The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 15

Red Lacquer Nail Polish

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Mariette Hartley who played Elise Vogelson rose to fame in the70's being in over 300 commercials for Polaroid opposite James Gardner.

  • Quotes

    • Jane: Uh, Lisbon, I'm sorry, but I think we might have to get back to the crime scene.
      Lisbon: Really? That place was so creepy.
      Jane: Yes. But I-I'm worried we might have missed something because of that.
      Lisbon: Okay, fine, but no jumping out and yelling "boo" at me or anything like that.
      Jane: I mean, seriously, what do you take me for?
      Lisbon: I am not going to answer that because I'm a nice person.

    • Jane: (about sailing) Seems like a civilized way to travel, don't you think?
      Lisbon: Are you kidding? Stuck on that thing in the middle of the ocean? It's like being in a prison cell with a chance of drowning.

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