The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 9

Red Moon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Todd Johnson knew about Red John

    An episode I never thought would involve Red John when a few murders was committed at the start they found themselves after a serial killer and when Jane an the team apprehended the killer Todd Johnson he was burnt because he knew about Red John and the last thing he says to Jane before he died was Tyger Tyger which is what Red John said to Jane on the season 2 finale.It was unexpected ending and such a great episode.
  • He said... "Tiger, tiger."

    Excellent episode. The tension building within Jane is becoming more and more evident in each episode as his hunger for revenge continues to rise for Red John.

    The only true flaw in this entire masterpiece is the fact that any editing master would allow such important words as what the villain spoke at the end, be so inaudible. But thanks to closed captioning technology, I was able to confirm that the villain muttered the words "tiger, tiger" just before he dies. This is a direct link to Red John and therefore, leaves you thriving for more. Unfortunately, it looks as if we have to wait until December for a new episode. I for one... will be watching!
  • You can just feel Jane's tension mounting.

    With each new episode and case, there is a tangible heightening of Jane's tension, and it makes you wonder if his patience will win out, or his desire for revenge.

    Cases lately seem to keep taking Jane "back", metaphorically speaking, and his grip seems ever more tenuous. I like it. It gives him an edge that balances the flaky and sometimes annoyingly cocky parts of his character and behaviour.

    The whole episode was much more graphic than most weeks. And not just visually. Psychologically too, which is infinitely more effective. I actually jumped when the Sheriff was shot. I guess I should have seen it coming but kudos for the sneaky approach to that one!

    For Jane, it must have been like looking into the eyes of a very familiar evil with Todd Johnson at the end there. But I have to ask: what did Todd say to Jane on his way "out"? Did I miss it, or was it intentionally inaudible? Was it just a harbinger of things to come? Its got me on the hook for next week anyway, and that's a first this season!
  • Superb episode, rich in complexity. Two psychics, one real and another fake. Two men looking for revenge. A deer and a tiger.

    "Red Moon" is a superb, rather dark but complex episode.

    Although the episode is self-contained, it provides lot of material for further development.

    On the funny side, there're two psychics, one real and another fake. Patrick has part of his job done by Ellis Mars, in a rather funny way.

    On the dark side, there're two men looking for revenge.
    Todd Johnson had his revenge, Patrick is still looking for his own.

    First pictures show a deer. When Jane meets Ellis Mars, he dreams about a tiger catching a deer.

    Photography is great, with landscapes and elaborate camera moves.

    As in other episodes, this episode adds some clues added to the Red John puzzle. I hope coming episodes will keep the momentum high!
  • Tiger Title!

    This was such a GOOD episode! I wasn't surprised when the Sheriff was shot though. When Jane found the villian on fire....I was guessing Red John did it. Remember when Red John killed the woman that had helped him kill Bosco and three others. He managed to walk right by her and poison her as the guards were taking her to lock up. My husband and I couldn't understand the final words spoken by the villian.....I hit rewind and listened,don't know how many times until I could figure it out. I'm pretty sure he says "Tiger Title" hinting that Red John is actually behind the killings and burning him alive. The reason I'm thinking this is because I remembered that Red John whispered that to Jane in the season finale last year. Referring to the Poem "The Tiger." "Tiger, Tiger burning bright...."
    All in all this show is getting better and better!
    Can't wait to see how it continues to unfold.
    Oh, I agree with the other reviewer about Jane being on the's a nice change from his cockiness.
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