Also I really hope that Lisbon and Jane do not get together romantically, they are much *much* better as friends (please dont become one of those typical american shows where the protagonists must get together -_-). They are dragging this storyline on and on, and building Red John up to an almost god-like status that I think its gonna be a major disappointment to the audience once his true identity is revealed...
  • Enough Already with Red John

    The Mentalist WAS my favorite show on tv, but please, enough of the Red John stuff. Sadly, the best show on tv is now losing dimension. I've started changing channels. The over-&-over routine with Red John is the same reason that I quit watching Grey's Anatomy . . . a story-line that won't go away. The Mentalist has such potential, but how many times and how many ways can you do the Red John thing. Please, please move on already.