The Mentalist

Season 5 Episode 8

Red Sails in the Sunset

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on CBS
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Jane enlists the help of Brett Stiles in order to orchestrate an elaborate plan to break Lorelei out of jail in the hopes she'll lead him to Red John.

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  • Hitchcock

    Did anyone else notice how Hitchcockian this entire episode was? The use of color, or lack thereof? The soundtrack? Good episode.
  • Anyone - or just Michael

    Please explain where it is known that the FBI secretly moved her to a federal prison? i was lost when this happened, i mean i know i step away to grab some snacks in between scenes but how the heck did i miss this???????? i was dissapointed when i found out she was still in prison and thought this might have been a huge script error. (y)
  • Lorelei and Jane on the run.

    This is the episode that lets us know where this season is heading We know that Lorelei knows who Red John is and with the help of Bret Stiles Jane get Lorelei out of prison but he needs to get her to trust him For Jane it isn't as easy as you think but it was all worth it when we find out the biggest clue about Red John which is Jane has shook hands with him and I think we have seen it happen in one of the episodes It was very interesting to see Robert Kirkland in this episode but now I think he is too obvious to be Red John because he shook hands with Jane on the episode before this and Lorelei was in prison when it happened but we will see how this clue effects the season Now we can say Jane has an advantage over Red John.moreless
  • who shook his hand?

    ... who we've already seen, was shaking Jane's hand and could be friends with him on other circumstances?

    am i the only one who is thinking of Walter Mashburn here?? he is smart, he is bored, he loves beautiful woman, he has all the money which maybe makes it easier to work for him... and he said something on that beach to Janes about being friends...

    but maybe he is only one "big hand" of Red John, maybe he himself is it... wanna bet?

    and i do not get the point of Lorelai being in that prison: if the FBI secretly moved her there... but they made the deal that Jane should interview her.. why is he now no longer allowed to do that??moreless
  • Who is Red John!?

    At first I thought it must be the Homeland Security guy, but I'm fairly certain he's a Red Herring. Who is Red John?!

    Also, Lorelei didn't break out of prison, the FBI (or someone in the FBI) secretly moved her to a different prison and kept it all secret from the CBI. That's why Jane's been spending all this time over the last few episodes trying to get her back from the FBI - there'd be absolutely no point if Red John got her out, because she'd either be long gone or dead.moreless
Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Lorelei Martins

Guest Star

Gigi Rice

Gigi Rice

Dana Martins

Guest Star

Ron Perkins

Ron Perkins

Park Ranger

Guest Star

Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan

Robert Kirkland

Recurring Role

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    • Jane: (to Lorelei)Why are you mad at me?I didn't force you to escape from prison.

    • Stiles: Look, if you must know, I've grown mildly accustomed to you, Patrick. You make me sit up and pay attention.
      Jane: I'm very glad you're amused by me.

    • Lorelei: (referring to Red John) God, you're just like him, you know that? Relentless manipulation.
      Jane: I am nothing like him.
      Lorelei: How would you know? I know. I only wonder why the two of you didn't become lifelong friends the moment you shook hands.

    • Bob Kirkland: (about Jane and Lorelei) If he's with her, he's in a lot of danger. You know him better than anybody, now if he did do this, where would he go?
      Lisbon: Any place I could possibly think of is where he wouldn't go.

    • Jane: What do you think of my request?
      Stiles: I don't think much of it, really, Patrick. Really, I don't.
      Jane: Meaning you can't accomplish it?
      Stiles: Any task can be accomplished, as long as it's broken down into manageable pieces.

    • Jane: You'll never know.
      Lisbon: I'll never know what?
      Jane: Whether I engineered the escape and abduction.
      Lisbon: Trust me. I know.
      Jane: You don't know. You just guess. And you didn't tell your new best friend, Kirkland, either.
      Lisbon: I don't have any evidence. If I did, I'd put you in cuffs myself.
      Jane: No, you wouldn't.
      Lisbon: Try me.

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