The Mentalist

Season 4 Episode 23

Red Rover, Red Rover

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 10, 2012 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Lisbon: (after Jane's been fired) Don't do anything rash. We can work this out. We'll fix it.
      Jane: I doubt that.
      Lisbon: I'll come by your place tonight. We'll talk it out, okay?
      Jane: You're sweet.
      Lisbon: Let me help you.

    • Lisbon: Why did you burn your Red John files?
      Jane: Because he's right. It's time to give up.
      Wainwright: Seriously?
      Lisbon: What do you mean?
      Jane: Well, nothing's working. Nothing. It's just a game, and he keeps winning. The only way for me to stop him is if I stop playing.
      Lisbon: Meaning what?
      Jane: Meaning I put it behind me. I move on.
      Lisbon: That's a big change, Jane.
      Jane: Well, change is good. Isn't it?
      Lisbon: So... Are you leaving the CBI?
      Jane: No, of course not. What would I do for amusement?

    • Van Pelt: Jane seem off to you?
      Cho: Always.

    • Wainright: Jane. Jane, she's a witness.
      Jane: People who can identify Red John end up dead.
      Wainright: I get that you feel protective here.
      Jane: Do you?
      Wainright: This is not your call.
      Jane: Yes, it is. If you try to question her or even talk to her, I will hurt you badly.
      Wainright: Did he really just threaten me?

    • Lisbon: What's up? Where are you?
      Jane: Yeah. Sorry, Lisbon. I had my phone turned off.
      Lisbon: We're in the middle of a toxic waste dump. Hurry up.
      Jane: Ooh. That sounds inviting. I'll see you there.
      Lisbon: Chop chop. Time's a-wastin'.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Germany: Das offene grab (The open grave)

    • This episode had 12.62 million viewers when it originally aired.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 10, 2012 on CTV
      United Kingdom: May 25, 2012 on Channel 5/Channel 5 HD
      Belgium: October 05, 2012 on VIER
      Germany: December 2, 2012 on Sat.1

  • Allusions

    • The episode title, "Red Rover, Red Rover," comprises a double allusion: to a children's game and to a novel by James Fenimore Cooper. Patrick Jane's quest to apprehend and punish Red John, the serial killer who murdered Jane's family, runs through every season's episodes and links them, much as the Mississippi River runs through Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" and links the episodic chapters; that quest provides both structure and the central story arc of "The Mentalist." To Jane, the quest for vengeance/justice is deadly serious; to Red John, it is merely a game -- hence the title: children chant, "Red rover, red rover, let ______ come over," inviting a member of the opposite team to challenge them. Similarly, Red John continually invites Jane to challenge him, but Jane keeps losing, even when he seems to win. In this episode, Jane acknowledges the game by telling Lisbon that the only way to stop it is for Jane to "stop playing." In Cooper's novel "The Red Rover: a Tale," the "rover" is a pirate -- amoral, vicious, thieving, reiving. Red John is, above all else, a reiver, a plunderer who steals life itself, leaving a bloody trail of victims, living and dead.