The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 1

Red Sky At Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

After a high profile lawyer is kidnapped and his chauffeur (Peter Russo) is shot dead, the CBI is called in to investigate. New CBI director Bertram wants Jane to be on the case, but Jane is still reeling from the last confrontation with Red John and doesn't feel up for going into another investigation. Lisbon insists, however, and after forcing Jane to meet with the murdered chauffeur's family (his daughter Nadine, his ex-wife, and her husband Keith), Jane agrees to take on the case. Nadine s the same age Jane's daughter would have been had she not be killed by Red John. Jane is also interested in the fact that Bertram was working on a case with the missing lawyer.

A ransom call is made to the lawyer's wife, asking for one million dollars. The drop-off is made, but Jane is the one who makes the pick-up. He believes that the lawyer is already dead and that the kidnapping is a ruse to distract the police and the media away from the real crime. Jane suggests two motives to go after the lawyer: robbery or the case. And because focusing on the case would implicate Bertram, the director wants to center on robbery. He makes a public announcement suggesting that the lawyer was taken because he always carried around a diamond. Jane revisits the chauffeur's family and claims that the diamond was hidden in one of the lawyer's teeth.

The team tracks down Keith, who starts to search the lawyer's dead body for the diamond. Apparently, the lawyer's murder was to cover up the real murder, that of Peter Russo. After Nadine had misbehaved, Keith slapped her once. Nadine told Peter, who subsequently beat Keith up and Keith wished for revenge on Peter.