The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 5

Red Scare

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2009 on CBS

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  • A ghastly(?) episode...

    For the first few moments I wasn't certain if I had picked the right program to watch, because it sure looked like an episode of Supernatural in the beginning: spooky lights, the music...

    That was about as far as spookiness went, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

    The plot moved a bit too fast, as if they had trouble concentrating on all they wanted to show. Still, this was a good episode, with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

    I was a little disappointed in the end, because the case was closed so smoothly. We've seen this approach into cracking a case one too many times in this show, but at least Patrick's taunting made it a bit more interesting.

    The best part of this episode was the interaction between the characters.

    I think I must state that I'm genuinely happy for Rigsby and Van Pelt (who is still so damn beautiful to look at!) for "coming out of the closet" - at least for each other.

    Cho also managed to be incredibly amusing - once again - while suggesting for Rigsby to consider therapy. (I don't know if it's the tone or the expression, but he makes me laugh and feel giddy inside every time that happens.)
  • Finally, a good episode! After hating the show last week, I was relieved.

    Im still steaming from the show last week, a bit. One of the things I dislike about this show, is it assumes we are on the side of Jayne and the team no matter what. I really disliked how it pegged the bikers and being scum, and the overweight middle aged housewife as nice. I don't mind seeing Jaynes darker side. I always saw him as being cruel and perverse in many ways. But I don't want to see smart people fall for stupid traps like him making the other bikers think their leader was a rat. COME ON! Would a six year old fall for that? Not likely!! It insults us, the AUDIENCE!!! Grr. Ok...
    Now tonight's show was fun, lighthearted, and I liked all of it except for the end. I can't say I care about Van Pelt or Rigsby enough to watch them kiss. They are both rigid, manly, and cold. Their passive aggressive attraction that they ignore for the sake of their careers is just blah. It contrasts with the subtle, charming way that Jayne and Lisbon flirt perfectly. Now that would be a kiss!!!
  • Drinking good wine in a plastic glass: what a crime!

    Drinking old and good wine in a plastic glass is just a crime. The plastic is attacked by the acids from the wine and delivers a bad taste. A plastic glass is perfectly convenient for a coke.

    A wine glass, either in glass or in crystal, is needed to help the wine maturing and exhaling its flavours. Each wine requires a specific size and shape of glass.

    For such educated a person as Jane who drives a French Citroën DS, drinks tea and not coffee, quotes Shakespeare every once, what a shame!

    The writers should put more attention on those small details that make a great difference on the main character.
  • Is it just me or is Lisbon indulging Jane a little too much lately?

    This is the second week in a row that Lisbon has not only allowed Jane to do his thing without censure but has also involved herself in his little schemes. They're fun to watch, sure, but half the fun of the first season was seeing how Jane would slip his schemes by Lisbon--now that she's basically complicit in his games half the fun is gone.

    I'm not usually a fan of Halloween episodes on investigative-type shows. They tend toward the hokey and seem to be heavy on the puns, which is painful to watch. And because of the wacky that Jane tends to bring to the team, I went into viewing this episode on the lookout for the campy and cliche. And, honestly, I found it. A haunted house? Secret passages? A tricked-out sound-system from way-back-when that helps the ghost story along? A hidden family treasure--complete with secret notes leading them on a treasure hunt? Cliches, all.

    On the plus side this was the first episode in a long time that didn't even mention Red John, which was refreshing. I get that Jane is obsessed with the guy--who wouldn't be, with Jane's personality and what Red John did to his family? But every week, nothing but Red John this, Red John that? It was getting tedius. And I know we'll be back to that soon--it's part of what the series is based on, after all--but the episodes that are basically stand-alones, that don't feed into the Red John mytharc are some of my favourites.
  • Nice episode altogether...

    It was a nice episode, I thought the makers could've written more 'secrets' into the mansion in that episode... And, they should've left the 'a ghost might have killed the guy' possibility hanging till the end of the episode... I don't believe in ghosts, but it think it would've amounted to better storytelling in the given episode... All I'm saying is, the episode didn't look as mysterious as advertised... I guessed it would either be the antiquities guy or the nephew the minute I saw them... I gave it a 10 anyway as it was a good episode if not what I expected...

    About the treasure apparently 'stole' unlawfully by Jane... I think Jane just took a bottle of the whole collection... He didn't take the entire treasure... After all, He was the one who found it... Jane might have left the rest of the treasure there without touching it... The person who buried it himself wanted the worthy to find it.. If he wanted to give it away to his family, he would've done it himself...
  • Mysterious and murderous seems to be the theme for most series, Halloween is probably the main reason why every series has this sneaky, scary-ness going on.

    At least 'The Mentalist' found a way to put a little love in the mix. How about that kiss between Rigsby and Van Pelt huh - sure steamy. I can tell you one thing, I am sure Jane caught on to their relationship epiphany the moment after they came out of that room. His eyes whiffed across the both of them and it was like he gained some kind of insight into their relationship. They've been hinting it for two seasons and they finally opened up to each other - the wait was worth it.

    Jane found new ways to make all of his cases into some twisted game of 'Clue' or even 'Let's find out who don' it'. Everything is like a merry-go-round for him and since there wasn't no updates about the 'Red John' case things would continue to be that way. I find it shocking that Boscow didn't find that bug Jane placed in his office. It's either Jane was clever enough to place it in a too obvious-well hidden place or Boscow' would be waiting for the right moment to nail him good.

    Seeing that Boscow and Lisbon have some kind of thing going on, Jane would not be too concerned about him finding it.

    This weeks case file was interesting non-the-less, if we didn't know how to create the illusion of a ghost, this was one fun way to portray it. A neat trick learnt for those trick-or-treaters. Lately all these cases have something in common; a witty Jane, a mouse trap and the revealed suspect who admits why they did it. No matter how monotonous the plot is, Jane always brings a measure of humor to it.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four and a Half Stars

    Grade A-
  • Good show, but not sure about the ending

    The premise of the haunted house, the explanation of the tricks with how to portray a ghost, the final "I love you" coming out (about time), and Jane's response to the question of "do the dead know how we feel"...all great parts of the show.

    Until the ending pizza party - Jane finds the key to the fortune, and insinuates that the fortune was something that was collected (i.e. the wine cellar) and pours a cup of wine for the staff (by the in a plastic cup???). Are the writers guiding us to believe that the CBI would condone what is in fact stealing something that, in Jane's words, might be worth tens of millions of dollars to the family, for their own personal use? If so, the CBI needs to be under investigation itself!
  • In the spirit of Halloween...

    I usually judge the quality of an episode of Mentalist by how quickly I can identify the killer, which the show does it's own process of throwing suspicion on a set of suspects. I don't know, I usually get it right. But I guess, I was caught up in the paranormal drama.

    People who watch Psych on USA can't help comparing this show with it. Built on a similar premise as one of Psych's ghost busting episode, Mentalist did a good job by dismissing the paranormal angle some 20 minutes into the show. After that it was pretty much Patrick Jane and his detective work. Rigsby finally grows the balls to propose to Van Pelt, and that's the other huge development this time. I am not a huge fan of romance on crime drama. I mean, you can show some random screwing around, but a intense romantic storyline is simply something forgettable. Good episode.
  • Finally, a good episode this season.

    After a bit of downers as far as early episodes this year, The Mentalist has gotten out of it sophomore slump in a big way with tonight's Halloween themed episode. While the plot may have seemed like something straight out of Psych, what the USA Network dramedy does not have is Simon Baker, who gave the best performance of Patrick Jane so far this season. I mean, Jane pretending to be a ghost? Come on.

    As for some other viewers, they may have enjoyed this episode for its development of the relationship between Grace and Wayne with the latter finally telling the former his true feelings for her. While that is not why I watch the show, I can agree this was a big moment and one that was well-done.
  • Enjoyable episode with character development

    This week's case started with a dead man in a haunted house. We learn that the victim just bought the house and had a quarrel with the previous owner who thought that he stole the house from her. She quickly becomes a prime suspect especially after she gets into another fight with the wife of the victim over the house. It's still very amusing to see how the team solves the case with the help of Jane's schemes. They put up a nice trap to catch the murderer - and Lisbon's "Bite me!" line was hilarious.

    And Rigsby finally gathers up the courage to confess his love to Van Pelt - and they decide to bring their relationship to a new level. I really liked the scene where the wife asked Jane about his belief of the dead and he couldn't lie to her. This shows how deeply he is still affected by his family's death - something which you might easily miss considering his usual cheerful facade.

    All in all a very enjoyable episode with some character development. It's nice to see the whole cast included in the storyline. I hope they keep it that way!
  • Jane and the CBI cover a murder in a house that is supposed to be haunted.

    I rather liked this episode. I thought it could have been picked up here and there, but it did have very good moments, particularly where Jane is concerned. The house used in the location was a nice location shoot (Napa Valley?), and the ghost story had a nice part in it plus it finally picked up the plot point with Rigsby's infatuation, a forgotten item in the series that has been missing for several episodes. The only things I didn't like: as eccentric as Jane is, he does get to be a bit over-bearing at times. Another thing, the haunted house "treasure" is strictly children's literature. It does not belong in a episode like this and it just wasn't necessary.
  • OH MY GOD!!! Rigsby finally stepped up. It's about time. Also...."Bite Me"?!

    A man is killed in a home he just bought. The teem investigates the woman who sold it to him. She seems to think that he stole the house from her, and wasn't pleased.

    Meanwhile, Rigsby is concerned that Van Pelt is spending time with a guy that see works with at a homeless shelter. He's wondering what to do.

    The team finds that the preveous owner's nephew, a para legal, killed the man. It seems that he was angrey about not inheriting anything. He tried to scare the man away from the house with old haunted house tricks, but it didn't work. In the end, he killed the man, and tried to blame it on a ghost. (big Surprise, it didn't work!)

    In a tunnel, lit by a single flashlight, Rigsby finally told van Pelt that he loved her. Last we saw, they were planning on meeting at her car after work.
  • "Bite me"??!!

    Definitely NOT your early season one "Lisbon" and I am glad to see it! The fun continues with "Van Pelt" and "Grigsby", and they were THIS CLOSE until "Jane" interrupted! Arrrggh! The URST was all mine in this episode until the stars aligned and nature took its predestined course! Good stuff! And "Cho" is so supportive, isn't he? LOL!

    And good stuff mixed in with a very decent episode reminiscent of other shows with that golden gift (NCIS, Bones, Castle). It was very telling at the end when the wife asked "Jane" about his beliefs of the dead and he couldn't/wouldn't lie to the grieving widow. It makes you feel sad for his character...there are times when pragmatism is cold comfort.

    Things are going very well on The Mentalist this season and I am glad to see the entire cast folded into the recipe. Good move...
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