The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 22

Red Letter

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2010 on CBS

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  • Big Mistake... Whole Episode for nothing Spoiler Alert!

    what the Hell.... the Episode could Ended from the First 5 min...... the Researcher hit the victim with Fire Extinguisher while he is holding it with his hands (No gloves no nothing).... why they didn't just swab for Fingerprints... Specially they know that its the Murder Weapon....!!!!!
  • Red Letter

    A season one like plot, but unfortunately not season one like quality for The Mentalist. Where did things go wrong? Everything was just a bit too simple, to put it in lamen's term. The characters were all cliched suspects by The Mentalist standards, and by the end of the episode nobody was really surprised when the truth came out. No Law and Order like plot twists here.

    I hope we get an update on Red John before the season is over, but I am not even sure if that is the long-term goal for this program anymore. Can they stretch that arc out for 9-10 seasons?
  • Errors

    However much I enjoy this series, when they make mistakes they do, do it big. so lets go first to the error, the guy who did the killing, wasn't wearing gloves and dropped the murder weapon with his prints all over it on the floor near the body, it is clearly seen when the body is discovered, so they would have known who it was from the beginning, however the sheriff does say there's no usable prints on it, that would be however almost impossible given the way it had to be held to be used as a weapon. I suggest the powers that be hold one, and test it after you will find prints even if they are only partial. These errors spoil such a fun series.
    Also adding the woo woo factor, just makes it become childish. A medium again for F sake, and the hint they are going to get together. Jane may like her but he also thinks she's a liar, that is not conducive to a good relationship.
  • Ok... I don't get it. Spoilers galore, for those who haven 't seen the episode.

    Well, over all I didn't like this episode, some things just plain didn't make any sense.

    So when they first see the scene, Jane says it was a frantic, unplanned robbery. The speech is missing, and Jane guesses someone doesn't want it read.

    However, it turns out it was a planned murder. Which is okay, Jane is human and makes mistakes. But who stole the speech? In the flashback, the researcher doesn't do anything to the body (other than bludgeon it). Not to mention there would be no reason for him to steal the speech. If the guy was planning on exposing the blackmail fraud, how would the researcher know that was in his speech?

    That doesn't even matter, because we still don't know who stole the speech, when they stole it, or how they stole it.

    Second, why did the researcher kill his partner-in-crime too? I guess some would argue that a prostitute would turn on him and testify quickly, but that wouldn't even matter if the guy who they were planning to blackmail couldn't press charges.

    I could have done without the "Maybe Kristina Frye really is a psychic!!!!1!!one!!" bit. One of the main parts of the show is Jane denouncing his former fraudulent self. Psychics don't exist, what does exist is good guessing, cold reading, hot reading, and attention to detail. The "I communicating with her departed soul, she's DEAD!" and "Blood will be spilled" really, really, really cheapened the show. I hope Red John kills her slow.

    Also, if my boss ever told me who to start dating, she would be told to shove her ideas for my personal life so far up where the sun don't shine, they would tickle the back of her throat. Frankly, that kind of stuff is what bosses simply do not do in fear of HR hearing about it. I'm surprised Jane let her get away with it.
  • boring main plot but intriguing set up for next ep as Jane and Kristina do their 'dance'

    Okay, maybe the other reviewers are right about the errors re. the murder plot and yes the show should get those right. But for me the case was just a vehicle to show us this dance between Jane and Kristina again. I do not think for a moment that Jane is buying even a fraction of a percent of her supposed psychic abilities - I think he is feigning that seed of doubt to try to make Kristina more confident as he continues to try to find out what makes her able to do some of the tricks he can't yet solve. I don't think he actually likes her. I think it is all an act. Maybe I have too much faith in him but that is what I think for now...

    Looking forward to the finale and hope it solves the Red John mystery.