The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 9

Red Moon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Tiger Title!

    This was such a GOOD episode! I wasn't surprised when the Sheriff was shot though. When Jane found the villian on fire....I was guessing Red John did it. Remember when Red John killed the woman that had helped him kill Bosco and three others. He managed to walk right by her and poison her as the guards were taking her to lock up. My husband and I couldn't understand the final words spoken by the villian.....I hit rewind and listened,don't know how many times until I could figure it out. I'm pretty sure he says "Tiger Title" hinting that Red John is actually behind the killings and burning him alive. The reason I'm thinking this is because I remembered that Red John whispered that to Jane in the season finale last year. Referring to the Poem "The Tiger." "Tiger, Tiger burning bright...."
    All in all this show is getting better and better!
    Can't wait to see how it continues to unfold.
    Oh, I agree with the other reviewer about Jane being on the's a nice change from his cockiness.
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