The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 4

Red Menace

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Not an important arc episode but fun nonetheless. A typical, good Mentalist episode.

    I actually liked this one, it had a different setting than the usual Mentalist episodes (a biker gang, which is something we definitely haven't seen before in this show), and we got to learn some little facts about the characters. Rigsby hates bikers because of family issues, and Van Pelt can do a mean car chase scene! Also, instead of being the murdered innocent, the victim turns out to be a criminal himself, and in the end we identify ourselves with the killer rather than the victim.

    Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer from Supernatural) does an expectedly good job of portraying the biker gang leader, and there are some intense scenes in the episode, like for instance when Jane and Lisbon walk in the bar and try to get the bikers to talk to them, or when Rigsby and Cho are defending Guthrie's house - that one was pretty intense, I liked it. I have to disagree with another reviewer who made a rather exaggerated point about police brutality in that scene, as well as general remarks about the quality of police officers. These remarks don't really have a place in a TV show review, and besides, the scene didn't look so brutal to me. Neither did the episode. They were supposed to be defending the life of someone who would surely have been killed by the bikers if it weren't for Cho and Rigsby. Sure, the scenes in the bar were a little far fetched, I don't believe two law enforcement people could've walked into a biker bar and survived either, but it's a police show not a documentary. Sometimes assumptions are put out to advance the storyline. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode, it was well-made and fun to watch.