The Mentalist

Season 3 Episode 1

Red Sky At Night

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on CBS

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    I love The Mentalist. I want to get that disclaimer in before I trash this episode. That being said, this was a garbage premiere. It was flimsy, it was not funny, it was not entertaining, it was just all over the place. The storyline was just too boring to really suck me in and it seemed like this could have been done on any generic procedural. There was nothing special about this episode, and this is a special show, The Mentalist is.

    Horrible season premiere and I hope that does not cause people to give up on this great program. They just had an off night.
  • The Red John story line is a good thing...

    ...even if its in the background, and the presentation of it in this episode was fitting in light of last season ending. But something(s) is/are missing...

    1) The support cast. This series has a good support cast and they are underused. Particularly at this point of the main story arc, when you would think that for Jane they could be, well, supportive. Cho still had the best line when without hesitation he guessed the wife's age! Love that man!

    2) Character integrity for Jane. Even allowing him some self indulgence given his last experience and his unique insights into Red John, nobody in real life gets away with attitude like he exhibited this episode; especially not to superiors or family of victims. This is beyond "unconventional" and suspension of disbelief is becoming very difficult. Worse yet, I'm becoming too apathetic to try.

    3) Lisbon was insipid. She's Jane's immediate supervisor and she is acting like a minion. Hightower wasn't much better this time out. There is waning character consistency.

    When this show is on, its really on. The trouble for me is the back and forth. And even the back and forth is becoming mostly "back". Audiences are only so elastic, and eventually they break...
  • "The Mentalist" kicks off Season 3 with a premiere full of laughs and memorable moments!

    One of the things that makes "The Mentalist" such a joy to watch is the relationship and smouldering chemistry between Jane and Lisbon and right from the get-go of this episode that relationship was back in full force. Another thing that makes this show stand out among all the other crime dramas on television these days is its light-hearted sense of humour and there certaintly wasn't a shortage of hilarious moments this time around including:

    * When the team is in the car following the killer and Rigsby is singing along to the iPod. The looks on the faces of everyone else is quite hilarious!

    * The scene between Jane and Lisbon where their fighting over the TV! It reminds me of when my brother and I would fight over the remote.

    * Lisbon constantly worrying about when Jane will finally get his revenge on her.

    * In the first scene when the police officer tells Jane, "You can't park there" and cleverly replies, "Sure I can, look."

    * After Jane tricks that guy into thinking he slipped a dead mouse into his pocket and Lisbon just looks at Gale Bertram and says, "He had a rough summer."

    * And the final scene where Jane and Lisbon bicker over whether or not she can tell when he's lying.

    Overall, "Red Sky at Night" is a great addition to the series and a very good season premiere.