The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 4

Red Menace

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Show us what Jane sees.

    It constantly happens, in many an episode such as this one, that Jane is sure of the suspect before Lisbon or the other detectives, only needing some kind of trick to get him/her to either confess or give themselves away.

    Now we are to believe that Jane isn't really psychic, but a clever and astute man who can read people.

    That's great, this is the Jane character, and I can accept this, but I need more. I need an explanation as to why Jane tumbled on the kid in this episode for example. What was it that told him the kid was the murderer? We are not supposed to believe that Jane has any real psychic abilities, then I want to know what gave the kid away to Jane. What did Jane pick up on that the other trained detectives, trained observes missed out on?

    The series "Lie To Me" does a better job of explaining what gives a suspect away to the equally gifted Lightman, than this show does here. For all intensive purposes, it almost seems that Jane made an accurate guess at who the real villain is, and then proved it by some trick. And this happens far too often for my liking.

    And then when all is said and done, not Lisbon, nor any of the others, who often are surprised themself to find out who the real murderer is, ask, "how did you know, Jane?" or "what gave him away, Jane?" Even just to ask as a self-development/learning exercise, 'cos with all their own skills, they missed it.

    Frankly how did any of them ever catch any suspects, before Jane came along?

    I also had a problem with Jane's meting out of what he called justice to the bikie leader in the end. Sure we did get the sense that he deserved it, but for all intensive purposes he was found not guilty in a court of law. And for all Jane knows, despite the bikie being unlikable, arrogant and even a criminal, he may indeed have been not guilty. We didn't see Jane peruse the court transcripts or make a further investigation to be certain of the facts, before acting, and condemning this guy to a bad beating, if not death.

    Though I found it difficult to believe that he would have so easily broken the brotherhood bond these bikies had, and have them turn on their leader. Indeed if I was in the position of the bikers, not only would I want to get the suspicious envelope from my leader, but I would also like to get my hands on, at the very same time, the guy who handed him the envelope, and not let him escape. Instead we see Jane leisurely walk to his car and get in, smiling contentedly, with the sister of an earlier alleged-murder victim, at a job well done, absolutely safe from harm, and from embarrassing questions from the other numerous bikers in the bar that could have come out and surrounded the car.