The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 19

Red Letter Day

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Enough with Red John already.

    Enough with Red John already, either give us the biggest twist ever and make it Patrick, or just tell us who it is and move on!

  • Have we finally found him?

    Wow, so is this it? Have we finally found Red John or is it just another of his disciples???
  • Red Letter Day

    A fun episode here that was set in a wild west town. Some twists and turns here, and some great vintage Patrick Jane with the illusions and then using his abilities to find out who the killer was.

    Well-written and enjoyable episode.
  • Kirkland attempts to stop Jane from finding out who Red John is.

    First of all I am so glad the Mentalist has been renewed for a 6th season so it will be able to wrap up the Red John story and it won't be rushed This episode was another build up to the finale showing that Kirkland is right in the middle of this Red John storyline but is he actually Red John or another accomplice I did notice though at the beginning of the episode he was drinking tea but I'm still unsure what part he actually plays Jane surely should suspect Kirkland of breaking in his room and now Jane has to act.
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  • Jane's master plan

    Kirkland might work Red John, it's difficult to say tho. However, Jane wanted "them" to steal/copy all of his investigation notes: How do I know? Jane is smart and (if you look carefully) he smiles when he found out someone has been in his room. Jane has a new master plan in work!
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