The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 12

Red Rum

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2009 on CBS

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  • Blatant religious bigotry is entertaining?

    Kindly explain to me how an hour-long hatefest containing religious slurs, blatant stereotyping, and flat-out LIES about Wicca is entertaining. I don't get it. If they did this about Christians, there would be a riot, to say nothing of what could happen if they mocked Judaism or Islam. Please explain to me how the studio was not sued out of existence for this garbage.
  • A wicca-based episode; but why nothing about Red John?

    This was an entertaining episode although it was disappointing that after last week's episode where lots of revelations were made about Red John, this week he was completely ignored as if none of last week's episode had ever happened.

    Despite that, the storyline was enjoyable and there was lots of character development, particularly of Grace and Wayne who have some nice chemistry going. Grace surprised me with her football prowess (thank's to her dad who was a coach). Also Kimball was great, his obvious fear of magic and witches came across brilliantly. Teresa didn't have much to do but the others ade up for it.
  • The cliché 'evil witchcraft' episode. The ignorance on display is extremely offensive.

    Why is it that crime series always drag out witchcraft and immediately brand it as evil? Patrick, in particular, shouldn't be spouting such rubbish – my pet peeve is the *upright* pentagram, a symbol of *protection* – given that he's worked in a related industry and should know better. I was immediately offended – the ignorant 'witch' actually used the word 'dark' and 'Wicca' in the same sentence. I'm not sure if that's ignorance on the writer's part or meant to be of the teenage character's. The first rule of Wicca is to do no harm and this little twit says she did a killing curse?! By halfway through the episode, I was *extremely* offended.

    This woman is a nutjob and she dares call herself a Wicca?! She's pieced together bits and pieces of stuff she probably got off the internet then called it Wicca to make it seem legit instead of the nonsense it is.

    Pet peeve – why is it so many shows use Stephen King's Shining's 'redrum' for titles of episodes which have nothing to do with the original story?!

    I'm not sure if this is the writers not doing their homework or whether it was just the character who was supposed to look unhinged, but if it was the latter, the writers never made that clear.
  • Interesting and socially challenging

    I disagree with the poster that was offended by the Wiccan "misinformation".
    The wiccan character comes across as emotionally needy and slightly loopy, granted.
    Her interaction with Cho doesn't speak any more to the "evil" perception of Wicca than to the superstitious nature of Cho (which is also stereotypical--superstitious Asian).
    But her role is pivotal to exposing the real killer, when it is discovered that the victim's brother feels better protected sneaking off to her home than in his own. Without that, and without the belief of the victim's family in her "powers", the case might not have been solved.
    Most watchers (myself included) have a limited understanding of Wicca, and the main impression that came away from this episode is that it is no more violent than an abusive home life, and that it is as subject to the believers/viewers perspective as any other religious belief.
  • A local "witch" becomes a suspect in a murder.

    The Mentalist fresh off its People's Choice Award victory continues to be one of the best shows on television. It's a refreshing change of pace to the rest of the CBS lineup and is just an exciting hour of television with very few dull moments, a claim very few police dramas can make.

    It's just the little things that make this show so great. From Patrick throwing the rock up and down to distract the kids to Grace having surprising knowledge of football it's just details like this that make this such a well-written program. This was similar to a past episode they've done where Patrick did not believe that a woman was a psychic, but the end result was different. Fortunately, that's all I can really complain about this was just another great episode.