The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 4

Red Menace

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • OK.This show was getting better. But now its back to the supercop idiocy. Cops are not brave enough to intimidate gangs. 1% obviously have far more resolve and brotherhood then they showed here. Why would they be terrified to break the law?

    And Janes oh so pithy comments wouldn't have made much of a difference to a third grader, much less the Sargent at arms of a criminal gang. What Jane said to Xander made me want to throw up a little. Oh yeah...bad childhood, latent creativity. Give me a break. If bikers show up like that it means they have come ready to fight. And cops are usually not the bravest of souls, especially bullies like Rigby. Those kind of people are the first to run. I don't like shows whose message is that the constitution is a joke, and the government doesn't need due process. They can just decide that some people are "scum". But when its done with a smirk, I stop watching. I liked the stuff with Red John. But I forget how irritating all the other episodes tend to get. If I want to watch police propoganda I can look plenty of places. The idea that Jane can intimidate a biker by saying "she's a cop you won't touch her" is stupid. Obviously they would dare. They could beat the crap out of her, and probably do alright if everyone keeps silent. Also, I have a feeling that groups like that don't fall for the "rat amongst them" trick too easily. A group like that would trust their brother over some idiot in a strange get up. It would have been jane getting the ***** kicked out of him. Not their leader. I don't have any particular liking for bikers. Nor do I know much about them. But I do know that criminals tend to be braver and more competent them the average police person. They have to be. I would dearly love to see Patrick in a cast at this point. Thats smile alone should get someone to break his jaw, shouldn't it? Do you really imagine that all people out there fall for some silly pop psychology crap? Id bet a lot of people feel that defending their honor and putting a guy like that in his place would be wotrh the punishment. They would be correct too.