The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 15

Red Lacquer Nail Polish

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Red Lacquer Nail Polish

    A little of a boring and slow-moving episode at times, and I wish that there would have been more with the "creepy" old mansion, but the show still was solid here. Twist with who the "killer" ended up being as well in this one.
  • The CBI investigate an arson victim in her mansion.

    In this episode the CBI investigate the murder of en elderly heiress and it was good to see Brett Partridge at the scene because he is many people's Red John suspect but Jane just thinks he is a creep I think this is the first time one of the main characters hasn't been in an episode With Van Pelt not in the episode Rigsby tries to find a way to move on but makes a lot of women angry with him The episode ending with Jane using crazy methods to catch the killer and like he said he is now going to pursue Red John and hopefully he will get somewhere because the next episode is a Red John episode.